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A Deep Prostate Massage

For several years, I have been visiting a masseur in Los Angeles. He is a mixed Southeast Asian and European beauty. His mother is Indian and his father is Italian. The mother gave him his long, lean, dark skinned beauty and his father gave him 9 real inches between his legs. Long, fat, uncut and what we all dream about.

Since we know each other well, the sessions start with hugs, kisses and caresses. I begin face down on the massage table, while he lovingly caresses my shoulders, moving around the table to my arms, legs, feet and hips. His fat, floppy cock often brushes against me as a tease. He then climbs onto the table, his knees spreading my legs where he can "relax" me in my most vulnerable area. He moves one leg high and to the side so that my asshole is exposed...and just waiting for an invasion. I can feel the oil dribbled onto my back and running down between my legs which is followed by two hands working the area. Teasing, inserting, slipping between my legs and grabbing my now-hard cock.

Not being able to lay still, at this point I usually turn onto my side and he lays down against me. His now-hard and bloated nine inches pressing against my hard cock. We rub, we frot, I slip his huge dick between my legs and he slides it in and out in a sensual oil fuck.

He then lays me flat on my back and moves his body up so that his cock is at the entrance of my mouth. I pull back the foreskin and taste the pre-cum there and he slowly slides in into my mouth and down into my throat. Oh fuck, I love that cock! It is usually slow and loving, no piston face fuck. As I swallow him to his tight ball sac, he slowly slides it out and moves to kiss me, his full lips rubbing mine, as we swap tongues and moan. He gets off the table, reverses his position and climbs onto me with his cock on my face and his face on my cock. We both swallow each other and the slow and throat-filled journey to orgasm begins.

This is the "usual" procedure, which is always relaxing and sexually fullfilling - but on my visit last week, our relationship changed to one of the hottest sexual scenes I have ever had!

At the point where I am usually lying face down and he lifts one leg to expose my man hole, he suddenly spread both legs to hang over the table. He then f***efully pulled my entire body downwards, spreading my legs even further and placing a pillow under my hips. I could feel his weight as he laid on top of me, the tip of his stiff monster cock sliding back and forth between my ass cheeks. I'll admit, I moaned. Especially when the head of that cock slipped over my hole. During one of his strokes, I clasped his cock with my ass cheeks and lifted my hips to try and "capture" that trophy cock in my ass. And eventually into my innards.

"Do you want this?" I heard him whisper, his mouth on my ear, the tongue slipping in and hot breath on my neck. I lifted my ass and said: "Yes." He had never tried penetration before so I was totally surprised - and hot as a bitch in-heat on her wedding night.

As so, the fuck began. He took his time slowly pushing that cock into me. We had to stop a couple of times as I adjusted the inner muscles to accomodate the width and the length. It had been many years since I had been penetrated. But fuck, it felt good - the slight pain and "filled" feeling. He showered kisses on my neck as he pushed further.

When I got to my comfort level and he got balls deep, he began slowly plunging in and out. I felt so fucking good. I surprised myself by spreading my legs and raising my ass as high as I could. I simply ordered him to "Now fuck me! Own me! Make me your bitch!!"

And then the real prostate massage began.

He lifted my hips with both hands and plowed it until I felt like rag doll impaled on a baseball bat. He lifted one leg and side-straddled me, ramming that incredible piece of meat in and out in piston movements. I never expressed pain, I only begged for more...deeper...harder...the pussy slut was "on." I had never been fucked so beautifully or violently in my entire life.

Sweat dripped from our bodies and I could hear the lubrication gel and massage oil in my ass "squish" and "splash" along with the sounds of his balls slapping mine. Faster and harder and deeper he went until my cock exploded all over - hands free. He growled like an a****l and gave me one last violent thrust and we collapsed on a totally trashed sheet on the massage table.

For several minutes we simply laid there, panting, catching our breath, not saying a word. I finally managed to turn my face to his and kiss him...looking into his eyes. Wordless.

It went "Back to Business" as he lovingly rubbed my body with towels and took me to the bathroom, where a welcome shower awaited. We laughed, hugged and kissed like "Buds" and I left his apartment. My ass singing and burning.

Am looking forward to my next visit to see if that "Deep Prostate Massage" will happen again. Or will he have something else up his sleeve - and up my man cunt?

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