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Healt exam

My wife i 42 years old and still extremely sexy. She has dirty blonde hair, an athletic body, and a great ass. She loves to show it off too. In fact, we both get incredibly turned on when she exhibits herself in public. She has left the curtain slightly open while trying on clothes at an H&M so that any customer passing by could get a peak. One guy passed by the curtain four times trying to act like he wasn't snooping. She once wore a thong bikini bottom to a beach to the great satisfaction of all the men who sat around us in the sand and to the frustration of their wives. She even wore a semi see-through top to a club once without a bra. It was hard to see her breasts in the dark lighting on the dance floor but she spent a good amount of time near the bar where it was better lit. As you could expect, she got several free drinks from the other patrons. During each of these experiences, Lisa became dripping wet with the excitement of being exposed. When she wore the see through top at the club, she went to the restroom after 20 minutes of guys staring at her chest just to touch herself and relieve her sexual arousal.

This experience occurred three weeks ago when Lisa had to go to the doctor's office for a physical. Lisa is self employed and has to purchase her own health insurance. She recently decided to switch health insurance providers and the new provider required her to get a physical before they would give her coverage. Lisa had not had a physical since she was in high school and neither of us had a regular practitioner doctor that we had seen before for such an exam in our area.

Lisa looked online for doctor's who could give her a physical on relatively short notice and for a modest fee. She ultimately found one doctor who could see her the following Monday but it had to be early in the morning, thirty minutes before he usually opened his offices. His office was small and within a industrial park including offices for dentists, contractors, and other small businesses.

When Lisa arrived at the office, she was greeted by an older asian nurse. Lisa was ten minutes early and the doctor had not arrived yet. The nurse took Lisa's information, measured her height and weight, and then Lisa back to the examination room. She asked Lisa if she wanted her present during her examination. Apparently a female nurse will typically accompany a male doctor giving such an examination but Lisa told the nurse that she was comfortable with just the doctor.

The nurse complied and then asked Lisa to remove her clothes and wait for the doctor to come in. She gave Lisa a large paper towel to cover herself and then shut the door to the exam room as she left. Lisa disrobed and piled up her clothes on the table beside her, placing her lace bra and g-string on top of her jeans and t-shirt. She contemplated covering herself with the paper towel but she was already getting fully naked in the exam room by herself. After a few minutes of waiting, the doctor opened the door and was slightly startled to see Lisa standing completely nude in front of him. He awkwardly greeted Lisa and shook her hand and told her he would be as quick as possible.

The doctor began the exam inspecting her mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. He then checked her breathing with his stethoscope, pressing his hand against her chest and back. Lisa was getting more excited as the doctor touched various parts of her body. Everything was quite routine but Lisa could not help but be turned on. Eventually towards the end of the exam, the doctor asked Lisa to lay back on the table and put her legs in the stirrups for a pelvic inspection. Lisa hesitated momentarily because her pussy was quite moist and she did not want the doctor to notice. The doctor asked once again for her to put her legs up. She slowly began to get into position when the nurse knocked on the door with a question for the doctor. He excused himself for the moment and went out of the exam room to talk with the nurse.

Lisa finally got her legs into the stirrups and laid back on the table. She was slightly wet but for the two minutes that the doctor was out of the room, all Lisa could think about was the humiliation and excitement of the doctor finding her turned on by the exam. This in turn made her even more wet. By the time the doctor returned to the exam room, Lisa's pussy was fully soaked and glistening. Lisa knew he would notice but kept her head back on the table to avoid his gaze.

The doctor paused momentarily once he sat down in front of Lisa's legs. He did not say anything but Lisa was certain that he noticed her arousal. Lisa bit her lip once the doctor began touching her pelvic area for the exam but she did her best to not let out a moan. The doctor rushed through this last part of the exam and then promptly thanked Lisa for her time and told her that he had not found anything abnormal or of concern. He told Lisa she could get dressed and then talk to the nurse at the front desk to sign all the paperwork before leaving.

When Lisa told me this story, my cock was rock hard and she stroked me while I asked questions about what had happened. By the time she got to the pelvic exam, my cock was pulsating and I came in less than 30 seconds. Later, I asked Lisa if she would ever go back to that doctor. She said that she would but she was waiting to find a good excuse to go back for a second exam.

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