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Peter's ordeals

Peter's Ordeals.

This story was written in Danish and just recently translated into English. Please forgive any misunderstandings or errors, as English is not my native language.

When Peter reached 15 years of age, he had become a handsome young man. Tall, fit, dark haired and with brown eyes he looked like most girls dreams.
And peter was in love! With Lisa, who was sweet and nice girl - or at least so he thought right up to the evening, where they had planned to go to bed together for the first time. Actually it was Peter's very first time with anything other than his right hand, so he was understandably nervous and not quite sure as to what Lisa might expect of him.
When they lay naked side by side, Peter fumbled around a bit, as would be expected from a virgin, and Lisa was overbearing and helpful at first, but soon she lost her patience, and when Peter got to put on the condom, his fingers trembled so much, that the condom broke. This was the final straw for Lisa; she was remeorseless in her disappointment, called him names as "virgin Peter", and laughed at him as she put her clothes on and left him lying on the bed, totally drained of self-confidence.
To make matters worse she told her girlfriends at school what had happened - how Peter had been utterly hopeless as a lover - and a VIRGIN.
The remaining time in school had been a living hell for poor Peter. A new attempt with another girl ended just as disastrous. At first, things had went well but when the girl had pulled down Peters underpants, his proud erection had fallen immediately and even the most spirited efforts could not bring it back.
Eventually the girl gave up on him and left, saying that she didn't date eunuchs, and leaving a devastated Peter in her wake. Luckily the girl kept quiet about his shortcomings, but he kept fearing that one day she might tell somebody.

He hoped for a fresh start in High school, because it was in another town, but the fright and the doubt remained within and kept him from engaging too much in the social life, and kept the girls that was attracted to his looks, at arm's length. Soon he had earned the nickname "The Monk", and eventually he stayed away from the parties, just to be free of the teasing and the comments.
In the middle of the second year a new girl, Heidi, joined the class, and Peter who had just turned 18, fell in love again.
Heidi was 17, and a quite good looking girl in all respects. Almost as tall as Peter, with a figure you normally only saw in "Baywatch" and a very pretty face surrounded by dark, half long, slightly curly, hair. All the boys at the High school stared, when she showed her shapely body on her first day, and she instantly became the subject of desire for the schools boys at the coming parties, even though no-one got lucky.
Only Peter kept his distance, admiring her looks and wits at a distance, but he dared not risk a new failure. When he couldn't avoid closer contact, he was the perfect gentleman, but as soon as the chance arose, he was off.
Heidi had herself noticed the handsome guy, and wondered about his behavior. She wasn't used to bys running away from her, quite the opposite in fact, so she grew curious as to the reason for his keeping distance. What did he hide in that pretty head of his? Was he gay? Or just not interested in girls? None of this, she thought, for she had seen the looks he had sent her, when he thought she was not looking.
So what was wrong? Because Heidi got a strange, yet familiar tingling sensation in her stomach, when Peter's eyes met hers, no matter how short.
Heidi started a discrete investigation into the mysterious peter, and in this way she heard a lot more about his shyness towards women, and eventually she ran into someone who had heard the story about Lisa and Peter, the impotent Eunuch. The story certainly hadn't lost its juice by being retold a couple of times, but luckily Heidi possessed a good deal of empathy, and she could imagine the immense destructive effect, such an event must have had on a young man's mind.
Heidi thought long and hard and came up with a plan, because she was well aware that she was falling seriously in love with Peter, and she needed something to penetrate that protective shield of his.
She knew that Peter had a weekend-job at the local post office, so she simply sent a package to herself and timed it, so it very likely would be Peter who delivered it.
Saturday just before lunch Peter got a package to deliver. "Heidi Jorgenson, 42, Lakeview Lane" it said on the label; it could hardly be any other than Heidi from school, he thought with a mix of joy and fright. Well, at least he got to see her today, but what if she didn't recognize him or just slammed the door in his face.
Well, the package had to be delivered, so Peter started the moped and drove out to Lakeview Lane. A little indecisive he stood and looked at the big house at No. 42. Most of all he just wanted to turn back, but what if someone had seen him already!
With pounding heart he went up to the door and rang the bell. At once he heard steps inside and straightened, it was most likely Heidi's father or mother, and then things wouldn't become embarrassing.
But it was Heidi who opened the door, instant smiling to him as she recognized him.
"Hello, Peter. Nice of you to bring me the package," as she received the parcel, Peter handed her. "I didn't know you had become a postman."
Peter blushed and started to explain that it was only a part time job. Heidi listened patiently and when he had finished, she smiled again and invited him in, while she found a pen to sign the receipt. While she searched for a pen (they had all mysteriously disappeared from the hall), she talked and talked, and Peter felt himself loosen up a bit, so he answered her questions with more than a mere "yes" or "no".
When she finally "found" the single pen she had left in a drawer, they talked like friends. Heidi signed the receipt, and as she handed it back she casually remarked that it would be nice, if he came to visit her later today.
She didn't know very many in the town yet, and wasn't very fond of the prospect of being home alone, while her parents went to see some business associates. So, please, wouldn't Peter come and keep her company? She looked at him with her brown doe eyes, that immediately melted his resistance and reluctantly he said yes to her invitation. Heidi was more than happy when he left, her plan had worked - and so was Peter, until he came to think about - Lisa!
The rest of the day he tried to conjure up some magical excuse he could use, but failed, those he could think of were simply too lame. Heidi had looked so happy so finally he accepted the inevitable. If he just kept his distance, everything would be all right.
At 7 pm that evening, he took his bike out to Heidi. She opened, again with a big smile, and invited him in. She was dressed in a not overly large shirt and fine canvas trousers and looked absolutely gorgeous. Peters heart skipped a couple of beats as he looked at the vision of beauty before him; suddenly he was glad he had accepted her invitation.
They got seated in the living room, and Peter said "yes, thank you" to the beer she suggested. While that and one more was consumed, they talked unconstrained about almost everything, and Peters feelings for Heidi grew. She was fun, easy to talk with, and had a quirky sense of humor that matched his own. That she looked stunning tonight just added to his mood.
Heidi was very happy, too, that Peter had come. He wasn't a monk or anything, he knew a lot about a lot of subjects and noticed things, no-one else did. Her feelings for him grew warmer with every passing minute, and she was glad that she had stuck to her plan however foolish she had felt at times, and even though the postage for a parcel on Saturday had been murderous.
Peter felt so secure in Heidi's company, that he didn't give much thought to her suggestion, that they should go to her room, so he could see it. Heidi went up the stairs first, so Peter could feast his eyes on her very presentable buttocks in the tight trousers, he even caught a glimpse of the outline of the panties, she wore underneath.
Heidi's room was cozy and nice. From one window there was a fine view to the lake, that had given the road its name, but now Peter hardly noticed. All the bad memories came flowing into his mind, and he chose a chair as far away from Heidi as possible, when they sat down.
Heidi realized that she had quite a task ahead of her, that was obvious from looking at Peter and how he was crouching in his chair. But she had to succeed, because Heidi was determined that Peter should be hers this very evening!
She sat in the sofa and tried to find the mood from earlier, and succeeded to some degree, Peter thawed a little and Heidi cheered silently, now the time had come for the final move.
She stood up and went to squat before Peter, rested her arms on his knees and looked him in the eye.
"I like you, Peter, I really do. Do you know that?" She saw the short glimpse of joy in his eyes before panic took over. He shook his head, his voice failed him, the heart pounded and he felt the cold sweat coming.
"But I can, and I think you like me, too, Peter," Heidi continued. She had to restrain herself from hugging the desperate k** before her, it was important that this was done the right way.
Slowly she leaned forward and placed a kiss on his lips, just a slight touch, but she could clearly feel him tremble. Poor boy, she thought to herself, it's just terrible how much harm that evil Lisa has done to you.
She kissed him again and this time she kept her lips against his. The tip of her tongue touched him and slowly she felt him respond and that his tongue came out to meet hers. Then all of a sudden Peter pushed her away.
"It won't work...", he studdered, "I can't..."
Heidi kept her crouched position as she looked him straight into the panicky eyes.
"I know about Lisa," she whispered, "and I couldn't care less! I am sure that you and I will work it out together."
The mentioning of Lisa's name was enough to get Peter half out of the chair, then he fell back.
"You know?" he whispered, the voice quivering with desperation.
Heidi nodded.
"I know. She is just a mean bitch, as I am concerned, and by the way - my name is Heidi NOT Lisa!"
Peter looked for escape, but Heidi effectively blocked his exit. He collapsed in the chair, chocked beyond words. Heidi sensed it and whispered in his ear:
"Let us sit in the sofa instead."
Stunned Peter let Heidi guide him to his seat, and Heidi placed herself behind him wrapping her arms around him. She cuddled him on the back of his neck and kissed his ears.
"Are you comfortable?" she asked. Peter nodded. The panic had subsided some, and he started to feel a little more comfortable, but he could and dared not touch her.
After a while Heidi slowly and carefully opened a single button in Peter's shirt - and then another. She could feel Peter stiffen, as she put her hand inside the shirt and touched his chest, but she could also feel his heart race at an alarming speed. He must be terrified at the prospect of a new disaster and the humiliation that would follow.
"But you won't get that with me, my pretty boy." Heidi thought. "Tonight you will be mine, even though you don't know it yet, and I won't let you go, before we have succeeded."
She let her hand stay on his chest, let it slide gently around and caressing him and slowly she could feel him relax.
She took her time before she began a slow advance with one button at a time and good time for Peter to adjust to her touch.
When she finally reached his trousers, she felt how his body stiffened again. She had to her delight noticed that another part of him had been stiff for some time and with a little smile thought that it was positive proof that this particular part of him worked as expected.
Without haste she unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them down a little. Peter was as rigid as a piece of wood and suddenly all stiffness left his crotch.
Heidi felt a lump in her throat. "What has she done to you, my dear?" she said in a voice hoarse with emotion.
Peter sobbed silently. He couldn't take it one more time - and certainly not with Heidi, whom he adored.
Suddenly his shoulder got wet, and when he looked back he saw large tears rolling down Heidi's cheeks. Peter misinterpreted and the years of disappointments and frustrations suddenly ran free.
"You just weep", he hissed and leaned forward so he broke Heidi's embrace. "It will help for sure. I can't and that's just it, so don't feel sorry for yourself, just because you feel cheated."
Heidi shook her head violently, and more tears came running, as she laid her hands on Peter's shoulders.
"I am not crying over you, I am crying FOR you - for us, Peter! It is just so damned evil, what they have done to you."
Peter felt dumb and embarrassed, and let Heidi drag him back into her embrace. Now his tears also ran free, but this time it was tears of gratitude and joy. Heidi understood him, she didn't look down on him, just because he couldn't function in a bed.
They sat and cuddled for a while until Heidi again let a hand approach Peter's crotch. Gently and calmly she caressed his penis and scrotum through the underpants for a while and then let her fingers slide under the elastic band. For the first time in more than 3 years Peter felt a hand on his cock, that was not his own, and when it was Heidi's it was impossible not to lean back and enjoy it. He put his head against her shoulder and relaxed.
Heidi felt it and triumphed. Now everything would be fine. She was patient, didn't expect an immediate result and was happy when Peters cock soon began to move and grow. She continued to stroke an caress it, until it had swollen to impressive dimensions, the biggest in length and girth that Heidi had encountered in her young life.
Slowly she intensified the caresses, let a couple of fingers run up and down the thick shaft and made a ring of two fingers, which she used to pull the foreskin up and down over the swollen head, where drops of oily liquid now appeared from the central slit. Peter was moving a little around now, strange but very welcome feelings spread out in his body, and clearly enjoying it so much that Heidi was sure, the nervousness wouldn't come back to ruin her efforts. It was time for the next act.
Heidi leaned back a little, took off Peter's shirt and unbuttoned her shirt. Then she leaned forward again, so her breasts and nipples pressed against Peter's naked back. Peter felt it like pieces of red-hot coal when Heidi's nipples touched him and then the whole breast. The thought that Heidi sat behind him half-naked aroused him, and without thinking he began to caress Heidi's thighs through her trousers.
Heidi was happy as never before. She was about to succeed, Peter had a massive erection, and he now answered the caresses by caressing her, although very carefully. Now it was about proving to him that he still "functioned". She took a firmer grip on the throbbing cock and let the hand slide up and down, masturbating him slowly at first but then a little faster - and faster...
Peter moaned and groaned loudly now, one hand tried frantically to find her breast, but when he couldn't get to them, he searched for Heidi's crotch instead. When he found it, he pressed the hand against the thin fabric and was rewarded with a gasp from Heidi.
The blessed sound of Heidi's little gasp inc combination with her handiwork was too much for Peter. With a stifled cry months and years of accumulated semen spurted out and splashed onto Peter's heaving chest. It was so violent that Heidi was a little frightened, but she kept her pace and shared Peter's joy, as he came and came in what seemed an endless climax, his first for a woman's hand.
Finally, though, he fell back into Heidi's arms. There was sperm everywhere on his upper body, crotch and on Heidi's hands, but they didn't care. The curse was broken, and while Peter sobbed in joy and relief, Heidi, her own cheeks wet with fresh tears, held him tight and whispered that she loved him.
So they sat for a long time until the sperm was cold and sticky and their positions became uncomfortable. They stood up, embraced each other and kissed deeply and with a lot of emotion.
Peter dropped the trousers and the sperm-soaked panties and helped Heidi out of her clothes with great zeal before they went to the bathroom for a shower. They couldn't get enough of each other, they had to constantly touch and kiss the other. They were happy.
Peter was very expectant at the same time, he was strongly committed to an idea he had got in the shower - that tonight he would give Heidi an orgasm, and with a little help from her, he was sure he would succeed.
Heidi on her side was totally happy with the result of the evening, and she was more than content, but when Peter insisted that he had to return her favor, she indulged in his wish, and she had to admit to herself that she was somewhat curious concerning Peters abilities as a lover and this could give her a good hint about what she had to teach him. Not that she was that experienced, but 3 boyfriends had taught her a thing or two.
Peter was not a total novice. Lisa and that other girl had taught him a little and serious study of an anatomical atlas, less serious studies of magazines, some internet sites and porn flicks had given some understanding, which he was clever enough to take with a large grain of salt. Basically it was all about listening to the girl and take your time - no rush! Anyway it was a new and somewhat scary thought, that he now had a task of satisfying a girl from scratch. That the girl was Heidi made it just so much more necessary not to blunder too much around .
A good deal of the insecurity was washed away in the bath, as they washed each other. Peter did especially much out of washing Heidi's wonderful, firm breasts and noted with pride and wonder how the nipples grew and went rigid under his touch. She also enjoyed his lathering of her belly, thighs and buttocks, but the best part was when he carefully washed between her legs. She couldn't help but moan a little, it felt so good and Peter understood the signal. He washed a little more and when he carefully probed with a couple of fingers he got the impression that not all the wet stuff was water. He dropped the sponge and probed a little more, his heart skipped a beat when he felt the silky softness of Heidi's gender. His hand shivered slightly as he searched and found the labia and then very carefully pushed then aside so he could enter Heidi's pussy. Heidi enjoyed the slightly clumsy caresses, because she knew that he, more than anyone, only wished her the very best. And then she gasped out loud, as he with stunning precision found her clitoris and gently caressed its surroundings.
Peter rejoiced when he felt Heidi's response to his efforts. He wanted it to be perfect for her, more than he had wanted anything in his entire life. He remembered glimpses from books and film, and kept from touching the clitoris directly, it was still too early for that. Instead he caressed the soft lips, marveling over their silky feel and how excellent a lubricant her juices were and listening intently to the sounds Heidi made.
When he revisited the clit, Heidi's legs began to shake and she had to lean against him for support. Peter was literally sweeping her off her feet, because he was way better to this than she had ever expected. When he even let one finger slide around the clit while two other fingers began to explore the narrow entrance to her vagina, she lost her footing and had to remove his hand.
"You are a little too god, my dear", she whispered lovingly. "My legs simply couldn't support me, so great a pleasure was it." She saw the pride and joy in Peter's eyes and smiled before she kissed him.
"Why don't we use my bed instead. It's a much better place for what you have on your mind." Peter agreed to her suggestion with a big smile.
They dried each other with large towels and Heidi was glad to find that there were signs of renewed life in Peter's crotch. She stroke it lightly, while Peter gave a low moan and did something equally pleasurable with Heidi's shapely breasts.
They couldn't wait any longer so they hurried back to Heidi's room and into her bed, where pillow and duvet immediately were pushed aside, there was only room for the two young lovers and the mutual exploration of each other's body.
Peter found that he had a lot to be grateful for and wanted to show it to Heidi, so he sat up in order to have both hands available. For a moment he let his eyes feast on Heidi's fit, perfect body - in his eyes the word "perfect" was inadequate to describe the wonder that lay before him: The smile on her face, her proud breasts with their swollen nipples, the flat stomach that ended in a triangle of dark curly hair and the long, slim thighs - all these impressions fused in his adoring mind to a vision of stunning beauty; he could hardly believe his luck - this wonderful girl had openly declared that she loved him. Heidi followed his eyes and was woman enough to be flattered over his apparent admiration, but she didn't say or do anything, tonight was Peter's night.
Almost shy he put his hands on her breasts and started to caress them very, very gently, almost as if he was afraid even the lightest touch might break them, but when Heidi without words showed him, that she wasn't made of glass and liked what he was doing, he grew bolder, his grip got a little firmer, just enough to give Heidi the optimal pleasure, and she began to purr like a cat with each new caress.
Still Peter kept his slow pace, he was sure that Heidi would like it that way, it gave her time to enjoy what he was doing and also built up the sexual tension, so it took some time before his curiosity over whelmed him and he left her breasts, slowly moving down to her belly, where he could feel her muscles under the warm, smooth skin contract and relax, when his fingers or palm touched them.
Heidi loved Peter's every gentle touch and stroke. Peter did exactly the right thing, she loved to be touched, caressed and massaged. One of her former boyfriends had called it "skin hunger" and found it somewhat weird; that relationship hadn't lasted long! She could also feel that he slowly but surely was turning her seriously on. His touch had an almost feel, and she could feel her crotch was more wet than it had been in a long time, perhaps augmented by the very deep feelings, she had for this young wonderful man - or rather hunk, 'cause his body was so fit and muscular.
She shivered lightly in anticipation of what was to come before this night had ended. Then she gave up thinking and surrendered herself to the magic, Peter did.
Peter now approached the center of his longings, Heidi's pussy. The softness of her pubic hair and the firm mons veneris on which they grew, filled him with joy and excitement, as did the smoothness of her inner thighs - but most of all he enjoyed how openly Heidi showed, that she really liked what he was doing. It filled him with a new confidence in his abilities as a lover and bolstered his resolve - nothing was too good for his beloved Heidi, so he had to do his very best!
Carefully he let two fingers slide down through the dark, soft curls, down to Heidi's pussy where he met the same warmth, silkiness and oily moisture as in the bath. Heidi's thighs parted a little more, so he had better access to her sacred altar of lust.
Discretely Peter bent his upper body a little for a better look, he wanted very badly to see Heidi's pussy, in fact it was his first time ever looking at a woman's most private parts. Heidi saw his not very successful attempt at being subtle, and let her thighs part some more. It was his night and she would not and could not deny him anything.
Peter understood why she did it and sent her a shy, glad smile before he turned his attention back to her pussy that lay still, eagerly waiting for him to discover its secrets. When he continued his exploration of this female wonder, exhilarating in the wet silky feel of the smaller, inner labia, she led him on the right path with encouraging words and cooing sounds. He was a fast learner and soon he could do it on his own, a good thing for Heidi, for she suddenly found it hard to breathe normally, so intense was the feelings he aroused in her. She hoped that he would continue on until she had an orgasm, she could feel the climax wasn't far away.
So Peter's next move came as a total surprise for her - he was suddenly up on his knees and before she could react, he had taken up position between her legs.
Peter had always had a dream about licking a girl, and now he wanted to try, encouraged by Heidi's loving guidance of his finger work. Besides it gave him the opportunity to study her pussy really up-close. His probing fingers played a little bit more with the pink, moist labia and then pushed them aside, so he could see the innermost parts of her. He saw the clitoris, peeking out from its protective skin fold and the narrow entrance to the vagina. He stretched an fingertip, oily with her juices, and very lightly touched the surroundings of the clitoris, a touch to which Heidi responded with a deep sigh and a shiver. He tried the same with the vaginal entrance, slowly and carefully inserting the first joint of his index finger, and again Heidi reacted most rewarding, this time by thrusting her hips against his fingers, so the second finger joint also went into her hot, wet and narrow cave. Thus encouraged Peter leaned forward and kissed her smack on the pussy lips.
Heidi started. She had certainly not expected him to launch himself into this. It was something in which she didn't have much experience. Only on two occasions had she tried it, and none had been very successful, and one of these could actually only be counted as a total failure. But all her misgivings were swept away by the feel of Peter's tongue just touching the sensitive right next to the clit a couple of times. Without further thought she openly started to guide him again, telling him where and how he could make her feel good, and it wasn't long before she had to moan of joy, as he began to actively use her directions and hints. He also used her sounds and small pleasurable movements as indicators to tell him, whether or not he was doing the right things.
Heidi shivered and gasped, as Peter's tongue provoked better and more intense feelings for every passing moment. He is a natural, she thought with bubbly joy, because it seemed as if he could predict, what she wanted and did it, almost before she knew it herself. Willingly, without reservations she surrendered to him.
Peter was in the seventh Heaven. It went a lot better than he had ever hoped, but of course Heidi was a good teacher and he was eager to learn, the best possible combination. He intently observed Heidi's reactions to what his tongue was doing and tried to find the best spots and the best technique. His rewards was Heidi's moans of pleasure and the shivers of her body, when he did something particularly well or touched an especially sensitive spot. Soon he had the basics in place and from there he started to improvise, a little at a time. He relished in Heidi's steadily increasing signs of sexual arousal, her hip movements, her sounds and words of encouragement and the increasing difficulties with breathing normally.
Heidi too was on the fast track to heaven. Peter and his apt tongue did wonders with her body, and it was difficult to lie still, when the tip of the tongue danced a quick rumba around the clit and other sensitive areas. She pulled her legs up and thrust her hips up towards him. She wanted more!
Peter let the tongue play around in Heidi's pussy, and it was obvious that her reactions to his efforts were positive, she couldn't lie still anymore and her sounds had become louder and more frequent. Suddenly it dawned on him, that he was getting close to his coveted goal - giving Heidi an orgasm. He increased the intensity and concentrated his lickings around her clit.
Heidi's moans and groans grew even louder and her movements more frantic. Peter's eager tongue on her clit sent constant shivers through her body, like delightful electric surges, and she recognized the signals for what they were - harbingers of a hastily approaching climax. She tried to tell Peter, but a sudden cramp turned it into a guttural sound. Her body started to contort and then her world seemed to explode, as a violent, almost agonizingly wonderful, orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. Her hoarse cries filled the room, while Peter had trouble hanging on to her slim body, so intense were her convulsions.
When the climax at last subsided, it left her exhausted and short of breath, but unspeakably happy, and on her lips was the most joyful little smile. In a weak voice she asked Peter to stop and come up to her.
Peter was happy to oblige and went into her arms in a loving embrace. She hugged him hard and whispered, that what he had just done and the orgasm, was the best she had ever known. It was like no other experience in her life. She saw Peter's widen and grow darker with an immense happiness, and she was certain it was on her behalf, not his own. The thought brought tears to her eyes and she hugged him even harder and told him again that she loved him. She could feel a light shudder go through his body and when she looked she saw that his eyes had grown moist, too. No words were necessary between them for the next minutes where they just hugged each other, content with being close to each other.
Then Heidi sat up and shook the upper body in order to get her hair in order. Her movements caused her breasts to bounce around, and Peter stared in awe on the two wonders. Heidi saw his glance and smiled a warm smile.
"You are welcome to touch, they are also yours now."
Without hesitation Peter stretched out a hand and let it follow the outline of the young breast. He was delighted to feel the soft, warm skin, and the firm breast; with a finger he tickled the nipple and looked on in amazement as it swelled and grew into a dark pink, hard top.
No woman resents being admired, and Heidi was no exception. She let him touch and look, and enjoyed his boyish curiosity. If this was homework it was her kind of homework and she was more than willing to help him with the studies. She sensed how the overly shy, girl-scared Peter was transforming into an inquisitive and caring Peter. With little more experience he would make the perfect partner - and she was just the girl to help him gain this experience. Heidi looked down on his muscular upper torso, the six-pack stomach and the dark curls in his crotch where a relaxed, yet pretty big penis, or cock as some called, was resting. She remembered how hard it had felt in her hand and felt a tingling of lust in her womb, more powerful than she had ever known.
Now Peter also sat up, so he could use both hands in his quest for knowledge about Heidi's lovely body. He laid a hand on each of her full breasts, they fitted perfectly, he could feel their warmth against his palm and admired how firm they were, as he softly massaged and caressed them and wondered again over the little miracle it was, when the nipples grew larger and hardened some. He ended up determining that the left breast was a bit larger than the right, but that they were equally firm, lovely, and very fun to play with.
When he was satisfied with the result of his examination, he let both hands slide slowly down over her stomach. It was also warm and smooth and sensitive. This he knew from earlier, but again he felt the muscles contract and relax under his touch. Something else was Heidi's reaction. She leaned over backwards, her eyes half-closed and a blissful little smile on her face. Happy that he was the source of her well-being he continued on, tickled her bellybutton until she giggled and accused him of teasing. Peter took no notice and tickled a bit more, before he continued his exploration.
Heidi loved the touch of his gentle, sensitive and yet strong hands, and small joyful contractions deep inside told her, that his caresses had an effect. She could also feel that her juices was beginning to flow again and semi-u*********sly she squeezed her thighs together. She didn't want to interrupt Peter in what he was doing, but untamable curiosity made her put a hand on his upper thigh, so two fingers could touch his scrotum.
There was no immediate reaction from Peter, he continued what he was doing, but soon she saw his cock beginning to swell and grow and it didn't take long before it towered in all its might. Heidi grew a little concerned as she eyed the size of the fully erect cock. It was larger than any she had previously encountered, and for a moment she wondered if she could take it, but then she felt a surge of lusty anticipation, surely it would be a fabulous sensation to have her pussy completely filled by this large love-tool. And she had total confidence in Peter, she knew he would be very careful and considerate.
Peter was enjoying Heidi's soft finger massage. Mostly he had started his journey across Heidi's lovely body out of mere curiosity, but soon he had felt an urge after much more than just touching her - and now a vision of Paradise on Earth hovered in the forefront of his mind. Perhaps - or maybe even probably - Heidi would let him make real love to her tonight. The mere thought gave him Goosebumps and contributed to the speed with which his dick took on its full size and girth; but was Heidi ready for that? His hand slid into her lap, past the soft triangle of hair and into the pussy, where he at once found the answer he was looking for, as he encountered her warm moisture pussy lips. A further reassurance he got in the form of Heidi's deep sigh when she felt his finger's touch and the hips involuntary thrust towards him. She was obviously just as hot and willing as he was, but he didn't really know how to proceed from here, so he kept on probing her wet pussy gently, in the hope that she would take the initiative.
Heidi had the feeling she was melting under his caresses. He was much more sure of himself now than just an hour ago and much more skilled in his touch. Then he had been a nervous first-timer, now he knew what he was doing and doing it very well. But in the midst of her pleasure she sensed his insecurity about what was to happen now. She remembered that he had never before made actual love to a girl, didn't know the feeling of having his cock inside a woman's vagina and probably would have difficulties finding the right point of entry. She straightened up, ran her fingers through his hair and whispered:
"Would you like us to make love? Would you?"
Heidi saw the expression in his face as if he hardly could believe his own ears but at the same time the intense joy in his eyes and her heart went out to this wonderful boy, whom she knew she loved like she had never loved before.
"Then lie down and let me make love to you."
Peter almost threw himself down on the bed, and he looked expectantly at Heidi, as she straddled him. He was nervous again but this it was mingled with a sense of wild expectation. He was just seconds away from making love with Heidi - with any girl for that matter - and he couldn't imagine anything more grand than this; now his life would become perfect.
The thoughts swirled around in his head, when he felt Heidi's hand on his cock and moments later the head of his cock touched something incredibly soft and warm. He held his breath as he felt he penetrated a narrow opening and the cock slowly slid into a warm cave that closed tightly around his cock. He moaned out loud, because the joy he felt was so immense, that it was almost unbearable. For the first time in his life his cock was inside a girl and it slipped in ever deeper as Heidi lowered herself - she too was moaning in delight, because never before had she had felt a large intruder inside her. It filled her completely, pressing the walls of her vagina aside as it made its way deep into her and still there was more coming.
When finally her pubic bone met Peter's she sat still for a short while, trying to get used to the feeling of the big cock and relishing in the knowledge that she now - for real! - was making love with dear Peter, who was no longer a virgin. She shivered in this flow of emotions that made her whimper in pure joy.
The same thought had filled Peter's mind. Now he was a man, no longer a virgin boy, he was having intercourse with a girl, but Heidi's whimper snapped him out of his line of thought.
"Does it hurt?" he asked with a voice filled with care and concern. He was immediately ready to stop in order not to hurt her, but Heidi shook her head.
"On the contrary, dear. It feels so good, but you are a bit large, so I have to get used to it. It's quite ok."
Peter lay still and enjoyed the feel of Heidi's pussy walls contracting around his cock, plus the fact that she has said, he was "a bit large" - always nice to be told. He looked her in the eyes and found confirmation that she was in fact enjoying these first moments of their lovemaking. They were a bit hazy, but the look she gave him was full of love and joy.
"I love you, Peter," she said in a voice that quivered with emotions, bent down and kissed and as their tongues met in play, she lifted her hips, so only the head of Peter's large cock was inside her. She heard and felt Peter gasp in her mouth, a gasp that was renewed and intensified, when she let her hips sink again, burying the cock to the root in one slow movement and forcing herself to join Peter in a deep gasp.
"Oh, my God!" Peter whispered. He had never felt anything remotely like this, his cock sliding into a hot, tight embrace of the purest, smoothest silk. It was more fantastic than he had ever imagined, not even his wildest dreams could match the reality, he now experienced. It was real-time heaven!
Heidi felt something quite similar. Her pussy was on fire, never before had she been filled like Peter's big cock did. Never before had her vaginal walls been so dilated, but it felt so damned good, and a thought struck her: Size DO matter! Then she almost screamed, as Peter made an upwards thrust, pushing the cock even deeper into her. Lightings of such intense pleasure shot from her crotch to her brain, that she for a moment found it almost unbearable, and she moaned so loud that she could feel Peter's slightly worried gaze.
She opened her eyes that swam with lust and joy and smiled to him.
"I can't believe how good this feels," she whispered. Peter smiled happily, his hands on her cheeks and he pulled her gently down for another kiss. Then Heidi straightened up and began a slow ride, up and down on the hard cock, while small slurpy sounds echoed, each time their underbellies met.
Peter could not believe how good it was. Heidi's tight pussy sent currents of lust and joy into his cock and out into every corner of his body and being, his vision blurred and he had to let the pleasure out in a series of moans and groans. Still, he was attentive enough to sense that Heidi very likely had it just like him. Her head was thrown back, her mouth half opened in a silent scream and the sounds she made, all this told him that her pleasure equaled his. It was encouraging, because he could also feel, that he quickly approached the point-of-no-return, this new and extreme sensation in his cock as it was constantly caressed by Heidi's wet pussy was something he could take for much longer. he started to meet her thrusts with counter thrusts in the combined hope of getting even more pleasure and pulling Heidi with him towards the climax.
Luckily for him, it was exactly the right thing to do. Heidi had also felt the irresistible demand from her body, that called out for a climactic end to this delightful torture, and Peter's slight change in position when he started the thrusts stimulated her clit in a new, more intense way and the deep penetrations of her vagina was the last straw.
With her last breath she moaned to Peter, that now - NOW! - she came, and then she threw herself down over his cock, hoarsely screaming as her body and soul surrendered to an orgasm unparalleled in intensity and beauty, while the spasms threw her around so Peter had to hold her in order to keep her from falling off him.
And just as the storm abated, she heard Peter give a stifled scream, felt how he thrust his hips up - and felt something hot spurt out deep inside her - Peter's cum! She thrust downwards to meet him, while she creamed in beautiful agony with him and her orgasm was renewed in this joint triumph. Jet after jet of Peter's hot semen was released in her quivering pussy, until he was completely and utterly emptied and fell back on the bed, sweating and panting - and crying with relief. Finally the last remnants of his inner ghosts had been chased away, he was set free - and a real man, who had joined with the woman he loved in orgasm.
Heidi understood why he was crying, and when he murmured:
"I love you so much, Heidi," she let her tears run free too.
It was only when Peter's cock, now somewhat shrunk in size, fell from Heidi's pussy onto his thigh that they broke the tight embrace. Heidi gave him a kiss and then stood to go to the bathroom to flush the sweat and other juices from her body. The sheet had a big wet spot, and when Peter saw it he went pale.
"Oh... but we...we didn't..." he stammered and looked at Heidi with a looked that came close to panic.
Heidi laughed and went to him.
"Take it easy, daddy. I'm on the pill, so nothing happens." She laughed even louder when the saw the relief on his face. He still had so much to learn, and she already looked forward to the next lesson.
She whistled all the way to the bathroom.

Unfortunately Peter had to ride home, even though the clock had passed 1 a.m., and Heidi also knew that her parents wouldn't like a, for them, unknown boy to sl**p over, but they arranged for Peter to come visit later the same day. Then Peter could meet her parents, something he looked forward to with some reserve.
But of course it went fine. Both her parents could see the deep feelings their daughter had for this charming and handsome young man, and her father afterwards said that he "seemed like a ok guy", the highest praise from him when it concerned his beloved daughter.
Also Peter's parents welcomed his choice and there was no end to all the good things they would do for her, finally their boy had found a girl and a very nice and good looking one at that.
Peter's father poked him in the side and asked, how the hell he had managed to score such a hottie, but Peter just smiled. He knew - and was eternally grateful for it - that it had been him, that had been scored.

The entire High School went into chock, when Heidi and Peter showed up Monday morning hand in hand, but even though they were close to bursting out in laughter, they pretended like nothing had happened.

The End.

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