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My Mother in Law

After my father in-law passed away my mother in-law came to stay with us. Because of me working shifts I was at home a lot during weekdays and get extremely horny. On this particular day in question I wanted experiment with her to see what her response and/or actions will be.

So while she was sitting in the living room I went and remove my underpants and got dressed in a loose short (training type pants). She was sitting on the couch and I made myself comfortable opposite her making sure that she has a full view of me.

I positioned myself in such a way, that should see glance or looked in my direction she would easily be able to see into my shorts, she was barely visible to me in the mirror on the wall.

While I was lying there I started visualizing some erotic scenarios that may occur, and without realizing it my penis started growing and was peeking between my pants and leg.

That is when I noticed her staring at my cock trying not to make it that obvious to me. By this time it was really difficult to contain myself and I was hard as a Rock and it was pounding for some love juice, she was very restless and I noticed that this has a real affect on her.

All of a sudden she jumped up and said that she is going to rest a little as she was tired.
As I was lying on the couch stroking myself I decided I am going to see if a can have a peek into her room and see what she was up to.

Her room door were completely closed, I tried to peek through the key hole but it was not successful. I ran outside and tried to peek through the window the blinds was closed so I couldn't see much just that she is lying on the bed.

It is now or never i said to myself, the idea of maybe fucking my mother in law was starting to make my bl**d rush through my arteries, and I decided that it is time to take a chance. As I walked into the house I decided to get rid of my pants completely and just walk into the room.

Standing in-front of her door I took a few deep breaths and open the door and walked in, I stopped dead in my tracks, with her back turned to me she was lying on the bed fully clothes no movement, she was sl**ping.

That's a bummer I thought to myself. I turned around walked out and closed the door, now I am sitting with a rock hard cock horny as hell, and my mother in law has a fuckeable wrinkled 65 year old pussy and I can,t use it.

I went back to the living room made myself comfortable on the couch, and fell asl**p................... I had the most erotic dream. she was giving me the most amazing Blow Job, haven't had such a wet dream in ages. When I woke up something wasn't just right, my pants all skewed, cum dripping from my dick and my mother in law sitting on the opposite couch and smiling at me.

What happen? Maybe one day she will say something, but until then lets keep the erotic fantasy in my mind alive!!

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