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Deflowered in Public by an old man

'Which one is your b*****r'? I looked to my right and saw the man asking, 'He is number 17', I answered excitedly, 'are you a scout'?

He looked at me and came closer, 'Yes I am, but you cannot say anything', and he winked to me, for emphasis.

I could hardly contain my excitement, my b*****r being scouted for his favourite sport, then the man put his arm on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him, 'It's cold, this will keep you warmer'.

He was an old man with a grandfatherly look about him, so I felt secure, and nestled closer, feeling the heat from him as he pulled me under his open coat, and closed it around me, shielding me from others eyes.

It was a short time later I realized he was starting to take advantages with me, as he started to rub my tummy, whilst whispering into my ear.
I was confused by his actions, but persevered because of his importance to my b*****rs future.
'Does this feel good', he whispered, he was slowly rubbing my tummy over my woolen jumper, even at this point the alarm bells never rang, and I looked up at him and smiled, 'It's OK', I foolishly told him, and a minute later he was touching my skin and pushing his hand down the waistband of my skirt.

It was happening so quickly I could not respond to reject, besides another and newer feeling was emerging, it excited me, it felt nice to be touched there, so I let him go deeper and penetrate more.

All the time he was fingering me I could feel him grow behind me, and his incessant pressing into me, made me self conscious that other could see us.

'If feels nice, you like it dont you'? He whispered into my ear as he got more and more excited, it was as if I had asked him to do it, he was convinced I was encouraging him, and that excited him, my lack of response and my acceptance of him only added more reasoning to him assaulting me.

Suddenly a sharp and painful spasm came from my crotch, and suddenly I felt wet, I suspected he had broken my hymen, and in a panic I wriggled free, self conscious we were not noticed.
I broke free and made my to the back of the ground, and thankfully no one was looking.

Then I got angry, more with myself for letting him get in, and as I looked around he had disappeared, his dirty work having been done, he was probably jacking off smelling his fingers and relishing the feel of a young girl and how easy it was to penetrate her.

My anger dissipated as the feeling remained, it was a warm feeling and strangely exciting, it felt as if something was missing, as if I wanted to feel something more down there, and I slipped my hand down my panties and touched myself.

I felt wet and open, and pulled my hand out and looked, thankful there was no bl**d, it felt wet and slippery, but even nicer when I touched it, so I continued to do it, focusing on a little hard bit at the top of my vagina, that really was explosive.

Then the whistle went, it was full time, so I got up and ran all the way to where the changing room was, and I could hear the commotion inside, as the boys stripped and showered, and the thought of that, made my feeling more intense, suddenly I wanted to see them.

I was five o'clock and dark, as I crept around the back of the changing room, and looked up at the small window, that locked into the shower room.

My heart thumped wildly as I thought about looking in at them, but it was high up, then I espied a 'Wheely garbage bin with wheels', so without further ado, I pushed it under the window and climbed atop of it, and let my eyes settle on the boys, as they did their ablutions, including my b*****r, whom I saw in a different light.

I felt secure in the isolation and the surrounding darkness, what I was doing was very wrong, but my body screamed for me to look and learn, and start touching myself, so I watched the boys shower and masturbated, holding my skirt high and fumbling between my legs, then the flash came.

It was like lightening, but it was a camera, and the same old man who had groped me earlier on, had followed me and watched me, now had evidence he caught me doing this.

I stumbled and fell from the bin, he was on me before I could regain my senses, and by then he was taking liberties, my general acceptance for being caught was to simply let him do his thing, this time his cock was inside me, and I experience penetrative sex, and strange to say, had the empty feeling answered for me as he humped me, I had an orgasm and actually finished up wanting it.

Of course he could not last the session, he came too quickly, which made me angry again, this time for all different reasons, I had turned into a little l****a and a vamp, making him cum and run away at the same time.

My b*****r and some of his friends came out of the changing room and I was there to meet them, I saw them through different eyes, and I think they sensed it, suddenly they seemed silly to me and I felt superior, but I had reserved my arm for my b*****r to take, he had the biggest cock and it pleased me, so I clung to him as we went home, after all we shared a bedroom, and I smiled as we walked off into the darkness, I guess he did not know what I had experienced as he played, but tonight, he might just.

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