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White couple loves black sperm

During my second year in college I was having trouble with my current roommate. The issues were beginning to affect my grades in certain courses. My professor Mr. Jones asked me what was causing the sudden drop in my grades. I told him that my roommate was a real racist jerk, and that I did not get that much sl**p because I felt something might happen at any given moment. Plus my job was asking me to work five days a week, my f****y couldn’t help me out that much so I had to take care of myself. Mr. Jones said that he might be able to help me with my issues, a few days later Mr. Jones asked me to come over to his place for dinner. I got to his house that night around 7 p.m. EST, I rang the door bell and this drop dead gorgeous female came to the door. It was Mrs. Jones, at 45 she had the body of a teenager, and her body was solid as a rock. She had on a loose fitting sweater, a pair of tight jeans and red heels. This white lady was sexy as hell. As I walked into the house, she gave me a hug and told me to make myself at home. Mr. Jones he sat down and we began to chat about the issues that I was having. He told me that I could stay in their spare bedroom, and I could work with his wife at her accounting office a few days a week. I said sure that would be great; as we ate dinner we went over the terms and conditions of me staying with them. The rent would be on $75 a month and I would have to be home by 11:30 at night on the weekdays. I had no problem with the terms and conditions of the lease and work agreement. I would be able to move in this weekend. My first month living with them my grades had picked back up, I was enjoying the way Mrs. Jones barley wore anything around the house after a hard day at work. She had a pair of shorts that barely covered her round plump bottom; she would sit and with TV with her legs wide open. Most of the time I would catch a glimpse of her pretty white pussy, I would jack my fat black thinking about her tight pussy. One day while cleaning the kitchen she had on a long tee shirt, when she went to bend over I saw her everything. Her ass was the perfect shape and damn that pussy looked so damn good. I had to go take a shower, while I was in the shower she walked in a caught me jacking off. Her eyes grew wide when she saw how huge my black dick was, she said that she was sorry and backed out. About 30 minutes later I could hear her and Mr. Jones having sex in their bedroom.
That Friday after everyone had taken a shower we gathered around the fireplace in our night gear. After a few shot straight shots Mrs. Jones undid her robe I was shocked when I saw that she did not have anything on up under it. Mr. Jones said now that is what I like to see, and he took off his shorts. As the both of the danced in front of the fireplace nude Mrs. Jones asked me to join them in my birthday suit. Mr. Jones told me that it was ok to undress, after I took off my boxers Mrs. Jones came over and began to slow dance with me. She told her hubby to look at the size of my black dick, while we rocked to the music she played with my fat black dick. Her husband walked up behind her and began to feel on one of her tits while I sucked on the other one. This married MILF was enjoying the attention that the both of us were giving her. She began walking towards the stairway, as she led the way she told the Mr. Jones and me that she wanted to be fucked in every hole until she couldn’t take anymore dick. When we made it to the master bedroom, she got on the bed I began to tongue fuck her pretty pussy while her hubby sucked on her tits. In less than two minutes Mrs. Jones came harder than an F5 hurricane, Mr. Jones told me to save him some of those sweet juices. So we changed places, as he ate her tasty pussy she sucked on my dick like a pro, this hot bitch was taking my entire 10 inch black dick in her mouth. Mr. Jones was now fucking his hot wife like a pure slut; he asked her if she liked having a white dick in her pussy and a black dick in her mouth. This made her have another huge orgasm, Mr. Jones shot off while she came on his tiny white dick. I couldn’t wait until I could fuck that married white pussy; as soon as he got off of her I stuck my dick inside of her cum dripping pussy. With each pump you could see her hubby cum drip out of her. I told Mr. Jones now watch this slut get fucked by a real dick. I put her in the doggy position and began to pound her pussy into submission; at least I thought I was. The harder I fucked her the harder she came. Mr. Jones was feeding his cock to her mouth at the same time. Damn this bitch could fuck like a porn star, when I came my load shot out twice. Mr. Jones began to clean her womb while Mrs. Jones and I enjoying deep French kiss. Mr. Jones said he has always enjoyed the taste of another man load inside of his wife’s pussy. For some odd reason this made my cock grow bigger than the first time. As Mrs. Jones rode my black dick cowgirl style Mr. Jones sucked on her clit. She was begging him to stop but this only made him suck harder, she came so hard that it felt as if she was pissing on my dick. I pulled back and my load shot straight into her hubby face. I don’t think that I have ever produced that much sperm at one time. Mrs. Jones French kissed her hubby with my load still on his face. She pushed him down on the bed and rode his tiny white dick. She was licking my sperm off of his face. These white freaks loved the taste of my black sperm. When I heard Mr. Jones grunt I pulled her off of his tiny white dick. I put Mrs. Jones legs on my shoulder and gave her every inch on my long black dick, Mrs. Jones was screaming like a banshee, I told Mr. Jones to shove his dick in her mouth to shut her up. This only made Mrs. Jones have another body shaking orgasm, the sight of her cum on my black dick made me feed her another huge load. Damn I couldn’t get enough of her tight pretty pussy, Mr. Jones wasted no time cleaning his wife’s womb and my black sperm. Around 1 a.m. Mr. Jones passed out so I took Mrs. Jones back to my room and our fuck session lasted until the sun came up. Next week we are having a camping trip I can wait to fuck my slut in the woods.

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