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Sex confessions

*When I was very little I discovered that pressing my cock against my thigh felt good and would do it, apparently while others were there. I was rebuffed for that so did it in private, but Mom could hear from the other room. She would yell out, "Peter! Stop grunting!"

*When I was much older, but had not yet discovered masturbation, I was home sick for about a week. I was all alone. My cock would get hard and I had always been intrigued by that. During this alone time I tied string around it, wrapping it tightly from base to head.

* I was told by another boy in my neighborhood that during sex a guy peed inside of a girl for some reason. It wasn't until my Cousin "Tom" came to visit that I even knew about ejaculation. This was in the bedroom I describe in the next section. He asked if I knew how to jack off and I was totally clueless. He proceeded to show me how to do it. He told me what he thought about while he was jacking off and while he jacked off for my education he told me he had fucked a girl in his neighborhood. I asked if she was pretty and he told me you don't fuck a face. I asked him what it felt like. He told me about her pussy being slippery. That was a revelation.
When it was my turn to jack off I was dubious if I would have all that white stuff blast out of my cock. "Tom" asked who I was thinking about and I told him about a girl in the neighborhood I had seen naked once. I said I was thinking about her slit. When it blasted from my cock I was very surprised and suddenly had a brand new hobby.

*My b*****r and I had a bedroom separated from the house. It was built out in the patio. We had our own bathroom and were supposed to have a shower there too but Dad never got that together. After discovering jacking off (My b*****r did it that night with Ron too) we jacked off onto the wall of the bathroom where the shower was supposed to be. We never actually never looked at the wall where we had cum, but must have dropped well over two hundred loads there. Years later my parents sold the house to friends (they had a daughter my Mom had tried to set me up with but I declined). They called my parents to come back to the house to see what their filthy nasty boys had done to the wall. My mother was embarrassed and said, "You boys are filthy." By then I was grown up and kind of just laughed it off by saying..."you raised two boys."

*I drove around Tucson several times with my shorts and underwear around my thighs jacking off as I drove around. I kept kleenex on the seat to wipe the cum off of my belly, chest and sometimes my neck.

*I had the upper bunk in our bedroom. The first time I jacked off there my semen hit the ceiling. From then on I used a sock.

*I showed my neighbor Mark how to jack off. We wound up building a clubhouse in his back yard so we could practice our hobby. We would sometimes jack each other off because we could close our eyes and imagine a girl doing it.

*In that clubhouse I wrote my first porn on some typing paper folded over and stapled along the fold. I think I called it "Fucking My Cousins". I wrote my name as Pete The Fucker. Sometime later the book was taken from the clubhouse and I never found out who took it. I wrote that fucking a girl felt like pushing your cock into a warm and juicy pipe made of meat. I suspect that Mark's s****r or mother found the book. I later wrote a story about that clubhouse and included Mark's mother in the story.

*I didn't fuck a woman until I was 25. I had an apartment with a buddy. We were having a party and the bathroom was next to the bedroom. Everyone at the party knew we were fucking and some knew it was my first time. No one had to go to the bathroom. She asked if she could suck me and I said sure. I asked if I could eat her pussy and she said sure too. I knew there would be a scent there that some guys didn't like. I, on the other hand, loved the smell the taste and feel of it. I loved having her juices all over my face. I didn't wash my face when we were done and went back into the party because I didn't realize that it was something that people would notice. I had cuntface and my buddy said, "Hey, you might want to wash her off of your face too."

*Later that night when she found out it was my first time she got pissed off. She was a frequent flyer, so to speak, before she met me.

*I once went to an adult theater wearing a raincoat because it was such a cliche.

* Years later I was a teacher and had a day by myself in Tucson so went to an adult theater that had peep shows. This place had a central room where the woman would go and then you go into one of about twenty doors to see the show inside. The stage was rotating. On her hands and knees on that stage was a woman I had had a parent teacher conference with just a few weeks before. Her cunt was shaved smooth and she was flexing her cunt muscles to make make it move for the customers. When she saw my face hers went bright red. The next time the rotation brought her face back to me she smiled and licked her lips and then kissed the air toward me. There never again was a parent-teacher conference where she came in.

*My wife's best friend has hit on me, but I have done nothing with her. I have imagined fucking her many times. We once were at her house in New Mexico. Her husband was asl**p in their bedroom and my wife asl**p in ours. I was in my pajamas and walked over to where she was on the computer playing solitaire. She casually reached over and squeezed my ass cheek. If I had put my hand on her breast this part of the story would certainly be different.

"My wife and I live out in the country. We have neighbors who we share doing chores with when someone is gone on vacation. The first thing I do when we go there is look in her dirty clothes for her panties. I take several of the pairs that have the most scent in them and keep them under my pillow at home. When I fucked my wife at night I would enter her from behind while lying on our sides so I could sniff Annie's panties and imagine it was her cunt.

*We had an old trailer that we kept hay in out of the weather. It was away from the house some two acres away. I also kept my porn in there (before computers) I could jack off there. One bright day I was in there jacking off when the neighbor who had sweetened those panties came walking over. I think she saw me in there because she called out my name. I was in a dilemma because she had always been kind of sexual in her talk with me. If I had answered I know we would have fucked on those bales of hay.

*My mother, some time after my father died, told me she was horny. She asked me if I had ever thought about her (I think she was remembering the cum plastered on the bathroom wall when I was much younger). I didn't say anything though I had indeed thought of her.

*While I was a teacher I had a teacher's aide say to me, in front of the school secretary, "Peter I am so fucking horny." I gave her a look. She said, "Why don't we go into your classroom and fuck." There was only twenty minutes until class started again and I said, "I can't do that." I see her from time to time now at the store where she works now. She and I flirt, but nothing will come of it.

*I was in the teacher's lounge. When the people there were mostly gone there was just the school secretary and me in the room. She was seated right next to me. She turned sideways in her chair, pulled up her skirt, spread her legs. Her black panties were all that kept me from fucking someone I had always fantasized about. Again there was only twenty minutes until the students were back and the idea of have cunt scent on my cock around eighth graders wasn't something I wanted to do.

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