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Quickie (but really good)

I know its been a minute since I updated you guys on whats been going on with me and b*****r n laws girlfriend. ok so since my last story we have hooked up so many times. I wanted to share what happen just recently.

this is a True story again im not a writer so please dont judge my typing. i just wanted to share my story!!!

she texted my phone and asked me what I was going and i replied to her nothing as usual. her next question to me was. Do i miss it? I was looking like what in the world is she talking about. Then she texted me again. Do you miss it? i finally caught on and i was like hell yea i wish i had it right now. she went in to say how horny she was and that she wanted to feel my pussy on her pussy.
I was like well my husband is about to go out you should come over.

So she finally came. but it was before my husband left and he was taking all day to leave. so i was like im about to go get me something to eat. I asked her did she want to ride with me. soon as we got in the car she took her pants off. kissing me telling me how much she wanted my pussy and how horny she was. so i was like i got to hurry up and pull out the drive way. so while i driving she is on the passenger side playing her pussy. telling me she cant wait until to feel my tongue on her pussy. so i pull into a dark parking lot we both got in the back seat.

she laid on her back and OMG!!!! she was soooo wet. i went straight to eating her pussy it was so sweet. i tried to stick my tongue so deep in her pussy i hadnt even been licking it long before she said she was cuming. so before she could i got on top of her and put my pussy on hers (i was dripping wet myself by the way) and right there in the car in that parking lot we fucked so hard. her wet pussy on mines we was grinding and it felt so good. she was throwing her pussy back everytime i thrust on hers and we came together all over each others pussies. then we 69 and licked up all of each others cum!!!! it was so quick but so good.

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