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My new toy, day 2 part 2

Now my entire penis is locked in a plastic cock cage. I have no access to any part of my shaft from the tip to the base.

She explains, "when you are wearing your chastity device I am the boss. I am your key holder, but you may call me mistress. You will do what I want, when I want it. Most importantly, you will need to make me cum before I consider your release."

Her tone, her dominant posture. She has never acted like this before. It arouses me but my cage prevents me from becoming erect. I unbutton her shirt enough to expose her ample breasts. As soon as I fondle her nipples they become erect. I hope this is a sign she becoming aroused but I'm sure it is from my ice cold hands. I alternate licking each nipple as she closes her eyes and moans her approval.

She pushes my head farther down. I take the cue and slide her pants down just far enough to expose her well trimmed bush. My tongue dances around her clit. With each of her moans I become more and more aroused. My cock is straining in its cage, trying ever so hard to stand erect. Her intoxicatingly sweet aroma pushes me deeper in frustration as my tongue probes her hole. She rhythmically thrusts her hips in time with my tongue licking her lips. She interrupts, "you need to clean my ass too".

Without hesitation, I reposition myself between her legs and remove her pants. I hold her legs in the air while I lick her ass. "Inside too", she commands.

I pause for a moment to remember her orders: she is the boss, I must do what she wants, when she wants. I extend my tongue into her butt and lick until she is dripping with saliva. Pleased with my cleaning, she says, "that is good enough, now get my new toy."

Obediently, I grab her massager and attach the g-spot tool. I know she is quite wet from my licking her but I still apply generous amounts of lube to the shaft. I insert it, targeting her g-spot and turn on the massager to low. She gasps and then moans as she grabs my cage and fondles it. My member is so swollen that it is protruding from the vents on the sides and the slit on the tip. I continue to man the massager as she plays with my balls. I am oozing pre-cum as a thrust my hips forward and grunt. Just as my frustration level hits a peak, she moans, "I want to see how long it will take you to get out of your cage. How eager are you to finally cum", she hands me the key, "you can only use one hand."

Quickly, I removed the lock, the cage, and the ring. Instantly I had an erection. I mounted her with the finesse of a wild a****l. I soon exploded within her. She was right. This orgasm was mind-blowing.

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