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Party at the Poker Game

This is a TRUE story. The names have been changed, but any of the participants will recognize the REAL names of those involved.

We were at my apartment in Government Quarters in Germany. They were temporary quarters, located in the attic of a f****y Housing complex. The quarters my wife and I had contained 16 bedrooms, and 4 full baths. The quarters were also completely furnished.

This was Friday night, and the usual weekend poker party was underway. There were two couples, plus eight men whose wives didn't accompany them, and one wife whose husband was not there. We had two tables going, while the extra people kibbitzed and watched TV.

I had been playing for about thiry minutes, and realized I hadn't seen my wife in about half of that time. I asked Jenny, the lady whose husband didn't come that night, if she had seen Kim, my wife. She told me that Kim had gone to the back rooms a little while ago. I asked Jennie if she was ready to sit in, yet, and she said "Yes." I got up and Jennie took my place. I went around to check if anybody needed drinks or snacks.

This taken care of, I decided to go to the bathroom. I started down the hallway to the far end bathroom, that Kim and I used. I opened a door that was about halfway down the hall and seperated the area that we used, from the front half of the quarters. Our bedroom was the first of eight in that area, with the bathroom next door.

I was taking care of business, when I noticed a faint whimpering sound coming from the bedroom next door. I decided to see what the sound was, finished up, and went to investigate.

The door was open just a tiny crack, so I peeked in to see what was happening. There, on the bed, was Kim. Naked, on her back, with Mike, her former boss, between her legs, humping the shit out of her. She had her legs as wide as she could manage, and her knees almost in her armpits. She had both hands on his buttocks, like she was trying to pull his whole body inside of her.

Mike was a medium sized black man, but with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. He had admitted to being 11 inches long, and 4 inches around. This was not the first time they had been together. Their first time had been about three months earlier. Mike had been Manager of the NCO Club, and had announced that two of the seven waitresses would have to be dismissed. We lived just upstairs from Mike and his f****y. His wife and daughters had gone back to the states because of a f****y emergency, and wouldn't be back until the end of the school year so his daughters wouldn't miss any school. His f****y had been gone for about three weeks, and Kim was worried that she would be one of the waitresses to lose her job. She had seen Mike in the stairwell, and had asked him to help her bring up some items from the basement. They got the stuff up-stairs,and Kim, being a good hostess had asked him if he wanted something to drink. He accepted her offer and had sat down on the sofa, with his back to the kitchen. Kim went in and got him a beer from the case, but decided to serve it to him in a different manner. She had taken off all her clothes to serve him in the nude. She handed him his beer over his shoulder from behind, and asked him if he would like something to "nibble" on. He saw me looking over his shoulder, and turned to see what I was looking at. The sight that greeted him was Kim, NAKED. He was thunderstruck. He had seen her in a bikini bathing suit once, and had teased her that she had on too may clothes, and that someday he would like to see her when she wasn't overdressed. That day was here. She didn't waste any time telling him how much she wanted to keep her job, and that she would do ANYTHING to keep it. She also told him that if she lost her job, he would have to go back to work in the brothel in Bad Vilbel. He looked at me to see what reaction I was having to the situation, and I told him that I had seen her with other men, before, and to go and have a good time. That after- noon they fucked for the first time. Two times, with her holding him in so he would cum inside her. He had started coming to visit two or three times a week after that first time.

I was looking in at them when Mike groaned, Kim whimpered, and they enjoyed a mutual orgasm. I handed them a wet towel, and left. Kim had whispered some-thing in Mike's ear, and we went out to rejoin the party.

We went into the dining room, and I checked everyone, again. Mike went over to one of the tables, and asked Bill, another friend, if he could sit in. Bill said yes and got up to go, when Mike whispered in his ear.

Bill had a slightly puzzled look on his face and looked at me. I knew what was being said, as Bill was the only one there that Kim had NOT fucked with. I smiled at Bill, and nodded assent to him. He smiled back at me, and, in passing, told him that I would be back, shortly, so I could watch the action.
This was a surprise to him, and he asked me about me watching a black man fuck his wife. I told him that I didn't care what color the guy was, as long as he didn't mistreat her, and did his best to show her a good time.

Bill started down the hall after I told him she would be in the bedroom just past the first bathroom.

Kim had gone and taken a shower, and douched, thoroughly, and had went into the bedroom wearing just a towel wrapped around her. She was drying off when the towel was pulled away, leaving her totally naked. She turned and saw Bill standing there admiring her face and body. She smiled at his very open admir-ation of what he was seeing, and, about to possess. She returned his smile, and told him, "Welcome to my world. Let's fuck." and started pulling his clothes off.

She undressed him with the deft touch of a former call girl, and prostitute, laying his clothes over a chair back, so they would stay neat.

I had arrived son enough that I had seen him take the towel from her, and had stepped back into the hallway, so as not to get in the way, but still able to see and hear everything.

Kim was fondling his cock and balls, telling him how nice and big it was. After a little of this, she went down on her knees, and began licking his cock, working her way down to his ball, which received the same loving attention. She did this for several minutes, and asked him if he was ready for some pussy. His answer was to help her up and guide her to the bed, where she laid down, leaving him plenty of room to position her to HIS pleasing.

He opened her legs wide, knelt down, and began to lick her pussy. He was very attentive to her small pussy-lips, and equally attentive to her little button of a clitoris, licking and sucking on both. He did this until she had her first of many orgasms.

When she had recovered from cumming, she asked (begged) him to please come give her his dick. He happily granted her wish, sliding a cock that would not be anything to be embarassed about (He later admitted he was 9 1/2 inches long and 3 inches around) into her sopping wet pussy. She was so excited that she had another orgasm as he was entering her. He didn't waste any time, and began to thrust in and out of her, sending her into a series of body-shaking orgasms, one after another.

He was on top of her, with her legs over his shoulders, pumping into her like he was trying to prime a water pump. She was meeting his every thrust with a thrust of her own, plus shaking her hips from side to side, and biting her lip to keep from scresming in pleasure. She finally gave up biting her lip, and pulled his face down, and started giving him the deepest kiss she could muster, screaming into his mouth. She regained control to where she was telling him what she wanted HIM to do. (VERBATUM) "FUCK ME HARDER. FUCK ME TILL I GO CRAZY. FUCK ME LIKE A CHEAP WHORE. SPLIT ME WIDE OPEN. SHOOT ME FULL OF YOUR CUM. GIVE ME YOUR BABY. MAKE ME PREGNANT. SHOOT ALL YOUR CUM INSIDE MY HOT PUSSY. OOOHHHH YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD. FUCK ME LONG TIME. YOU CAN FUCK ME ANY TIME. ALL YOU WANT. YOU WANT PUSSY, YOU COME SEE ME. I GIVE YOU GOOD FUCK. ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.

Finally, not being able to hold any longer, he let loose with a gushing stream of hot gooey cum, pushing as deep as he could manage inside her pussy, flooding her womb with his hot baby gravy. She didn't even try to control her scream, this time. It was muffled only by his kiss, with his tongue almost down her throat.

He lay there on top of her, unable to move for several minutes, still deep inside of her, both near paralyzed from their efforts.

I had fetched them a hot towel to clean up with, laid it within easy reach, and left, knowing that she had been laid by a CHAMP. She would remember this fuck for the rest of her life.

FOOTNOTE: Go to the movie "Small Asian girl and big black cock." The girl, except for length of he hair, my wife's hair was down to her waist) looks amazingly like my wife. Also, in the movie, the girl takes his cum in her mouth, my wife took it ALL inside her pussy.

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