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Late night

So here you are late at night, d***k and staggering home. You take a short cut and stumble trough some deserted streets, i see you walking my way and stop wanking for a moment.
I had a great night with some hot chick in the pub and needed to relief myself.
It is a bit dark i the street and i see you walk by, d***k as you are you don't see me. Why wank as there is such a hot d***k girl there, she can get my cumm!
I come up from behind you and i scare you, you fall on the ground and look up at me. I look down and see only your short skirt sliding up and i directly look at your cunt!
My dick says "PUSSY" and starts to grow, i bend over to keep you from crawling away.
Your skirt is now so high up that i can see your full butt and in between your fine pussy.
I grab your arm and twist it on your back, my other hand is getting my trousers and undies down. You struggle and my hard dick is going in you as a warm knife trough butter, DAMN what are you tight.
I now have 1 hand extra free and i grab your hair, you're on your knees with my dick in you one hand behind your back and one to prevent your face to get on the floor.
My dick is so damn hard fucking you that i look down, i'm fucking your ass girl! tight and me so hot.... i never heared you scream whan i got in there?
My dick now needs to shoot and i pull back, turn you round and kneel next to your head.
Still having your arm twisted on your back i have one hand to wank me off.
Your head is dirty from the dirt on the ground and i see two beautyfull eyes, i cumm over your face and divide the rest over your eyes.
I let go of your arm and let you run off, you stumble and pullyour skirt down.
As you walk away i see what you're wearing,
DAMN your the hot chick i met in the pub that got me this horny....

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