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The New Sexual Awakening Part 5

Trevor woke the next morning feeling invigorated. The previous days escapades had put a spring in his step, several in fact. As he descended the stairs to the kitchen below he couldn't help but whistle a jaunty tune.

Good morning f****y! He said bursting into the kitchen.

Well someone seems happy this morning! Ellen said, before taking a swig of coffee.

You are correct Mother dear, I have never felt better in all my days! Trevor said with a grin

so what are you gonna do today b*o? Jack asked.

Why don't you come to work with me son, they've all been asking about you? Carl said.

Sure Dad, sounds like fun. I'm gonna take a shower then we can go.

As Trevor washed away the dirt and grime from last night's unplanned exit he thought back to his c***dhood and of the times he would accompany his dad to work. Carl Smalls was the Branch Manager of the largest plastics manufacturer in the northeast. He was head of distribution and it was his job to control the shipments of the raw plastic that is used in everything from cups and plates to action figures.

Carl walked in, travel mug in hand followed by his son.

Is that Billy, he's still here? Trevor asked of the security guard.

Yep, he's almost 70 and still going strong.

Heya Mr. Smalls, your guest needs to sign in. Billy said.

Billy this is, Trevor you remember him don't you.

Billy looked at the man standing next to him and was flabbergasted,

You've grown son! He said with a snort.

Walking past the security desk they emerged into the main office. Dozens of cubicles congregated in the center of the room with offices bordering on all sides.

Jeez Dad you recognize redecorate or something?

Yeah, we had an efficiency planner come in and rethink our layout. The flow aids a strong chi......or some such hooey.

Trevor looked around and shook his head, he could never get a job in a place like this, stuck under the dim halogen bulbs that sap your will to live.

Mr Smalls, Sam Gerwich from Mattel is on line four he says the shipment is two hours late. A very hurried young assistant said.

Thanks Janet, transfer the call to my office then get dispatch to ping Truck 24...oh and I'd like to introduce you to my son Trevor.

Nice to meet you. Janet said

You to Red! Trevor said with a wink.

Carl shook his head and walked off as his assistant started twirling her crimson locks like a teenager.

Trevor made his way to an all to familiar place, the kitchenette of the office space.

The same old soda machine! He said to himself.

After a quick look around he tapped the side at just the right spot to get a can of coke to tumble out.

As he sat down to take a drink a familiar voice chimed up.

Look what the cat dragged in!

Trevor looked up and was shocked to see Susan, his father's old assistant.

Good God k** what happened to you! She said.

When Trevor was a k** Susan was his Dad's assistant. She was the coolest, she always had candy ready for eating or a Game boy to alleviate boredom.

Susan was Trevor's first crush and time had been very kind. Aside from a few wrinkles she still has the body of as 25 year old. Watching her sway back and forth like a MILFy Linx.

Trevor smiled as that little seed of evil burrowed into his mind again, he was gonna bang Susan.

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