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The tube

I barely made it onto the train but managed to squeeze myself in to the inches of space as the doors closed.

I tried not to look around (as you do in London – don’t make eye contact) but couldn’t help noticing the younger man standing next to me and smiling. He was dark haired, dark eyed and wore glasses; I have always had a thing for men in specs!

We went through station after station, moving to let people in and out until we were pressed against each other. I wasn’t complaining, I hadn’t had a cock for a few days and was hornier than ever so the feeling of a nice tight bod against me was nothing to moan about. The train lurched to a halt in a tunnel and my ‘travelling companion’ staggered and grabbed my tits to steady himself.

‘Oh god. I’m sorry’ he said rather red faced but I smiled, leant in to his ear and whispered ‘ don’t apologise, I liked it!’

He grinned and whispered to me, shall I do it again? I nodded, almost imperceptibly and felt him rubbing my tits with one of his hands, whilst looking around as if nothing was happening.

I have to stifle a little mew as he slid his hand under my top and grabbed my nipple, rolling it between his fingers. I have very sensitive nipples and have been bought to the edge of orgasm when they are played with.

He continued to grab my tits, flicking my now stiff nipples and I could feel the wetness moistening my pussy. It was a hot day but my body felt on fire from this assault by this stranger, I wanted to rub my clit – now!

Almost as if he read my thoughts he slid his hand from under my top and lifted my skirt, rubbing my thighs as he did. I felt me knees buckle a little as he parted my legs (as best he could in the confined space) be slid his hand over my mound.

I gasped but made it sound like a cough, no one seemed to notice but he smiled and whispered ‘do you like that?’ I nodded and felt him slide my damp knickers to one side.

He teased me for a few seconds by rubbing a finger along the top of my slit and then without warning slides his finger between my lips and began rubbing my clit.

He rubbed gently at first, barely touching it and then made the contact firmer until he was frigging me hard and fast. I fought to keep from gasping and wanting to scream ‘oh yeah, harder’ wondering how much of this I could take before I had to gasp and push back onto his magical fingers.

The buzz of my cum began to travel from my clit all over my now wet gash and I gently rode his slippery fingers until I silently orgasmed, looking right into his eyes and feeling his rock hard cock poking my thigh.
He deftly rearranged me and I mouthed ‘thank you’ to him as he smiled.

He gave me a card with his number on and just said ‘you owe me one’ and I smiled as the train lurched back into motion.

He got off at the next station, patting my ass as he got off.

Hmmm Should I text him?

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