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The Wedding

This is another true story that was told to me just today. Enjoy!
I was at my oldest b*****r's wedding on Saturday. I had just turned old enough to drive and was hoping to find a girl my age that I could lose my virginity to. I hung around the reception for a little while and decided to head to my room and play some video games.
As I hit the elevator I met up with the brides mom. She was toasted d***k, so much so she could hardly walk. She asked me if I could help her to her room which was on the same floor as mine. I thought why not. As we rode up she kept talking about how nice I was to help her out. She said when she drinks she always drinks too much and then always ends up with some wierd guy who takes advantage of her. I found that a little funny as she looks alot like Hillary Clinton and wondered what kind of guy would be hitting that. Her husband was wierd looking too.
Once off the elevator I walked her to her room and she asked that I come in for a minute to make sure she gets settled which I did. She stumbled into the bathroom and after a few minutes she came out buck naked. I was trying not to look but at the same time could not help myself. She had some big boobs that swung around as she stumbled around. She was chubby. She had a light brown bush that was not too thick which allowed me to easily see her pussy lips which were rosey pink and wet. She went to the bed and pulled the blanket back and I figured she would get in. But she turned and invited me to join her, I told her I needed to go. I did need to go, and jack off. I started to walk to the door and she reached and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her.
I turned to tell her that I must go and as I did she knelt down and undid my trowsers. She pulled my cock out and engulfed it. Her tounge expertly worked my cock over but I still felt a little unsure of what was happening. I was afraid her husband might walk in and I would get in big trouble. I did like what she was doing to my cock, I had never had a blow job before nor had I ever had sex. She then removed her mouth and asked me to fuck her. I told her I had to go. Then she moved to the bed pulling me over. She spread her legs wide and asked me to just stick it in her for a minute then I could go. I looked at her pussy, it was all wet and spread wide, I could see her hole. My cock was so hard it hurt and I thought to myself that I could just stick it in her and then leave. I could get my first fuck and she would not remember it. Then I got a whiff of her sweet pussy and that was it. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my trowsers and got on the bed. We moved around and as I pushed my cock into her I told her only a minute.
I watched my cock sink into her, the feeling was better than I could have ever imagined. She moaned loudly and told me my cock felt great inside her. I was unsure about what to do, so I just started to pull my cock out then pushed it back in. I kept this up and she seemed to like it. Her breathing got heavy and then she told me to go faster. I watched her boobs jiggle as I banged her. In no time I was ready to cum and I was unsure what to do. My cock and balls hurt and I needed to release. I followed my instinct and buried my cock and exploded deep inside her and as I did she held me tight with her arms and her pussy clamped tight around my cock. We both screamed out. I felt like I must have pumped a gallon of spunk into this woman and what a great feeling it was. I did not want to remove my cock from her pussy.
She told me it was some incredible sex we had and then she went to sl**p, my cock still hard and inside her. I started to slowly fuck her some more. This time I just slowly moved around inside her sloppy cunt till I came again. After I finished cumming inside her my cock got limp and slipped out. I thought about fucking her a third time but thought that her husband might come in. I got up and put my pants on. I looked at her pussy and it was all covered with cum. I was not sure what to do, so I went and got her pantys and used them to wipe her clean. and covered her up and left to go back to my room.
Once back at my room I realized that I smelled of pussy and sperm and got in the shower. I got in the bed and watched a movie but could not stop thinking about fucking my new s****r in laws mom. The next day we all met for bruch and she sat across from me. I do not think she remembers fucking me but I remember fucking her. As we all ate and everyone was talking I was thinking about the two huge loads I pumped deep inside her d***k womb. I am waiting for the next big f****y get together and hoping to get her d***k and fuck her a few more times.

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