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My First Tgirl Deepthroat.

Before I, start, I will tell something of myself.

My name is John, I am 48 Yrs old, I never thought I would attracted to Tgirls,

I am average built, 5ft 10in tall, 190 lbs, I am Hawaiian, Phillinino, Chinese

Well 2yrs ago I was cruising in town (Honolulu) and went to a bar to chill for awhile a had two beers just cruising, when this beautiful Asian girl sat down next to me, She was hot smoking hot, damn.

We started talked, simple confersation. I kept staring at her full lips and I was getting a hard on. I was hope she would not notice my fidgeting around on my chair.

Well pretty soon she got up to leave and I told her good night.

She looked at me and stop and asked me if I wanted to go back to her place for a night cap. I was shocked that she asked me. I usually go back home alone.

I thought about it for a minute and I said sure.

So we left and caught a Taxi Cab back to her place.

As we were in the back of the cab we started talking somemore, cracking a few jokes, laughing and enjoying ourselves. We got to her Condo I paid for the taxi
and we went to her Condo. The was nice well kept, She asked if I wanted a Beer I told her no thank you. I asked her if she had either a Coke or a Bottled Water. She made me a Glass of Coke.

Then she said she was going to into something more comfertable. I am said OK.
She to her room, Ask I was sitting in the lounge chair my imagination started to get away from me a I started fantasing about kissing her full breasts licking up and down that beautiful neck kissing those nice wet lips, and maybe perform Oral Sex on her, At this time I did not know that she was a Tgirl, and I was thinking that Iwould love to eat her pussy till she Squirted her cum juice all over my face. I forgot to mention that I love Oral Sex I love please other person as much as I love to gratified myself. Anyway by now my cock was rock hard and there is way I could hide it.

She came with a tant top and no bra on her nipples was poking through the material of the tant and she had on a pair of jeans shorts that did not leave anything to the imagination. If I wasn't horny inough before now it was like I was on fire. And my eyes darkned with desire.

She sat on the couch and looked at me she the say look in her eyes, I move over to sit next to her and start to rub her knee she looked at took a deep breath and then she a light kiss on my lips with that I went for it I lowered my lips to hers and start to kiss her then I ran my tounge against her her lips lightly
she opened her mouth and our tounges met and start deuling in our mouths, It was amazing, I grabbed her ass and squezzed it she started moaning, as our bodies started to rub against eachother she felt my hard on, She smirked and rubbed it.

Then she stop and had a funny look on her face. And she told me that we have to stop. I asked her why and she said that before we go any farther, that she happen tell me something, I said OK, and she said that she was a TS,

I was shocked at first, then I thought about it and relised that it did not matter, and that was the same person when I first met her. Then I told her just that.

She what i wanted to do and I told her that I was willing to do Oral Sex only, She said alright, Then I told if alright if we kissed somemore on the couch she said alright on one condition is that we take off our couths to get more comfortable with eachother I said sure, I took of my Shirt first while we were still kissing, She took off her tant and I couldn't wait I start licking and suck her tits running my tounge in a circular motion around one nipple then the other, then I look off my pants and my cock even more hard, I looked at her and told her that I have did with TS before and that the only experiance I have is with females and that I always love to eat pussy and ass. So she was going have guide me through this, She grabbed a pillow placed it on the floor in front of her then she giuded me to kneel in flront of her. She got some kind of oil she put some on my hand and told me to start stroking her cock which looked to be about 9 inches long so I start to her cock slowly, watching her reactions started to pick up speed as she was moaning closing her eyes, as I was doing this my mouth started to water and I just had to try it, so as my hand went to the base of her shaft I first licked the head of her harded dick It didn't taste to bad so I took my cock into my mouth and sucked the head move my head up and down and in a circular motion always sucking. She sat on the couch told to go slowly and let your mouth get used what you are taking in so I started take a little more with down stroke some I had 3/4 of her cock down my throat as I got comfortable I started to throat fuck myself on her dick I started to pick up the pace then I released her dick from my mouth with a wet pop. and started run my tounge up and down her shaft. I started licking her bell I even took them in my mouth and sucked on them. then I started eating out her ass I flicked my tounge over her hole and tounge fucked her ass. by now she was moaning and arching her back, she told me too lay down on the floor then she put some oil on her hands and started to stroke my cock slowly and started to rub my balls I started to squirm then took my cock in her mouth and started to give the bet blowjob I ever had, up and down her head bobbed then moved her body and soon we were in a 69 position, so I started to give her a blow job too. Soon I was taking more and more of her cock down my throat the first few times I gagged but then I started to relax my throat and open my mouth more. Soon I felt the head of her cock go past my tonsils and into my throat I started to salivate and started too move faster, At the same I was still feeling the best BJ ever she took the whole thing into her throat I am 8 inches and she was taking the whole thing, As I started to go faster so did she I started to do the same thing she was doing to my cock I was trying do for her. We started going faster and faster my hip started too buck my balls started to throb I felt like I was going to explode as I was deepthroating her I felt her start to get bigger she started sucking my cock harder I did the same for her. She started going faster still I felt like I was going to cum at any moment then she took her indext finger and shove in my ass and started finger fucking my ass, as she did that I took her whole shaft down my throat and started working my tounge around her shaft she started to do the same thing to me while fingering my ass so I stopped sucking cock long enough to lick and lube my finger with some of the fluids and started to play with her ass then I push my finger into her opening and started fingering her ass and deepthroating her again, Soon we were going to town at the pace we were going I started feel my balls start to twitch and before you know it I started to cum and to my shock she started to swallow my seed, then suddenly I felt her started to cum and I tryed to hold her in I started to swallow but the flow just kept coming, some started to drool down the side of my face and she kept cumming, finally she was finish and her cock started soften so I give it one last stroke and deepthroat
and then we were spent.

We there for 10 minutes and we got up, I asked if I can use her shower she said I took a shower, got my things told her thank you for an amazing time. She told me that this was a one time thing, I told no problem, She told me that I was a quick study because I learn to deepthroat real fast.

I said and then I told that I have be going and thanks, then came to me and gave one last kiss good night and be safe.

I never saw her again after that night. but I will always thank her for the good time we had.

Thats it folks pls comment this my first story poste.

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