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Walked in on us

I was sent to my wife’s hometown to check on the site operations for the company I was working for. This was the second time I’ve been sent home. The first time I had a rendezvous with my mother-in-law where we ended up fucking and anal fucking in my hotel room.

But that was not the reason I’m excited. If you remember, I also fucked my, then, barely legal s****r-in-law, Tina. I should say that she seduced me with the birthday gift I got her and we ended up fucking in my basement office. So on this trip my eyes were set on Tina and getting into the sack with her.

I arrived at their place (mother-in-law’s house) shortly after 9 PM. It was a long day at work but I had some stuff that my wife wanted to drop off. As I rang the doorbell Tina answered the door with a short low-cut tube top and a huge grin. She jumped onto me with a big hug and kissed me on the cheeks.

“We’ve got the house to ourselves for 30 minutes. Mom just called and has just left the office” she said.

I shut the door and she ran into her bedroom. When I got there she was already lying on the bed in her pink lace undies and VS incredible bra. A hand dipped down her vaginal area and was slightly caressing it. As I entered the doorway she tapped lightly on her pussy as if signalling me to join in the fun.

Who am I to disappoint?

Into her pussy I dove and I started drawing in her aroma. Mmmm...I kissed her pussy a bit. Sucked her clit through her panties and then hooked the crotch aside. There it greeted me. Her nicely shaved pussy. Pink and puffy. Wet and slimey. Ready to engage my tongue.

I lapped her for some time before I started wiggling off my pants.

“Hurry up, b*****r dear! Put that package of your inside me now.”

I flipped her over doggy style and mounted. Little resistance on the push through but slowly envelopped my cock with her velvetty and very tight pussy. I got into a good rhythm with Tina. Going slow and then fast. Deep thrusts. She was wild.

The position we were in was kind of compromising, I would say. The bedroom door opened facing the bed. Tina was on all fours facing the door. I was behind her grunting like hers was the first pussy I fucked. We were moaning in unison and I felt her start to orgasm.
To me cuming is all mental. When I knew she was releasing the sensations in my loins and in my head were just too overwhelming. I picked up my pace just so she can finish a tad earlier than I did and gave me time to savor her clenching contractions subsiding

But to our surprise we heard her mom, on her cellphone, hollering something loud, as she walked through the hallways. I heard it. Tina heard it. But I pushed through.

I saw the look on Tina’s face when she sharply turned her head and looked me in the eye with a piercing look of “Get the fuck off me NOW!”

That’s when I held harder on her waist and drew that pussy even deeper into my cock. I kept fucking her. I was ready to explode. Tina was grinder her teeth in anger that we’re about to get discovered. Her mom’s voice was heard through the walls.

“Frank? Tina? Where are you guys?” she asked.

Tina started pushing me off with one of her hands but with the strength of my thrusts it caught her off-balanced and she fall face onto the bed which shot her ass up in the air to meet my cock. Her ass cheeks opened up and her brownie hole winked at me.

That was it! I licked my index finger good. Yanked my cock for one final push and stuck my finger in her asshole and dragged her waist into me. The orgasm that I felt was amazing! Tina backed into me. Her pussy clenched as her sphincter tried to resist the invasion and all convulsions within her velvetty pussy massaged my cock into my largest cum in months.

I groaned. She moaned. The door swung open and as Angie turned into us she dropped the phone on the floor, her jaw dropped and was frozen in shock.

“Ahhhhh! Tina you fucking ROCK!!!!” was all I was able to shout out as I emptied my ball sacs inside her womb.

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