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Watched my Mother-in-Law

I’ve always had the hots for my mother-in-law. She’s into her 50s but does not look a day over 35. Folks often mistake her and my wife to be s****rs with her being the younger one. This is why ever since I started dating my wife I also started fantasizing how one day I would be able to fuck her raw.

We live in another state far from my wife’s hometown and bought a house with a MIL basement for all her needs. The beauty of having such a setup is that it allowed me to put an HD camera with remote trigger in her shower. Think HD Hero type. And so my story starts...

My MIL visits us one spring to take a break from it all back home. She settles in and I study her routine. When does she shower, brush her teeth, take a dump. Everything. And a few days into her stay I’ve got her marked to a T. After dinner shower and then dress up in her nightie and then off to bed.

The first video I pulled of her may have been the very best. Ten minutes in the bathroom with 6 minutes of shower myself footage. Heaven! There she was in all her glory. Rubbing and scrubbing herself clean. I love the Asian types who have a penchant of being impeccably clean. She spent an inordinate amount of time rinsing her neck and armpits with the recurring massaging of her still very firm breasts. I love it how she uses her index fingers to run them underneath the breasts to ensure no lint is left in there. I guess she enjoys that too much as it’s a recurring feature in my voyeuristic video.

Fast forward to 4:20 where her pussy takes some attention. She lathers up the soap and starts the typical washing of the vagina. Nothing sexy there apart from the vigor she puts into washing the outer parts of her nether region.

4:50 and though mesmerized I start to realize that she’s still paying attention to her cunt. Lather and rub. Lather and rub. WTF! She’s masturbating! Holy Cow!

My MIL has always been a prude. Catholic upbringing. Church daily. Everything. But underneath this all is a fucking horny bitch who took time off her husband to frig herself in the shower. This is becoming an awesome show.

5:45 and she anchors her right foot on the tub side and the pussy widens open. This time she licks two fingers and then off its heads into her. By this time my cock is out of my shorts and being furiously rubbed. She does the same amount of rubbing. First to the left side of the clit. Then to the right side. Then she squeezes her clit in between her two fingers and she looks directly at my overhead camera. In a daze, mouth gaped open, eyes rolling around and her hips thrusting into her hand.

That’s when I came. Hard!

Never saw my MIL in the same light after that video and I definitely wanted to get in the fun. So the next weekend when my wife had her girls night out and the MIL volunteering to take care of my k**s I felt I had my chance. The k**s were lights out around 8pm from a day of playing in the snow. This left me working on my Mac trying to finish up left over work from the week. It’s at that point I heard the bathroom door shut and the pipes go off signalling that she was in the shower.


Hurrying into the basement I took my clothes off and stood by the bathroom door listening to her motions. Shower curtain. Stream of water. Soap falling down in the tub.

This was my chance.

I sneaked into the mist-filled bathroom and slowly locked the door behind me. I stood there for a couple of minutes stroking my cock to full mast! Hey! If she’s going to get penetrated tonight with the risk of ending my marriage I might as well give her a sight to remember before her involuntary fucking begins.

When I was ready and hard and horny I swatted the shower curtain away and the look on her face was amazing. Her lusty eyes from the current frigging she’s into with the shock of another person in the bathroom with her.

Her left arm tried to cover her piercing nipples and supple tits while her right hand wedged itself between her legs to cover her pussy.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

I just kept stroking my cock.

“I’m your fucking mother. Get the fuck out!”

I just stepped closer to the shower.

“Get that thing away from me!”

It was at that time that I grabbed her right arm and wrestled it away from her crotch and unwillingly onto mine.

She fought. She resisted. At which point I took my other hand and slowly grabbed the top of her breasts and kneaded it.

She was squirming both in action and in sound. The shower stream muffled the sounds and the warm mist engulfed the bathroom more.

“You fucking prude! Prancing your perfect ass under those sundresses. Bouncing your bra-less tits around the house in your night-shirts. Teasing with those satin and lacie panties with your cum marks crusted on the crotch. You fucking had this coming!”

With that I stepped into the shower with her and shut the curtains.

She was in front and I had my right hand behind her neck. Water continued to trickle onto her tits and traced into her pussy folds. My left hand was savoring the sensations of her soft and supple skin. Giving her a massage it seems as it wondered to the front to caress her tits.

Her resisting slowly subsided but the resistance was still there as I positioned my cock along her ass and let it ride up and down. I pushed her head downwards which naturally made her crouch a bit widening her stance and giving me access to her lathered cunt.

I moved my left hand from her tit to now caress her pussy lips that are slick to my surprise. She is a fucking prude. She’s actually enjoying this despite her upfront resistance.

Shocked was I when her left hand found its way behind her and grabbed my cock. Tight!

“Fuck you! You shouldn’t be in here with me right now. I should not have even let you fondle my breasts and flick my pussy lips.”

I pushed my cock forward onto her ass, tilting it slightly so it had a chance to slip into her pussy lips and get slick.

“Shut up the fuck me, bitch! I know you’re fucking horny since the day you came over. Why waste your orgasms on a fucking finger when my cock is ready for the servicing?”

I replaced her hands off my cock with mine and pushed her forward into the jet stream. Both her hands fell onto the front of the shower wall making her assume the doggy style position. It took no effort at all to angle my cock head onto her cunt and push it all the way into her.


Thurst after thrust my cock went into her. All that came out of her were mufflings and eeeks but all the resistance was out by now except for that velvetty pussy squeezing my cock in perfect unison. I grabbed her close to my check positioning my right arm across her breasts while my left hand removed the hair from her neck and I started to suck her neck.

Her one hand made it behind my ass and kept my crotch pushed into her as much as possible while her other hand made it behind my neck keeping my lips onto her neck. I had wished my DSLR was standing there to take this gorgeous and sensual pose.

But all this sensation made it impossible for me to hold on any longer. Spread out ass. My cock in that forbidden pussy. My hands kneading those supple breasts and my mother-in-law latching onto me for more.

I kept thrusting. She kept pulling. Then I whispered into her ear that I was cumming.

“Fill me in! Fuck me harder. Make me cum too!”

Spurt after spurt I pushed my cock harder and deeper into her. I had anchored myself by putting both my hands on her neck, slightly choking her as I thrust more of my cum into her pussy. I ground my cock around her ensuring that I’ve drained myself clean of baby juice as I continued to feel her pussy clench around my cock.

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