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Chance Meeting

She caught my eye in the foyer of the hotel as I was collecting my key and I found myself reflecting her smile. It seemed like she was waiting for someone. I felt myself swelling under her gaze and hoped that my attraction hadn't become to obvious as I turned to take the lift. I wondered if it could have really been her but as I had arrive early I didn't think it could have been.
I found my room at the end of a soul-less corridor and headed for the shower. The hot water was soothing and relaxing. As I soaped my body my thoughts wandered to the beautiful woman in the foyer... I was quite taken by her and I wondered if there was a little mischievousness lurking behind that smile... if she was staying in the same hotel... if I would see her again.
I threw on one of the hotel robes and started to make myself seem a little at home. There wasn't much of a view but at least the window opened for some fresh air. Then there was a quiet knock at my door which took me a little by surprise - the greater surprise came when I opened it. There she stood. "You left something behind and they told me where I'd find you," she said. I was a little shocked at first and wondered what it could have been then realised my impropriety. "Oh" I said, " please, won't you come in" I half stammered. She thanked me smiling warmly and cast her eyes over me. I blushed a little as again I felt myself responding to her gaze.
She glided past me and I drew my breath sharply as her scent filled my senses. I tried to apologise about the untidiness of the room but she just laughed gently and said it was to be expected. My clothes were strewn over the couch so she perched herself on the end of the bed, declining an offer of a drink. During the half moment I stood before her she leaned back on her elbows and made a general comment about the hospitable nature of the place. I couldn't help but notice how her breasts fell, how her nipples seemed to struggle against the fabric of her blouse. Then I became aware of just how little I was wearing to disguise my sudden arousal.
This time I knew that she had noticed and to my surprise her mouth opened slightly and a soft moan escaped her lips. "Actually", she said, "you didn't leave anything behind." "I thought you might have had something exciting to play with." After this statement she sat up and drew me closer. Looking up at me she slowly undid the tie of my robe and drew it apart to reveal me... I had grown incredibly hard and felt my breath shortening as smiling at me she traced her finger-nails up and down the length of my shaft. "Mmmm," she said, "very nice indeed." With that I leant forwards but she held me back motioning to stand. "Would you sit down," she asked and motioned to the couch.
I obliged and soon the clothes strewn upon it were on the floor and I was watching her as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Stopping half-way down she looked down on me and said "I want to watch you stroke yourself as I undress, I love watching a man pleasuring himself." I started running my hand along my shaft watching as her open blouse gave me discrete glimpses of her perfect breasts. I could feel myself filling and paid special attention to the base of my shaft as I started to ooze. She licked her lips as she watched me and came a little closer to me. "Have you any idea just how sexy that looks," she murmured, "just how turned on I am watching you stroke your big dick?"
I heard myself groaning softly as I watched her slowly hiking her dress up and over her thighs. As she moved her breasts revealed themselves and I became consumed by the thought of having them in my mouth... swirling my tongue around her perfectly hard nipples. I thought about running my cock between them.... I started to stroke myself with more purpose....
She must have read my thoughts as she then leant over me, her body tantalisingly close to me. She moaned into my ear "don't stop stroking that beautiful cock, oh God, I'm so incredibly wet now." My breath started to sharpen and rasp in my throat. Her skirt was around her waist and she then stood up just out of my reach. I could smell her excitement. My whole body started to buzz and I groaned a lot louder this time as she licked her fingers and spread her pussy lips for me to see. I could feel myself on the verge of exploding as every muscle in my body began to tense.
My cock began to throb in my hands and I looked up her weakly. She was watching me intently massaging a breast in one hand and running her hand over her pussy with the other. "Oh God," I groaned, "I'm going to cum baby, I can't hold back anymore." "Oh yes!" she cried, "make that cock explode, oh God yes!!" She was rubbing her clit in time with my strokes, her beautiful face flushed and heated. I felt myself starting to spasm, my cum rushing along the length of my shaft and being swept away as my orgasms rocked my body. Every spasm created a wave of tension that drove my ejaculations... spurt after spurt of cum erupted from my cock splashing onto my chest and my belly. All that could be heard was the heavy, labouring breaths of exultation and looking through glazed eyes I met hers.
She was smiling. So was I. "Oh wow," I said panting. "Yes," she said, "that was incredible." "A little bird told me you'd have an amazing cock and that you would know how to handle it." With that she smiled again and winked, her eyes sparkling. I flushed and lay into the couch to catch my breath as the cum on my body started to cool and run down my sides. She shimmied back into her skirt and a sudden look of disappointment must have passed across my face. Teasingly and laughing a little she said "I'm just up the hall-way, don't be a stranger".

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