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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 7

Steve unlocked me from the cage and handed me over to Master. I went to wipe Steve's cum from off my face but was told to leave it.
'So Sissy that's 3 serious demerits you've earned for that little escape attempt. I warned you not to mess with me but you just couldn't help yourself could you?
'No Master' I said sheepishly.
'Right well get yourself home and learn to follow orders' he said. 'I want you to have an early night and watch the videos I have given you on your ipad. And don't forget to take your pill first. Finally, Steve here has agreed to keep an eye on you at work and ensure you are following all of my orders. Obey him like you would me or there will be trouble'.
Oh great, now work was going to be as bad as weekends. My only escape was at home, and even then I had certain things that I had to maintain and other reminders of what I was going through.
They sent me out to my car half undressed and still covered in Steve's cum. I hoped that everyone had left the office as it was now getting late. I reached my car and drove home as fast as I could. Fortunately I had a coat in my car which half covered me for my dash back to the front door. I slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief. It felt so good to finally be on my own.
I headed for the shower and cleaned myself of the days grime which seemed to permeate my body. I was shamefully aware of my belly button piercing and my 'Sissy Slut' tattoo.
I made some tea and settled down in front of the television. A short time later there was a text. It was from Master John;
'Sissy. Take your first pill now and go straight to bed. Watch the videos that are on your ipad and then go straight to sl**p. Do this every night for the rest of the week and I will see you at my house at 10.00 sharp on Saturday morning where again you will beg me to continue your training. Master John.
I decided that I had better do as I was told. I had never before taken any kind of pill before that I did not know what it was and I worried what exactly I was taking. I figured whatever it was would soon wear off once I found a way out of this predicament. Little did I know, but the pill was a mix of a mildly hypnotic d**g and of the female hormone oestrogen. The hypnotic was to make my mind open to suggestion whilst the female hormone was for reasons that speak for themselves.
I took the pill and headed for my bedroom. I lay on the bed and started to feel relaxed. I open the ipad and sure enough there were some videos labelled for me. There were eight files and all I could see them labelled as were the numbers 1 to 8. Later I would learn that the files were as follows.
1 Submission
2 Conditioning
3 Yearning
4 Orientation
5 Feminisation
6 Fashion
7 Mannerisms
8 Behaviour
I decided I had better start with video number 1.
I put on the headphones that had been supplied with the ipad and pressed play. What followed was what looked to me like any everyday pop video with accompanying background track. I was relieved as I thought this was fairly tame opposed to what I was expecting. In my relaxed state, I didn’t notice the picture flickering or indeed a voice that accompanied the soundtrack. I was being subjected to a bombardment of my subconscious.
Hidden behind video 1 was a message about submission. In my d**g induce haze, I was open to the suggestions it made. I was subconsciously being told to obey my Master, to want to please him at every moment, to feel humiliation, but be overcome with arousal at the need to do as he pleased.
Hidden behind video 2 were messages made to condition me to want to be as Sissy. I reminded me of the position a sissy held in society, being neither male or female, the sissy was the lowest of the low and only good to serve real males primarily or real females secondary.
Video 3 went on to create a yearning for my Master and for all the things he could deliver for me. It made me yearn humiliation at the hands of my Master and it made me want him in a sexual way so that I would feel the need to pleasure him at all times. If I wasn't being humiliated, I would want his cock either in my mouth or in my ass pussy.
Video 4 dealt with orientation. I had always been strictly heterosexual, having only played online with men for a bit of fun. This video was to make me predominantly gay, having eyes for the male form and anatomy. Females would still be attractive to me as I would still be required to service females at times, however I would also look at females and want to be them more than be with them.
Video 5 was called feminisation. This would give me a strong desire to alter or change myself in any way possible to become as feminine as possible. The flashing images I was receiving were not just of normal everyday women, but of overtly feminine over the top females. The only thing it would allow me to keep was my 'Sissy Clitty' as my penis was now called, but this was to remind me of what I once was.
Video 6 dealt with fashion. Again it was not your everyday fashion, in fact some of the items were distinctly retro. I would always want to wear heels, wear stockings, vintage lingerie, always skirts and never trousers, my nails would be painted, make up as often and as thick as possible.
Video 7 dealt with mannerisms. This included walking with a feminine sway, how to sit, bend pick things up, cross ones legs etc It also made you walk with limp wrists.
Video 8 was all about behaviour. Although similar in some respects to many of the other videos, this was a summing up of the behaviour required to be displayed by a sissy.
I watched all of the videos which were set up to play in a loop one after the other. Sometime during the second loop I fell asl**p.
In the morning, I woke in a cold sweat and realised I had been having an erotic dream. I also realised I had cum despite having my cage on. I recalled the dream;
I was in some kind of hospital ward and I could see two rows of four beds down either side of the ward. It was a men’s ward and it reminded me of one of the old fashioned wards you see on an old carry on film. There were windows down both sides letting plenty of light in. The men all seemed to be dressed in those old fashioned stripy pyjamas. There were bowls of fruit on the bedside tables.

All of a sudden one man shouted 'Nurse'.
I turned to look behind me wondering where the nurse was, when at that point I looked down, and noticed a massive chest sticking out from me. I was the nurse!

But not just any old nurse. I was a nurse straight out of a porno video. On my feet were a pair of ridiculously high white stilettos. My shapely legs were clad in tan fully fashioned stockings and attached to a six string suspender belt. The dress would not be seen on any real ward. I was white PVC wit red piping and short enough to show my stocking tops. My chest was massive at least DD if not bigger. And on my head was a cute nurses hat. My face was heavily made up and I was wearing glasses.

'Nurse' that shout came again.

'Come and give me a bed bath' said the voice.

In my mind I didn't want to but somehow I felt compelled to obey. I walked over to where he was lying in his bed and I prepared a wash cloth. I started to wash him , his face his arms and his chest.

'I've something else down here sweetheart that wants washing' he said.

I desperately did not want to see what he had down there, but something within me was craving it. I tried to fight to ignore it but I just couldn't help myself. I pushed down his blanket and I could see his pyjama trousers with an unmistakable bulge in it.

I could literally feel my mouth watering as I looked at it. What was wrong with me, my body seemed to be taking over. I reached down and stroked his pyjamas where the bulge was before pulling aside his bottoms and exposing his very hard cock.

I took my wash cloth and started to wash it and it rose to meet my attention. Soon I dropped the wash cloth and just started stroking it with my hands. I don't know why but all I could think about was putting it in my mouth. I tried not to but I just couldn't help myself. I just bent down and put it straight in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was the best tasting lollipop in the world, I was delirious.

The man was obviously enjoying it and was starting to buck and moan. I knew he was going to cum and I knew I wanted it so badly. Somewhere inside me a little voice was telling me it was wrong, but I wasn't going to argue with reason. Before long he was cumming in my mouth and I greedily gobbled it all up.

But still I wasn't satisfied.

'Nurse, nurse' another man shouted, 'I want a bed bath like that'.

Soon I was over at another bed and the same process was repeated. Only this time, I was encouraged to get up on the bed. I still had a cock in my mouth but then I could feel someone pulling down my very skimpy panties. I felt something cold being rubbed on my hole and before long I felt a pressure there and before long, he entered me and I was being fucked from both ends.

I was insatiable, a slut like a dog on heat. In my peripheral vision I could see a man approach from either side and I reached out and started wanking one in each hand. Two more were wanking themselves and as the first two came, one in my mouth and one in my pussy, they were immediately replaced by two more.

We were all working up into a frenzy and I knew they were all going to cum shortly. All of a sudden I felt one go off in my hand and it seemed to trigger all the others to do the same. This literally tipped me over the top and I came very heavily myself in time with all the men around me.

I awoke in a sticky mess.

I tried to reason with what had happened in my dream but I decided it was due to all the trauma I had been through. I didn't really think anything fundamental had changed because of that dream.

I went through the same routine for the rest of the evenings that week and soon Saturday came around. I knew the routine that was expected and I shaved very carefully and prepared myself as I knew would be required.

I drove to Master John's house prepared for the worst. Parking my car and taking a glance around I stripped in the car and quickly approached the front door. I knocked.

'Please Master John, can this little sissy slut come into your lovely home to continue her training to be a sissy cock loving slut'

I hoped that would be enough and soon after the door opened and I gladly went inside away from prying eyes.

But as I looked up at Master, I knew something had changed.

Just like in the dream, I could not keep my eyes off Master's bulge in his trousers. Just like in the dream, my mouth started watering and just like in the dream I wanted nothing else but that cock quickly in my mouth. I tried to shake it out of my mind because somewhere reason was telling me this was all wrong, but no matter what, all I could do was to stare at that outline of his cock. I was squirming on the spot.

'Is something wrong Sissy?' he said.

'No Master' I lied.

He stood a purposefully rubbed his erection with the palm of his hand. I couldn't fail to notice it grow substantially.

'Tell me Sissy' he said 'do you want something?'

I couldn't believe this. Last week I had come here and been blackmailed into doing something I didn't want to do. This week, for some reason I felt like I wanted to beg to do exactly the same thing. My inner reasoning was telling me it was wrong and that I should just stop. But I couldn't. The conditioning I had received from the videos on the ipad had changed me. I didn't know that though and the humiliation of having to ask for it was killing me but also making my 'Sissy Clitty ' twitch violently in its cage.

'Please Sir' I said.

Then I dropped my head.

'What is it Sissy?'

I was torn, I wanted it so much but I didn't, but in that state of arousal there was only ever going to be one winner.

'Please Sir let me suck your cock'

There I had said it.

'Well I'm not sure Sissy' he said tormenting me, 'If I let you do that there has to be something in return'

'What is it?' I asked.

'If I let you suck my cock, you first have to beg me to let you have another tattoo'

Oh no, what could I do.

'Where and what do you want me to have?' I said.

'I want you to have 'Please fuck me' on your ass cheek' he said.

Oh my, I didn't want that but I was torn, I needed his cock so badly.

'Please Sir let me have a tattoo, and let me suck your cock' I said.

'Very well Sissy, if you insist' and he pulled down his trousers to reveal his erection.

I couldn't believe what I had agreed to, but at that moment I didn't care.

To be continued.

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