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My first homosexual contact

So i was around 12 at the time, and me and my friend who lived down the road from me used to be very close and we would always be at eachothers houses playing after school.

One night my parents went away for the evening so i went to my friends house. We did the usual stuff playing around and listening to music, just having a laugh.

We decided to go to bed and i was to have the top bunk, i changed into my pjs and as i climbed up the ladder my friend decided to pull my shorts down, revealing my small dick. I had just started pubity and had a few pubes growing on my balls and around my dick. My friend had not started yet...

"what's that! what's that hair!" he said

"i've started puberty they are cool" i replied.

"i haven't got any look!" he said as he pulled his shorts down, to reveal a very skinny, small dick, alot like my own but much thinner and he was also cut.

He soon noticed my foreskin and asked what it was, i knew that some people don't have them as the get them taken off at birth so i explained. To my surprise he asked if he could touch it, i didn't see why not as he was such a good friend so i moved closer to him on the bed.

The thought had gone through my mind, what if it goes hard like when it does when im at home? what if he gets scared? but i carried on and moved closer to him and layed on the bed aside him.

My foreskin was quite long, and it came to a cluster just after the head of my dick, but as i hadn't started wanking yet it was still tight.

"wow that's so weird, look how mine is just dick and yours has loads of skin over it. I saw my dad's once and his doesn't look like that, his looks like mine" he explained.

I replied by explaining that everyone is different, he asked if he could touch it, i said yes.

His hand reached over to my cock, he prodded it a few time, and then started to feel my foreskin. With his hand on my cock i started to feel like something was happening, i was aware of what sex was at this point, but i didn't have any idea that what we were doing was somehow, quite sexual. I thought that this was perfectly normal, two best friends sharing everything.

After a couple of minutes of him feeling my cock, picking it up and comparing it to his, he asked how i wee'd. I explained to him that i have to pull it back, and eventually as i get older i would be able to pull it back all the way. I had come to this conclusion by seeing porn videos on other friend's of mine phones.

He asked to see, so i showed him, pulling it back to reveal the top of my head and my pee hole. He said that it looks like his now, and i looked over at his cock and it was sitting in between his legs. I asked if i could see it and he agreed.

I know had no doubts that i was not abnormal, just different. We continued to compare dicks for a while, pointing out differences in size, width etc. He then asked if he could pull my skin back and i said yes. He said you can feel my dick too if you want. I reached over and took a hold of his dick, it was warm, and i started to feel his bellend.

He pulled my skin back gently and had his hand around my cock, i felt funny and to mine and certainly his surprise i started to get a hard on. Thankfully he said that he had had them in the past so he didn't panic. at this point, i felt his dick grow, it grew bigger than mine, probably around 5 inches to my 4.

Instictively I asked if he wanted to stop, but instead he just looked at me and started to slowly jerk my dick up and down. This to me felt amazing so i started to return the favour. Looking back now we were two friends jacking each other off but then, i just felt like we were playing.

He said that he had looked at some of his dads magazines when he had a hard on before, he explained that he had seen a guy's dick being licked by a girl, and it looked like he was enjoying it.

"what do you think it feels like?" he asked

"I dont know, i have seen a girl with a guys dick in her mouth before, it looked weird." I replied.

"do you wanna try it? I'll lick yours if you lick mine"

"oh erm, ok?"

He leant back, i didn't want to dissapoint my bestfriend, so i crouched over him, took his cock in my hand, and slowly and nervously poked my tongue out towards his bell. Contact was made, and i quickly withdrew, but he said that it felt nice so i did it again, this time licking his shaft and all of his head.

He pushed me back and licked mine, he said he couldnt taste it properly and to my surprise took my entire head into his mouth, he pulled away and said did that feel good? i said yeah, but you have to suck it, like a lolly. He hovered over my dick and put the head in his mouth again and sucked as hard as he could, it kinda hurt, but at the same time it felt awesome. he pulled away and started to shake my cock vigorously, and to my surprise and his, i came the smallest amount.

He said that he wants to know if he can do that, so i returned the favour in the same way he did it and before i knew it he had spurted the same amount of cum. We both thought that this was really cool and it was our thing.

For months to follow we would repeat that night, once a month, twice a month, until we were old enough to know that it was not how we should be acting, and we never spoke about it again.

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