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Summer Holiday in Jersey

I had been into masturbation from p*****ns to be truthful my life revolved around it soon after being shown how to do it apart from the odd circle jerk that was as far as it ever went. By the time the swinging 60's I had gone from masturbation to trying to fuck anything that wore a skirt and as any of my mates of the time would confirm when I was d***k I didn't care what age and what they looked like as long as I got my end away. One year a mate convinced me to go on holiday with him to Jersey in the Channel Islands, Dick had a reputation as a bit of a ladies man even though I had never seen him with a girlfriend always dating girls from other counties. We arrived in St Helier and found our hotel the Swanston of course back then we shared a room, we booked in and first chance we got went out on the piss trying the local brew Mary Anne Keg though cheap it tasted like gnats piss. Of course all the drink on Jersey was duty free and we started to save as much tax as we could our first day of sightseeing consisted of as many bars as we could find. That night we returned to the hotel d***k as lords and single which we repeated the second night though not finding a decent bird to fuck I had a great dream of getting a blow job something I had experienced only once in my life to that time. As usual I awoke with a raging hard on after the dream I expected to find dried cum all over the place as happened when I had wet dreams during the night but this morning it was missing, seeing Dick was still asl**p I took care of my morning erection in the usual way hidden under the bedding shooting my load into my underpants. Later that day after breakfast we went for a walk to check out the talent and see a bit of Jersey before getting back on the beer again, at one stage I had a flash back of the previous night and the dream of the blow job some things just didn't fit it seemed too real. That day again we had no luck with the girls no surprise really as we didn't see the outside of a bar and Dick showed no sign of being interested in looking. After throwing out time and throwing up time as far as I was concerned we headed back to the hotel though I went for a walk on my own to clear my head and sober up a bit, returning to the hotel I found our room stripped off and hit the pillow asl**p almost at the same time. At some stage I awoke the dream I had the previous night was back so intense I was convinced it had to be real my cock was so hard it was almost painful my hand went down to give myself some relief when I touched hair, it was then I opened my eyes in the filtered moonlight I saw someone next to the bed their head bobbing up and down as they sucked on my cock. I have to admit to being confused as to had I got into the wrong room last night or if Dick had picked up a bird after I left him and she was taking pity on me and giving me a blow job, no that would be a dream, of course the obvious answer was the last that came to mind and that was Dick was giving me a blow job. I continued to lie there as Dick continued sucking my cock trying to work out what was going on Dick couldn't be a queer (gays were called that back then) I'd known him for years he was a ladies man, it had to be a type of sl**p walking. God it's amazing the stupid thoughts that go through your head sometimes. I was thinking I should stop him but while I was thinking about it I found I was really enjoying it to the point I had started responding slowly matching his movements I fucked his mouth all too soon I shot my load instead of pulling away he continued sucking my cock until I was completely drained, at least that explained the lack of dried cum the previous morning. After that performance I expected Dick to say something but he just returned to his bed and went straight to sl**p which is more than I did. The following morning I woke thinking it at all been a weird dream but I knew I was k**ding myself, I was trying to get my head round the whole thing when Dick woke up I could see that he had a huge hard on his cock was tenting the thin sheets. As I watched he slowly started stroking himself as he watched me looking at what he was doing, my own cock had swollen as well in sympathy and for a while we stroked ourselves in tandem under the sheets before Dick threw off his sheet so I could see his cock in all its glory, much bigger than mine in all dimensions. I continued to watch as he slowly stroked his cock it was as though I was being hypnotised by it throwing back my sheet I got up off my bed and sat on the side of his my hand reaching to touch his cock it felt so different from my own hard as a rock soft as silk. For a while we stayed there not saying anything I had taken his cock in my hand and was slowly stroking it enjoying the feeling I had hardly noticed that Dick was now stroking mine, I told him that the first night I thought it was a dream and the previous night I had enjoyed him sucking my cock and he could do it anytime he liked in the future, Dick just smiled and moved on the bed so that once again he could reach my cock with his mouth. Somehow or other we ended in a position where Dick's cock was about level with my face, these days I know it as the 69 position, I looked at that cock from close up as Dick was sucking mine, then it came a bit closer so that it nearly touched my lips wondering what it tasted like I touched the tip with my tongue. Deciding the taste was not unpleasant I decided that I might try to just try and see what it felt like having a cock in my mouth, fortunately Dick wasn't pushy because firstly I had difficulty just getting the head of his cock in my mouth but I persisted and managed another inch before gagging, while I was shooting my load once again down Dick's throat he was controlling his movements though I could taste his precum as it flowed onto my tongue again not unpleasant. I continued slowly sucking on his cock not too hard as I didn't intend taking his load when suddenly his cock thickened and started pumping cum into my mouth I quickly pulled back leaving the rest to spatter on my face as I tried to move out of range. I called him a few names and told him he could have warned me but he just laughed it off offering to lick me clean that just grossed me out and I ran for the shower to clean off, suffice to say the rest of the week we never found any girls to fuck and I got better at giving blow jobs and other thing but that's another story.

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