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One night to remember


It was a rainy wet night in Northampton and i was out with a few friends for beers and fun, I'm always horny and was on the look out for some hot sex, Been divorced for two years and was gagging for it big time.I am 6ft 2" tall dark haired & blue eyes and a little unshaven.
When suddenly into my line of view came this woman who i have seen in the bars & clubs for years and we sort of know each other through the same circle of friends.
I had fancied this woman for years her name was Amanda and she was a 27 yr old slim brunette about 5ft 8" with crystal blue eyes and she was a very sexy and confident young lady who knew what she needed and wanted in life. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress with black stockings and she looked stunning.
Then our eyes met across the busy bar and we shared a short moment of checking each other out and then she flashed me a smile,
So i walked over to where she was sitting which was a darkly lit corner of the bar where there was a big comfortable couch she was sat on, i asked if it was ok to sit here in which she replied certainly you can keep me company.
So we talked for like a hour or more about single life,ex`s,music and then came the subject of sex in which she said she cant go without sex for no longer than a week with men or women which i was very surprised to hear.Then she asked me "when was the last time you fucked a woman i replied i havent fucked since the divorce its 2 years ago now and thats why i am out tonight looking for a horny female to fuck all night" she then said wow 2 years your dick must be gagging for action.
I was about to get up to go and look where my friends were and her hand grabbed mine & she said i want you to take me home now please, i said sure we left and got a taxi to her apartment when we approached the apartment Amanda said that she share`s it with another girl named sasha so we must be quiet when we go into the apartment.
We went inside she poured some wine for us and we stood and talked in the kitchen then she said she cant believe i had`nt had sex in years in which i said stop reminding me its fucking depressing enough not getting any action.Amanda walked across to me and took my glass and put it on the side near me ..she placed her leg inbetween mine where i was stood and started to grind it slowly against my crotch cock quickly doubled in size inside my boxers and she could feel it against her thigh,my hands held her head and pulled her towards my mouth and we kissed and licked each others mouth`s and neck for ages.Then Amanda started to go lower down my body with her kisses and licks while i was leaning against the kitchen surface then her tongue was circleing my nipples then suddenly biting them, she had her hand on my cock at the same time and started pulling it back & forth then out of nowhere her mouth sunk onto my dick .
She was running her tongue up n`down the shaft of my cock nice long slow licks then fast sucking on the tip, i was on the verge of orgasm i looked down on Amanda and she was eating the living fuck out of me ..then suddenly my juices just flew out right inside her mouth she hung on sucking even more ferociously and moaning with pleasure with the juices she`s drinking ,she pulled her mouth away and my juice was running down from her lips on to her chin then down on her dress.
Then Amanda said we will meet tomorrow night same bar & then we will continue at your house for filthy hot fucking. I grabbed hold of Amanda and pinned her against the wall then i slipped my hand inside her panties and stroked her clit for about a minute until she was getting very moist, then i stopped licked the juice of my finger and left her apartment ..

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