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Love of leather Gloves

My parents announced to me that due to her mother getting ill they were going to have to go to the states for a month, but as l had my university interview coming up l would go and stay with my aunt ( my father's elder s****r).

Now l have a bit of a 'thing' for my aunt who is in her 50s but she looks and dresses younger and everytime l see her she is always wearing skintight black leather gloves which excite me and l've often wondered what it would be like to have my cock played with by a woman wearing leather gloves.

I arrived at my aunt's with my suitcase and she greeted me at the door she was wearing a white blouse with the sleeves tucked into a pair of skintight black leather gloves, a black leather pencil skirt which came to her knees and black leather boots with 4" stiletto heels, she explained that she had to go and see a client so she quickly showed me to my room and said she would see me later.

As l was in the house on my own l decided to explore and going to one room l noticed a wardrobe and wondered what it contained, l opened it up and it was full of black leather clothing and other items, l started looking through it and saw various skirts of different lengths and several dresses as well as leather trousers and at least 5 pairs of leather boots of various lengths but all of them with at least 4" stiletto heels.

The thing that caught my attention was the selection of black leather gloves of all lengths and l just couldn't help myself and picked up a pair and started feeling the softness of them and brought them up to my face to smell the aroma of the leather,my cock started to stiffen up and l unzipped myself and started to wank myself now my cock is a good 9" long and about 4" in girth.

I lost all track of time and suddenly l heard a stern female voice say 'what do you think do are doing young man', shocked l turned around and there was my aunt standing there looking like a leather goddess before l could say anything she saw my erect cock and she licked her lips saying 'you have a thing about leather do you, well go into my bedroom and wait for me'. l went to my aunt's bedroom and wondered what was going to happen next,

After a few minutes my aunt walked in and l couldn't believe my eyes she was wearing a black leather cupless basque,black stockings, black thigh length boots with 5" stiletto heels and the longest pair of black leather gloves l've ever seen they reached up to her shoulders and they clung to her every curve, on the left hand she was wearing a bracelet and a couple of rings on her right hand.

She looked at me and smiled and said 'strip and let me see what you've got', l stripped out of my jeans and t-shirt and socks and stood there just in my boxer shorts with my hard on poking through the material, my aunt just sat there and watched me and calmly lit a cigarette and held it in a holder in her leather gloved hand, she looked at me and with a gloved finger beckoned me over.

I approached her with trepidation wondering what she had in mind and she brought her other gloved hand up and started stroking my hand on with her gloved hand through the material, she smiled and through a stream of smoke said ' you like my leather gloved hand stroking your cock don't you' all l could do was nod, she laughed and said ' well your certainly your father's son'.

With that she stopped and said 'take them off' l dropped my boxers and she looked and said 'l bet your popular with the girls with that b**st' l had to admit that most girls ran in the opposite direction when they saw it, she just tutted and said 'well so it looks like l'm going to have to educate you'. My aunt reached out and slowly started to stroke my cock with her leather gloved hand and caressed my balls with the other hand, the feel of the leather on my cock was heaven and within seconds l was spurting a stream of cum across the floor, l started to apologise and my aunt just laughed and said ' don't worry l haven't finished and your education is just about to start'.

She moved onto the bed and laying down she spread her legs wide and beckoning me over told me to put my head between her legs and slowly guided me to her pussy and started giving me instructions on how to use my tongue on her clit, within minutes she was squirming on my tongue and she brought her gloved hands onto the back of my head and held me there as she came to orgasm.

She laid there for a few minutes running her gloved hands through my hair as l realised l'd just licked my aunt to orgasm and she had wanked me with her leather gloves l felt like l'd died and gone to heaven. My Aunt smiled at me and said 'your a quick learner lets move on to the next lesson', with that she reached down for my semi-hard cock and grasped it with her gloved hand and then took it into her mouth, l could feel her tongue flicking the tip of it and running around the head, now l 'd had a couple of girlfriends who had given me blowjobs but this was being done by an expert.

Once she got me nice and hard she let go and straddled me and guided my cock into her wet pussy with a gloved hand, she slowly lowered herself onto it and l could feel her pussy muscles grip my cock as she got herself comfortable and then she started to ride me looking at me and smiling she said ' play with my tits, squeeze them and play with the nipples'

My aunt rode me until she started to cum again and she reached down and started caressing my balls with her leather gloved hands this was more than l could stand and l erupted again spurting spunk into her pussy.

We both laid there content and she kissed me by holding my head in both of leather gloved hands and then she said 'l don't think we're going to need the guest bedroom do you'. Thus started a very interesting month.

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