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Experimenting with dad and friend..Part 2

It has been a couple months since I had my first experience of gay sex with my dad and his friend Jim. I wasn't sure what we were doing was right or not but I loved it and apparently my dad does too. I had still given him blowjobs when he wanted them but that day with Jim and my dad was the only time he had fucked me. One day I got home from school and my dad told me that he was having a party tonight and that some friends of his were coming over. He pulled his cock out of his pants which was already hard and started stroking it. I walked over to the couch and got on my knees and began sucking on his cock. He moaned and moaned as I guess I had gotten better at giving blowjobs. I was stroking him and licking his balls when there was a knock at the door. "Come in" my dad said, I turned and saw a tall younger guy standing there with another guy. My dad told me that they were guys he knew from work. The two guys sat down next to each other and began unfastening there pants and they pulled there cocks out.

I kept sucking my dad until he told me to go suck them for awhile. I smiled and scooter over on the floor and began sucking one of the guys as I reached over and began stroking the other one. The guy moaned as I took his cock in my mouth. After awhile I switched to the other guy and began sucking him. I went between my dad and the two other guys sucking them as talked about different stuff. Another knock at the door came and again my dad said "Come In". The door opened and there was an older guy with greyish hair and a tall thin black man. They both walked in as the two guys that showed up before got up and said why don't you two sit down and get comfortable. The older man and the black guy sat down and pulled there cocks out just like the other guys. The older man's cock wasn't very big but I sucked him as he moaned louder than the other guys had. The black man pulled his cock out and it was long and very thick. I sucked the black guy but couldn't do very much without gagging.

After awhile of taking turns sucking everyone's cock my dad got up and asked me to come with him. We walked into his bedroom and he told me to lay on the bed on my stomach. I did so as he tied my arms and legs to all four bed posts. He climbed on top of my back and slid his cock in my ass. I let out a loud moan as he started slamming his whole body on top of mine as hard as he could. I couldn't move my arms or legs, all I could do was moan and take it. He fucked me harder and harder until I heard him let out a thunderous groan and I could feel the inside of my ass get hot as he shot his cum into me. He got up as he panted and walked back out into the living room. The older guy walked in and climbed on me and slid his cock in my ass. I could feel his cock and my dads cum as he fucked me slowly and than sped up. He didn't go very long when he let out a whimper and I again could feel cum being shot into my ass.

I laid there panting and moaning as he left the room and the black guy walked in. My dad and the older guys cock went in easy but he climbed on me and had to f***e it into my ass. He pushed hard until I felt his huge cock burst into my ass. I buried my face in the bed and screamed and screamed. He took long hard thrusts as I could almost feel his cock in my stomach. He fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed to slow down but every time I did he went harder and faster. I felt my eyes tearing up as his large cock pounded my little ass. I screamed so loud I heard one of the guys in the living room yell out "Damm man, tear his ass up". The guy laughed and kept pounding me until he started to moan. He got off of me and walked to the side of the bed. I turned my head and just as I did he shot a ton of cum onto my face. She stroked his cock and grunted as he came and came. He walked out of the room and another guy filed in and began fucking me. I could barley feel his cock because I was sure the last guy stretched my ass out wide.

As the last guy was fucking my almost u*********s body I heard the door open and close again. And I heard a woman's laugh. She walked into the room where I was as I was still getting pounded. She laughed as she said something to my dad. The guy came and got off of me as I could feel all of the loads of cum start to leak out of my body. It was about five minutes when this woman walked into the room naked and she had on a massive strap on. It was larger than the black guys dick by a lot. She was young and pretty but she climbed on me and said "Do you want me to fuck you too?" Yes I said as she lubed up the massive dildo she had on and tried to slide it in my ass. She had her body weight against it until I felt slam into me. I screamed "Oh god!!" as she laughed and said "I know you like that". She fucked me so hard I was almost in a trance. I just laid there screaming. I could feel this massive strap on tearing my ass up. She rested her tits against my back as she thrusted her hips into me. After awhile she pulled out as my dad and the black guy walked in.

My dad said the other guys had left. They were laughing and saying that my ass was destroyed. I laid there until I saw the woman put some lube on her fingers and get behind me. She shoved her fist into my ass as I let out a scream. She giggled as I could feel her hand and fingers moving around in my ass. My dad untied me as the woman asked me to lay on the bed. I laid down and she began sucking my cock as she was fisting my ass. My cock got hard and I moaned and moaned as she was fisting me. She flipped me back over onto my stomach and slid the strap on back into my ass. She laid on top of my back with the dildo in me when I saw my dad get behind her and slide his cock into her pussy. She kept fucking my ass as my dad fucked her. She moaned and yelled into my ear as she laid on my back. My dad fucked her until he was about to cum and he pulled out of her and walked to me and shot his cum on my face. He left again when the black guy got behind her and slid his cock into her. She let out a loud scream as he began pounding her. Every time he thrusted her, her body pushed the dildo deeper into my ass. She screamed and screamed until again he got off of her and shot his load in my face.

The girl got up and everyone left as I got into the shower. I reached down and could feel my ass. I could get my hand into it. As I stood in the shower I could see all the cum coming out of my ass. When I got out I went into the living room where my dad was sitting he looked at me and said "That was fun did you like it?" Yes I told him but that my ass was hurting a lot. He smiled and said "You did good"

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