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Halloween 2006

So its Halloween and I'm home on pre-deploymentleave. I was planning on spending the night with one of my good friends from high school. We where just hanging out playing video games when we realized his neighbor's were throwing a Halloween costume party. We decided that we could put on masks and crash the party for free food and drinks. We went in through the back door to make it look like we belonged there. Well everything was going fine but then I saw a woman run down the stairs into a guest room crying. She looked sexy as fuck with her coustume on so I told my friend I was ganna go see what was up.

I knocked on there door and this is how our conversation went:
Woman: Go away!
Me: Is everything ok?
Woman: Oh sorry I thought you were my husband.

At this point I recognized the voice. It was a f****y friend named Karen(major MILF), who I also knew to go to the local gay strip club to get her panties wet or something. And one time I kinda took some pictures of her going in, so I could give her asshole son some shit.

Me: Karen?
Karen: Who is this?
Me: It's Hunter

Karen then opened the door pulled me in and closed and locked the door. I proceeded to ask her what was wrong again and she said she couldn't tell me. I kept nagging her to tell me and she kept refusing until I showed her the pictures of her going into the gay strip club and threatened to to show them to her son. She then told me she'd tell me if I deleted the pictures. I said I'd delete half and delete the rest after she told me. She then went on to tell me how she was supposed to meet up with her husband to have some kinky costume sex but when she walked in her husband was already fucking another woman.

I went on to use this info to my advantage by flirting with her and saying that I hope I marry someone as sexy and kinky as her and complemented her on how sexy her costume was and then she asked about me and I told her I was on pre-deployment leave and she told me how proud she was of me and pretty soon we ended up kissing and then I pushed her down on the bed we were sitting on and I got on top of her and we started to make out and kiss each others necks and feeling each other upand I started to pull her hair and started to undress her. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck a milf, especially her! She had a tight body but a fat ass and not just big breast but very perky! At first I thought they were fake but once I got them in my hands and mouth I knew they were real. At first she was riding me but she was a bit to passionate for me. Don't get me wrong, I love pleasing the woman. It's what turns me on the most, but this seamed way to good to be true and I feared it might have been a dream and incase it was I wanted to get to the good part before I woke up. So pushed her off to the side, got up, pulled her to the edge of the bed, threw her legs over my shoulders and went to town on her tight wet pink pussy. I was thrusting myself deeper and faster then I've ever fucked any other girl before and quite frankly impressed myself. I had to choke her because of how loud she was screaming. I started to slow down a bit because I could feel myself about to cum but as soon as I started to slow down she begged me not to stop and said she was about to cum. I told her I was about to cum too and she told me to just cum inside her since she had her tubes tied.

I had never came inside of a girl with out a condom on before so I was really excited I finally had the chance. I was just trying to last as long as possible so I could make her cum too. Then she started to scream out that she was cummong but I slammed a pillow into her fast just to muffle her. Then I felt all her pussy juices push against my dick which made me blow my load and I could feel it all squirt against my balls and thighs as I pulled out. Watching the combination of her AMD my cum dripping out of her pussy all over her ass made me so horny. I told her to get on all 4's. I then grabbed her by the waist and rammed my cock back inside her. Since her pussy was so much more lubricated my dick kept slipping out so used my finger to scoop some of the cum up to her asshole. I then "ACCIDENTALLY" stuck my dick into her ass instead of her pussy and she moaned a bit but didn't really mind. I continued but it was still to dry so I pulled out and kept spitting in her ass until it was nice and slippery. I tried to just ram my dick into her ass but she screamed and said she couldn't handle that much. So I was only sticking 6-7 inches in. As I fucked her ass I was also rubbing her clit, pulling her hair and spanking her ass. I made her squirt 2 more times before I came in her ass. When I pulled out my dick was coated in cum so I got on the bed and leaned back against the pillows and headboard and had Karen suck my dick. I was still a little in shock I was fucking this sexy milf so I got my phone out and tried to take a picture of her sucking my dick but she stopped me. I knew I had to somehow get prood of this night so I texted my friend to come in the room with his phone ready to take a picture or video. I then told Karen I wanted to put my phone away in my pants and as I got up to put my phone away I unlocked the door. I got back into bed and told Karen I wanted her to deep throat me. She said she wasn't sure of she could but she would try. So she started to do it, swallowing more and more everytime. Then my friend came on and when he did I pushed on the back of Karen's head forcing her to take me balls deep. My friend was able to get it on video and thanks to some computer work got a few very clear pictures out of it. Karen got pissed and told him to leave. I said I'd take care of him. We then fooled around for a little bit longer and when I asked if she'd finish sucking my dick she said she just wanted to go home and sl**p. We got dressed and I offeren her a ride home since she came here with her husband. When I pulled into her driveway we kissed and she asked me for my number and I gave it to her and I asked her for hers and she said she'd txt me if she ever wanted me again. She then went inside and I drove back to my friends and went back to the party to get him.

When I got there I found him and we decided to leave. On the way out I noticed Karen's husband walking into one of the rooms with 2 wine glasses. So I walked over to check if the door was locked. It wasn't so I got my phone ready and walked in. There was a mini orgy going on in there. Needless to say I got a lot of "good evidence" that I then emailed to Karen, thanks to my mom.

Karen and her husband have separated and I was there to "comfort" her many nights and mornings until she moved back home, up north.

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