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Waiting for you x

Beneath me I could feel you. your breath felt like silk as it caressed my neck, the tender kisses falling from our lips to meet each other's bodies, our necks. you paid close attention to there, just gently letting your kisses touch against my skin and running them up and down my neck. Then you turned your attention up to my face, the kisses, so sweet, connecting with my cheek and meeting my lips in the softest of ways felt like a bliss that shouldn't ever end. Our lips parted and you entered me with such a passion and held me closer so that I could do nothing but close my eyes and feel you as our tongues began to entwine in each others. you could tell my eyes were closed too as you pulled me closer..

you pulled at my top and i raised my arms so that the flimsy material could slide off of me easily.I laid with an arch in my back as you laid down next to me I could feel that sensuous warmth as our bare stomachs touched and joined with each other. Our bodies began to move in time, a slow dancing rhythm that could stretch on for eternity, an endless satisfaction of peace within us.You reached behind my back and pushed at the clasp that held my bra in place, its soft cotton design was enticing to touch and feel against your chest;You let one hand to slide down along the side of my body and pull at my waist so that my hips rose up to meet yours. other hand finally slid the clasp of my bra open and I slipped the supporting straps from my shoulders and down my arms. I sighed with a relief as the cotton slid from my body and exposed my soft breasts to your caring touch. With the hand that hadn't clasped my waist keeping my body against yours you began to caress the softness of my breast and lowered your lips to kiss the mounds beneath you Lips parted, You took my erected nipple into your mouth and began to lightly bite on the tip of it making it harder still and i squirmed beneath you as a little moan escaped from my lips.

Between us we carried on removing each others clothes, the sound of our breathing captivated me in ways I had never felt before, clinging itself to me like a sweet memory, soft -- silky. I laid in your arms again, the arch returning to my back as i reached down and positioned you between my legs.

my eyes, like two deep sapphires sparkled underneath the warm glow from the candle above where we lay together; the candlelight flickered in those deep gems making them all the more beautiful to look at. Oh such a feeling for me had not existed until that very moment when I looked into those bright dark jewels.

The hand that had positioned me had now retreated up to my waist, pulling me down and into you with one smooth movement. I could feel the tip of your penis part my lips as you pulled me closer and i raised my hips to meet yours. A flood of sensations rushed through my body as we began to move in a slow, steady, rhythmic dance with each other my back arching more and more as we danced.

Skin against skin, I wrapped her legs around yours you holding me closer to you as my orgasm began to grow -- with every passing second of my climax I increased the rhythm of which i moved my waist with saw with a warm glowing feeling that my face was flushed and my cheeks were rosy-- You knew it was time, my eyes told you.

I wanted the feeling to last but I knew better than to hold out much longer. Instead I took up my pace and as i reached the height of my ecstasy you too reached your limits and released your seed deep into my flower laying down with me in your arms in the process. We stayed like that -- holding each other close and feeling our bodies touch -- such a wonderful feeling. The night drew in its grasp around us. We held each other tighter. This might well be the last night that we had a chance to be with each other, and we didn't want it to end. In the morning you would have to leave... back to work whilst i would remain, a memory until you could hold me again. from Suzanne x xxxxxx xx

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