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Thomas and Marissa: My first 3some

My friend Thomas called me and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said sure and he came over to get me. Went out went out into the car I noticed his girlfriend Marissa was in the passenger seat. She is beautiful with wavy black hair and perfect smile, small boobs a flat stomach but wide hips a huge ass and thick legs and she was pale which I love in a woman. When we got to his house he said his mom wasn't coming home today and that we could do whatever we wanted so we hung out and watched movies and played video games. I told him I was going to shower and he said okay. So I stripped down and got into the shower while I was in there I heard some thumping but I didn't think anything of it. When I got out I dried off and noticed my clothes were gone so I figured it was a joke. So I wrapped my towel around me and opened the door. When I did I saw Marissa's face moaning in pleasure and I saw the back of Thomas's head they were both fucking in a kitchen chair right in front of the bathroom door I thought was a joke.
But then Marissa got up off of Thomas and slid his cock out of her soaking wet pussy. She walked over to me with pale nipples that were puffy and poking out and a sexy walk.When she got over to me she got down on her knees and pulled my towel off me and started to suck my cock. She was amazing at it. I looked up and I saw Thomas jerking his thick cock to me getting sucked by his girlfriend. After a few minutes she got up grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the living room and pushed me on the couch she straddled my lap and slid my long thin cock into her pussy. She bounced up and down on it moaning and kissing me and rubbing her clit. Thomas then came over got behind her spread her big ass and stuck his cock into her she moaned as she was getting pummeled by 2m cocks at once. All of a sudden she stopped us. She got up and went to her purse and pulled out a dildo. she walked over and had Thomas take mt place. She got on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy. She then turned to me and grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her and she stuffed it in her pussy as well. She then started fucking us both while we were in the same hole. Then she handed me the dildo and told me to stick it into her ass. I did and she screamed. She was so wet that her pussy was dripping all over. It was the best site I had ever seen. Thomas said he was gonna cum and we both pulled out she made a cute little moan. and then she dropped out to her knees and jerked his cock she told me to keep fucking her so I did and she jerked him so hard and fast it seemed like she was angry. When his cock started to get dry she would spit on it and kept going. When he was just about to cum she opened her mouth and made a bulls eye and Thomas came right into her mouth and she swallowed it.

I was still fucking her while this was going on and now that Thomas was done she said to keep going so I did. At a point I even was going back and forth from pussy to ass. We fucked for another good 30 minutes while Thomas watched and Marissa talked dirty to him telling him that my cock was so much better and that I was making her moan like he could never do. Then I was gonna cum so I pulled out and she started sucking on my cock deep throating it. I said here it comes. She pulled my cock out of her throat and made me blow all over her face it was on her mouth, eyes, hair. She told me good job and smiled. She then walked over to Thomas still cum covered and kissed him. Covering his mouth with my cum. We all got dressed and they brought me home. But this was not the end of my 3some's with Thomas and his girl's or Thomas and my girl's.

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