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OHGIRL: Porn Star 4

I sat in the makeup chair in the late afternoon on Wednesday, smoking my cigarette as the girl touched up my lipstick. I was getting ready to shoot my sixth DP this week, the first four of which were shot two on Monday and two on Tuesday. My morning shoot was done and I had already cleaned up and changed for my final regular scene in my Double Penetration series of films. I had taken on two different actors for each scene and they all had ended with internal cum shots in both my ass and pussy. Felix was loving the results and he kept telling me what a huge star I was going to be. My final scene was going to include Neil as one of my men and I was looking forward to feeling his cock in me. It had been nearly a week since we had last seen each other and I was aching to have him in me. I had also been nervous this week and had been smoking nearly two packs a day as Felix had questioned me about hooking up with other men outside of my normal work duties. I had denied it and was smoking another cigarette as I walked out onto the set to shoot the scene with Neil and an actor named Josh. Felix decided to incorporate it into the scene as I was supposed to be in the office of two executives of a movie company that wanted me to fuck them for a part in their film. I began the scene by giving them both smoking blow jobs, then lost the cigarette as they finally had me sandwiched between them, both of their long cocks filling me up. Josh’s hard on only increased the intensity of feeling Neil in my ass. They both worked together to stroke their big pricks in my holes simultaneously. The scene took about 45 minutes to shoot before they both finished by cumming in me. Neil got to cum in my cunt and it felt so good to feel his warmth. Although he was the second guy to do so that day, I still came when I felt him release inside of me. We finished the scene and afterwards, Felix and I returned to his house. I spent the next two days with him before we did the final gangbang scene on Friday. Felix told me that he had found 12 different men to do the shoot and had plans to have me take on three at a time during the finale, with each doing a cum shot in me. The thought of 4 anal, 4 vaginal and 4 facial cumshots in one day had me horny myself and Felix felt my sexual release the next two days before the shoot.

It took nearly 6 hours of intensive shooting to do so many variations of the gangbang scene. My mouth, ass and pussy were stuffed with cocks all afternoon and I would feel it much later that evening. All of the actors fucked me well and the timing for their cumshots worked out nearly perfectly. One of the men had cum too soon in me during one take and a camera man stood in for the facial shot that he was to give me. He was really excited to be the stunt cock, as we called him, and he gave me a huge facial to show his appreciation. He and the rest of the actual film crew celebrated with Felix and I that evening in a suite in Beverly Hills for a rap up party and I talked Felix in to letting him fuck me to show our appreciation for his hard work. We were all d***k and I was pretty high when I led him back into a room and the others followed to watch us fuck. Felix was so hyped up from watching me have sex with his crew member, that he allowed each of his crew, all 6 of them, an opportunity to step in and have some fun too. I took turns fucking them all as Felix turned our little party into an orgy. His staff would definitely look at me differently in the next week to come as we began shooting my 5th and final film in the porn series. Felix needed a week to prep for the last film which would be a 40 man gangbang. He wanted all new actors, none whom had been in any of my previous films. Felix was working hard to make me a huge star and was extremely happy to tell me that the first film in the series had been released and was getting good reviews from his peers in the industry. I knew he would be busy the next week, so I sucked him off and left for the mansion. John had missed me during the time I was away and had a party for me that night. It was sex, d**gs and rock and roll all night, that first night back, as I was right back to work for John, fucking and sucking off his party friends.

It was good to see Sabrina again and we made out for a little while before a couple of guys joined us. At first we were just having a bottle of wine and smoking a cigarette and then we started passing around some pot when our new male friends joined us indoors. I don’t even remember their names or a lot of the names of the men that I had fucked during my summer vacation, but they both fucked Sabrina and I before leaving us lying in bed full of their cum. The next three evenings were a d**g and alcohol induced haze as John threw some really outrageous parties. One of the parties was a masquerade theme and all of us contract girls were dressed sexy and wearing very elaborate masks and costumes. It was really fun and I invited Neil and told him to wear a mask. We stole away to my room early in the evening and he fucked my brains out before I had to return to the party. He left afterwards and the handful of men that I would later fuck or give blowjobs to didn’t even hold a candle to the intensity that we had previously that night. As the week came to an end, I returned to Felix’s house and rested before my final film. He was acting strangely, but I just assumed it was due to the pressure of prepping for the movie and working with the producers on my previous films. I laid in bed smoking a cigarette the night before the movie shoot and Felix didn’t even pay attention to me. We talked for a short while before we both fell asl**p and in the morning we had a limo drive us to the set where we were shooting. On the way there, Felix brought up the rumors about me having a regular boyfriend on the side. I told him that I fucked a lot of guys, it was what I did in my profession, but for some reason he was jealous about sharing me with someone outside of my work. It was so strange to have someone who wanted to argue about our relationship. We had never discussed being monogamous, but I had been sl**ping with Felix on a regular basis and it was helping to lead my career in a positive direction. Even though I liked him and had liked plenty of the men that I had slept with in the past, in order to get my way, I didn’t love him or expect any type of lasting relationship. I was a stripper, an e****t and now a porn actress, so I didn’t really expect to have a normal relationship with any man. I nervously smoked another cigarette until we finally arrived at the set.

This movie was to be an amalgamation of the stories that had occurred in my other 4 previous movies. I was a young, black woman who went to Hollywood to become a star and got caught up in the porn industry. As I went from one director and producer to another, I was used by them to get sex. As I moved further up the ranks, I had to sl**p with more and more men. It really did seem to parallel my life. Here I was in LA, spending my summer vacation from college, fucking a multitude of men in hopes of making it big and getting rich. The final scene was going to be shot with no cuts or breaks. There were 7 cameramen and they were all going to be shooting from different angles as the action progressed. It would have taken way to long to set up the positions and to move around for each actor to get a set amount of time with me. Felix decided to just shoot all 40 of the men taking turns naturally and let it all flow on its own pace. He would then edit down the scene to show all of the action as necessary. Each man was given a number from 1-4 when they came in the room and the one’s were going to cum in my ass, the two’s were going to cum in my pussy, the 3’s were going to cum in my mouth and the 4’s were going to give me a facial. It didn’t matter what order they came in, Felix wanted to keep shooting until everyone was done. He was truly a pioneer at that time in the early 90’s. He was the first director to incorporate internal cumshots before they became common like they are today. He was mapping out my hopeful rise as one of the really big, African-American stars in mainstream, white porn. I had done my scenes in black pornography, but the big money and stardom came from mainstream porn and that’s where I hoped that I was going.

Once the last video was filmed and edited, the complete series was to be slowly released. I was already booked to travel around the country working in various strip clubs, doing radio promos and selling my movies and product in each city. I wasn’t going to be paid much for actually doing the movies, but I would make most of my money as a headline stripper in each city and the film would hopefully bring out new fans to see me and to buy my videos. I would get a share of each sold on the road and keep all of my stripping money. I figured that I would be able to make a lot of big time connections in each city and that there would be plenty of guys who would be willing to pay a porn star to fuck. I was planning on making two to three times what I made currently to fuck or suck off one of my clients and once word got around about the newest and hottest porn star making the circuit, the sky was the limit. I had already fucked a lot of big named athlete and actors since I had come to LA, but I did it for free as a contract girl with John. Once I was on the road, I would have a plethora of men with the cash to throw at me, all of them wanting to say that they fucked the now famous Brandy, porn star and stripper. I couldn’t wait.

My scene began as I walked into a massage ther****t’s room smoking a cigarette. I was supposed to be tense and in need of some relaxation. According to the script, I had finally made it to the top by sl**ping with all of the porn producers and directors in my first 4 films, so now I was uptight about staying on top and I needed to unwind. In the scene I would disrobe for a hot oil massage and lay face down on a massage table, with my face in the opening of the table. The male actor would begin by covering me in warm oil and then slowly massaging me into a sl**py trance. I would then enter a dream world where I find myself back at the beginning of my career and the room is filled with all of the men that I had to fuck to become a star. I will think that I’m still getting a sexy massage, as the masseuse sticks his cock up through the table for me to suck. As I’m giving him a blow job, the other men will all move in and the scene will flow naturally as they all overwhelm me and begin having their way with me, just like all of the men had done as I rose up the ladder of porn stardom. I was covered in oil and it made it easy for my first partner to slide into me on top of the table. Felix ordered all of the men to move in and out of the scene, so no one particular guy spent a long time fucking me or having me suck his cock.

Felix wanted the men to move me around the room and from one position to another. He didn’t care how they fucked me, but that it appeared natural. If someone was ready to cum, they would move into position and I was given the cue to take a cum shot, depending on the male actor’s pre-assigned number. The actors were really doing their part as all of them quickly went through a cycle of sex with me. Much of the video was shot as I was teamed up on by small groups of the men. I spent nearly the entire time sandwiched between 3 to 5 men at a time. I had a cock in every hole and sometimes two in one hole. The cameras were really getting all of the good shots and angles and Felix was loving it. My life as a very active prostitute came in handy as I took on more men in this scene that I had at one time during my entire life. I had done quite a few parties and had sex with quite a few men in one day, but 40 was the most ever. The early nineties porn was about excess and extremes and there were some girls doing videos with upwards to 500 men, but Felix didn’t want to follow that trend. He thought that 40 would be a great number and it would draw a group of fans that wanted to see a beautiful and sexy girl not just get fucked by a large quantity of men, but in a wide variety of ways with many different endings. Because we were not breaking for camera changes or angle shots, I would take a cum shot and keep going, with no chance to clean up or fix my makeup. Felix wanted it to look like I had really gotten gangbanged by a large group of men.

My mind raced through many of my real life experiences as an e****t and how I had been in this situation before. My first gangbangs, the bachelor parties I had done with the large groups of men, the fetish parties where I had been used, my trips to Vegas for various jobs, some of which included me getting fucked by multiple men and most recently, all of the men that I had been having sex with while I was staying at John’s. Ever since I had turned 18 and then became a stripper, my first sexual experience led me to this situation. I remembered Bill fucking me in front of his bartender and then my first night as a stripper as I sucked off a number of men. Over five years had passed and I had probably had sex with going on 1500 different men and I could remember many of their faces and I would guess at least 400 or 500 of their names. I had special clients of course and I had also slept with a lot of men for free, on real dates or because I liked them, but that first time really lit my fire. I held my mouth open as the first guy to cum shot a big load onto my tongue. The cock in my ass and pussy kept pumping me as I looked into the camera and swallowed it all down. My mind kind of went blank halfway through the shoot as I was kind of overwhelmed by the action going on. I moved on my own and took Felix’s directions as another actor came in me or needed me to turn toward the camera for a facial. I was twisted and turned into various contorted positions and Felix had his cameras ready to shoot every insertion, double penetration, facial expression or cumshot. He loved seeing me take two cocks in my ass and pussy and made sure to get quite a few angles of me getting fucked like that. He also loved seeing me get facials and my face stayed covered for the entire shoot. All in all it took just over 4 hours to do the entire shoot and as I took my final cumshots in my ass and then my pussy, Felix had all of the cameras aimed to catch the final eruption on my cum coated face. He was going to show it in slow motion and he had picked a well known male actor who had been famous for his huge cumshots to do the final scene.

My head was held back by my cum covered hair, while I knelt in front of Peter’s long, white cock. His eyes rolled upwards and closed and a low moan prepared me for his huge ejaculation. My mouth opened slightly and a huge blast of warmth splashed across my face. I licked my lips, but then another stream sprayed me, followed up by five or six more long threads of sticky semen. My hair, face, cheeks, lips and body was covered in drying or wet, gooey spunk. My lips parted as I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry. I truly appreciated his cumshot, since I had been a jizz aficionado for a while. Over the years my clients had deluged me in cum and I had learned to love it and it tuned me on tremendously. Part of my practice of doing nearly everyone bareback was due to my fetish. I had a few clients who could equal this stars quantity on occasions, but from what I had heard, this guy could do it every day and on cue. I was going to make sure that I hooked up with him a few more times, while I was in LA, to enjoy his hard, white, cum-filled hose.

Felix was elated with the shoot and we all partied late into the night. Even though I was physically tired, the d**gs that we had done that night had kept my body going. When I finally did go to sl**p, I awoke late the next day. Felix had left a note about being tied up the rest of the week while editing, so I lit up a cigarette and called the number on my little scrap of paper. I had gotten my final co-star’s phone number at the party and since I had a few days open, and he apparently did too, he picked me up and drove me to Malibu, where we spent the next three days on the beach in a hotel. I got to experience his huge geyser in private and my pussy tingled as he filled my mouth, pussy and ass full of his hot cum the entire time together. He was a true porn star and I fell in love with his cock and cum as I drained him as often as I could. I would never see him again after that short time together, but my mouth still waters when I think of the final blow job I gave him and how full my mouth was before I swallowed his hot load.

I called Felix when I returned, but he was still busy, so I called up Neil. I had missed him and wished he could have been in my final movie, but this just gave us another chance to see one another. I met him at a place he was staying in the Hollywood hills and I spent two days with him. I told him about my plans to traverse the country in strip clubs and how excited I was for the release of all of my new movies. We fucked liked rabbits those two days and on my final day, while I sat outside smoking a cigarette, he asked me to stay with him permanently before I went back to see Felix. I was falling for Neil, but I knew my big break was near and feared missing it. Plus it seemed strange for me to profess my love for someone after fucking 40 different guys in a film and spending three days getting filled with cum by another porn star before visiting him. I told Neil that I would have to think about it and I left.

Felix was waiting for me and he didn’t seem happy. I asked him about all of the films and he told me that they were all finished and edited and ready to be sent to the distributor. I was happy and excited and grabbed him by the hand to lead him to the bedroom. He fucked me and I gave him the best blow job I could to finish him off. He always enjoyed cumming in my mouth and I showed him my jizz covered tongue before I swallowed him. That always made him hard again and I slid down onto his cock, but his stamina slowly faded. After a little kissing we both lit up a cigarette and laid their talking. He got up for a few minutes and returned with an large brown envelope and tossed it next to me. I opened it up and it held quite a few photos of me fucking and sucking a bunch of different men, but the majority of them were of me and Neil. I reiterated the fact that I was a porn actress and he knew that I had been a prostitute before coming to LA, so why would he be upset with me fucking a few other men. He told me that he didn’t mind if I fucked others for business, but not for pleasure. He said the my last few days with my fellow male porn stars were not business and that he knew I was hooking up with Neil for some time. He told me that he had huge plans for me to become a big cross over star in mainstream porn and how hard that currently was for African-American women. That he had been working on the films non-stop because he had fallen in love with me and wanted to share his artistic vision with me through his films, as his main actress and lover. Now that he knew that I didn’t love him and loved someone else, he said that he couldn’t do that. I had no idea what to say and I just sat their with my mouth open and the smoke from my cigarette filling the air.

I was sitting by the pool with Sabrina and we were smoking as usual, while I repeated the details of my story again. John had told me that my contract was up at the end of the week, but that I was welcome to stay and party until then. Apparently Felix owned the rights to all of my films and had put a halt to them all, stopping production and sale of those that had just been recently released and putting into storage my most current 5 film series. My tour was canceled and the only thing I had to show for my entire summer in LA was my current addictive behavior of smoking. Four months of partying, fucking, sucking and living the porn star life was all for nothing more than a few checks that totaled two thousand dollars, for the black porn films that I had been in earlier in the summer, and that I had cashed and spent long ago. I talked to Felix only one more time before he finally quit returning my calls and he had no intentions of ever releasing my films for distribution. He and John had a lot of pull in the industry and there was no way to get in with another group. It wasn’t really up to John though, since he was in distribution, so Felix ended my career. I had a couple of offers from a few of the party goers that final week, but they were all low budget directors and I didn’t want to fuck on film for $100 a scene with the hopes of becoming big one day. I would have to shoot over 200 scenes a year just to make ends meet and that wasn’t guaranteed with Felix’s powerful pull in the business. I still had a fully paid condo, new car and a college education back home to work on. I had also saved a lot of money over the last 5 years, so I wasn’t distraught by any means. I didn’t want to hurt Neil’s career, so I had quit seeing him too.

I decided to party it up for my last week of summer vacation and then head back home. I finished my story, along with my cigarette, and then Sabrina and I joined a group of guys in the pool. They were all a bunch of football players from USC and were really cute. I would be returning to OSU when I got home and when the guys in the pool found out, they thought that they would prove their college dominance over me while they had their chance. I took on 4 USC football player that afternoon and I came out on top and drained not only their energy but that creamy stuff that I craved. I lived the porn life for a few more days, smoking and drinking, doing d**gs and as many men as I could, before I went back to my life as a normal college girl. But things didn’t stay normal for long.

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