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Best friend ?

My wife linda and me had been talking about spiceing up our sex life , we have been married over twenty years and she was a virgin when we met,Over the years when having sex we would explore different fantasy's we both loved the idea of her being fucked by a big cock (mine is average about 6' inches )and then me licking the cum out of her, i also love to dress in sexy lingerie and when i told linda about this early in our marriage she was very understanding allowing me to dress and also include it in out lovemaking and fantasy's over the years we had looked at all different fantasy's and had had great sex with them all, linda also new that at times i would dress in my or her lingerie and wear it under my clothes also that on occasion i would visit places and suck cocks (a story for another time) this excited her when i told her about it and we used it in different scenarios, we had a good friend called sam who over the years had tried it on with linda many times things like trying to kiss her or feel her breasts etc , sam had a reputation for this and we were aware of lots of women he either had fucked or was still fucking, he is a large man and has a very f***eful character, at times we would laugh and joke about some of his encounters, we got into some financial problems and we tried all we could to get out of them to no avail, sitting down one night i said what about sam linda answered that he wouldn't do it i said he might if yo lead him on a bit, she thought about it and and said that she agreed but only to lead him on no further i said yes thats all ,well she arranged to meet for coffee the next day and went off looking very sexy, linda is 5'8 in her heels well dressed and wouldnt be seen dead without her makeup,at 42 she has kept figure and with her dark hair is very attractive. later that day she was at home when i got back, she told me it had gone well and sam would give us the loan, she said we talked and i told him the hole we was in,sam told her you should have come to me sooner, lind said i am meeting him tomorrow and he will give me a cheque , when we were in bed later sheshe was playing with my cock and as she wanked me she told me how sam had kissed her and felt her tits and he had pushed his tongue in her mouth, as he did this he held her tight to him and she could feel his cock push against, its huge she said i could feel it hard against me, i came there and then linda looked at me in surprise and said wow that really excited you i said i was as shocked as she was we both laughed, The next morning i went to work and later that evening when i got home linda was waiting for me, i got the cheque she said and she had a strange look on her face, i asked what was wrong, she led me upstairs and said sit down, she the said sam brought me home after i banked the cheque he came in for coffee, she then told me how once inside he had pulled her to him and kissed her hard whilst feeling her all over he had pulled her tits out and sucked them and bitten them, he had put his hands up her skirt ripped her tights and f***ed his fingers into her he then pushed her onto the couch got between her knees and pushed his cock into her in one go,as she is telling me this i am feeling shock and anger but i am also getting hard and excited, she then said he fucked me for ages and that she quickly found herslf loveing it, she looked at me and his cock must be 12' long it was huge, she looked at me and said dont be mad at me you know we have dreamed of this when we are fucking well now its happend and it was the best fuck ever at this point i melted i said was it really that good? linda smiled and said it was hard and brutal totally different to us makeing love and thats what made it good, she then satd go and put some of your underwear on and come back,i did as i was told almost like a dream, i walked in wearing a bra pantied tights and a slip linda told me to lay on the bed as i did she stood above me and lowered her self onto me as her shaven pussy came down on my face she told me to lick and suck her as i did this she released my cock from my tights and panties and stated to wank me as she told me the details of how sam had fucked her, telling me how when he cme off he had pushed that big cock deep inside her , as i licked the inside of her pussy i could taste his spunk then i felt her pushing down on me and opening her pussy as she did this i felt his spunk flow into my mouth, this was too much for me and i shot my spunk everywhere, was that nice ? she asked as she got of me, i enjoyed it and we will do it again she said, i looked at her and we both smiled

this is the first part of a story of how our life is now, part two to follow

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