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This Whore Doesn't Give a Fuck

I cruise around Detroit pretty regularly. Especially when I've had enough to drink to consider the risk of getting shot funny. This one SW, Melissa, is always around. With the bad lighting I often pick her up without realizing it's her. Oh, I remember you, I say. She says the same. She rarely talks unless I prompt her. The most lively I've seen her playing with my radio to find a country channel and bumming my cigarettes. I told her to stop doing that for a while, but I later decided to let her as she's pretty dull otherwise.

Melissa is unusually attractive for a SW. Maybe mid twenties, pretty face, dark hair and honey skin. Perhaps latin. A bit skinny for my tastes, but very hot by conventional standards. First time with her I was fairly loaded and asked her what her d**g of choice was. Heroin. That explains why she' s like a sloth. Also really ups the risk on BB. That's what got me excited and I thought about slipping it to her raw.

Once we got to my safe parking space, she started stripping off every stitch of clothing (and it was winter) and just waited for me to top her. Do you have a condom, she asks. Sure. I put on a condom and she led me in. Except the condom (somehow!) had a hole at the tip. And I stretched the condom down to the base of my dick after a few strokes. Presto! now I'm bare with a latex necklace. The bitch is amazingly wet, tight, and hot. I guess she was thinking about scoring more d**gs.

She's a pretty boring lay, but something about having my way with this totally nude young girl while the snow fell around my car got me going. Knowing that she's probably shared needles and completely given herself up to being a cum dumpster to scores of men made it very hot for me. What a good, filthy slut.

When I came hard inside her she didn't say a word. Didn't bat an eye. I know because I was watching her face closely. When I got off and sat back in the driver's, she just started the long process of putting all her layers of clothing back on. She must have felt that huge wad squeezing out of her, but she just didn't care.

I never look for Melissa on the stroll, but the few times she's gotten in my car since, I know I'll get a no fuss fucking experience. I don't even bother with the condom ruse anymore. She just doesn't give a fuck. She knows she only exists to take my hot cum like the whore she is.

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