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Fuckin my mums friend on holiday part 2

Please read part one if you have not already !

The next day .........

I was woken up by loud knocking on the door ,
Sam got out of bed and answered the door , in walked my mum and behind her was Janet

I lay there feeling very nervous and a little guilty .
My mum said come on hurry up breakfast finishes in 45 minutes

Janet looked at me with a little cheeky grin and just acted asif nothing ever happened .
My mum and Janet went down to breakfast and told us to meet them down there , Sam and my b*****r went down and I got a quick shower them joined them .

As I was walking over to the breakfast table my nerves were kicking in , it was so akward .
I sat down next to my mums boyfriend jack and poured myself a glass of orange , I couldn't bring myself to give Janet eye contact .

I stood up and walked over to the food to get something to eat , as I was queing at the toast conveyer Janet joined the que behind me .
Janet said " what's up with you ? Didn't you enjoy last lastnight "

" ofcourse I did , it's just really akward being sat there with mike and my mum "

" just calm down , nobodys gonna find out , forget about mike! and it's me that's got to worry about your mum she laughed .

We both walked back over to the table and ate our food .

After breakfast we sat at the pool for a while , Sam and my b*****r asked could they go down to the beach and go on the jet skis .
I also fancied that so me , jack , mike , Sam and my b*****r all walked down and hired them out for an hour while my mum and Janet relaxed by the pool .

When we got back from the beach everybody sat down and had a cold drink by the pool .
Sam and my b*****r got back in the pool an mike an jack lay down and relaxed .

I said I'm gonna go upto the room and get a shower and have an hours kip I'm knackered
I went up to my room alone and stripped off and got in the shower
After about 10 minutes I heard knocking at the door , i got out of the shower and put a towell around my waist an answered the door .

It was Janet , she smiled and walked in and closed the door behind me .
Straight away we began Kissing agianst the wall

She pulled off my towel and got down on her knees and began sucking my cock like a pro

She took of her beach dress and was now in just her bikini
I lay her on the bed and started licking and sucking her wet hairy pussy

After a minute Janet said come on were gonna have to be quick .

I grabbed her leg over my shoulder and slid my cock inside her and started
Pumping her red hot pussy .

I Put her leg down and she grabbed my arse cheeks as I drove my cock inside her , she was lovin it a much as I was .

We changed Position into doggy , I was banging her hard grabbing her hot saggy tits from underneath as I fucked her .
We were both sweating and he bed was rocking
Just then the door opened and in walked my mum " Kyle do you know where dylans sun cream is "

And then she saw us .
Janet jumped of my cock and tried to cover herself up and I just put my hands Over my cock

Both of us were saying sorry
My mum just laughed and said " you dirty cow Janet " " if mike found out about this he would go bl**dy mad "
I started grinning
My mum said " I don't know what you're laughing at Kyle you're just as bad "
She grabbed the sun cream and said " well I guess you both better hurry up before mike starts wondering where you are "
She shook her head and started laughing and went back down to the pool

The second she left me and Janet looked at each other in shock and just laughed

" anyway , where were we " I said
I give my cock a little jerk and began shagging Janet again in missionary it took me less than 5 minutes and I felt like I was gonna cum
I pulled out and she grabbed my cock an wanked me as I cum all over her hairy pussy , stomach and tits .
We had a little kiss and she went over to her room to have a shower and get ready for the evening

I lay there sweating and exhausted really shocked at how my mum wasn't even bothered that I had shagged her bestfriend .

Thanks for reading this was a little rushed. I may add another part or write a complete new story another time thanks ;)

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