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Just a dream I had

You know, a girl like you can realy turn me on. Just looking at you my cock goes hard and I start imagining the things I’d do to you. First I’d start with a strong wet kiss to feel your lips while grabbing your tits. My hand goes between your legs, I want to feel your swollen wet pussy. I stand behind you, with one hand on your breast and the other massaging your clit, while you grab my cock, press it against your butt and jerk it slowley. While you are moaning, I pull my finger out of your pussy and put it on your mouth to suck your own juices. I feel you getting turned on by this so I tell you to get on your knees and spank your face with my pulsating cock. You want to take it in your mouth, but I wont give it to you yet. I circle it on your lips, cheeks and between your tits just to tease you more. Now when it is really hard I put it on your tongue and let you play with it. You take it in your hand and start stroking it and licking my balls.Your tongue goes all around my cock before you start sicking it. I believe you can do it really good, your lips are made for blow jobs. You are swalloving it deeper and deeper while handling my balls. That makes me wanna fuck your face so i put my hand on your head and f***e you to swallow it to the balls. I feel you choke on my dick but I pull it out when I see your eyes tear. I give you a quick momet to breath and slide it in again. You gag on it, leaving your spit when I pull it out again. You lay on your back and spread your legs playing with your clit, telling me to fuck you like an a****l. I put my dick in, your pussy is dripping wet so it slides really easy. It’s so hot, it makes me grab your tits and start banging you like a whore. While doing that, I tell you to open your mouth and let my spit fall on your lips. You like that, you want me to do it again. I lick your nipples and thrust so hard I feel your pussy tightens around my cock and you start cumming. Now you’re on your back with your ass in the air, I grab your waist and begin drilling your pussy doggy style. It’s my favourite position, I bang you harder and harder while spanking your juicy ass. I just love when a girl has big tits and a big ass. I’m frantic now, slaping your ass and pulling your hair while you fuck me back. I can’t hold it any longer, so I pull it out and drop a massive load on your asshole. It’s not over yet. You stay in the same pose, sucking my cock to stay stiff, and I’m rubing my cum on your asshole. You now what is next. While you spit and droole on my dick, your ass is ready to take it. Just the tip is in, and you start to scream and moan out of pain and pleasure.Inch by inch, my dick is balls deep in your ass. With every thrust, I leave bitemarks on your back, slap your ass so hard my hand print stays, pull your hair and grab your tits while you play with your pussy. I feel you’re about to cum again and I’m so close, I ram it really fast and hard and we both orgasm at the same time. I stay in so every drop of my spunk is in your ass, and bite you on your neck so you know how good it was for me to fuck you…

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