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Dad's girlfriend and I fucking each other

My name is Amy and I am 18 years old. My dad divorced my mom after he found out she was cheating on him and a couple months after the divorce he met a lady named Linda. She was 31 years old but she was very beautiful. She was tall and thin. She had long black hair, Green eyes, her belly button was pierced and she had nice boobs and a nice ass. Me and her got along after awhile and she soon became like my best friend. She would talk to me if I was having guy issues or if I had any questions. My father and her got along great and soon she was living with us. My father worked a lot so most of the time it was just me and her at home. We would have slumber parties just me and her and would watch movies and talk about guys and stuff. We would always go to the mall and go shopping and just hang out and have girl fun. One day me and her went to the YMCA and went swimming together afterwards we went into the locker room and got dried off. I got my dry cloths out of my bag and took off my bathing suit, as I began to get dressed I heard Linda say "You have such a cute little body" I smiled and said thanks, so do you. I thought that it was a nice complement but as I turned around again I saw that she was still starring at me as I dressed. I finished getting dressed when she said "You know guys like it when you shave down there" I smiled and said they do? "Yeah" she said "I can help a girl out sometime" as she giggled.

One day when my dad was at work she came into my room and said "Do you want me to help you shave?" Yea I told her as she went into the bathroom and came back with a towel, shaving cream, a razor and a glass of water. She laid the towel on the bed and said "Take your pants off and lay down". I laid down on the bed kinda towards the edge as she grabbed a chair and sat it on the floor by my feet. She sat down and told me to open my legs up. I bent my legs at the knees and opened my legs as much as I could. She dipped her hand in the cup of warm water and rubbed it above my pussy on the hair to get it wet. She giggled and said "Is this weird?" No I said we are both girls here as I giggled. She put some shaving cream in her hand and rubbed it on me as she wiped her hand off and got the razor. She very carefully shaved me until she got another towel and wet it and wiped me off. She looked at me and said "You are all smooth now" as she rubbed her hand on me. I smiled and said thanks. I reached down and felt above my pussy and it was smooth and soft. She said she had to do one more thing and went and got some lotion and put some on me and rubbed it in. "Now you won't get razor burn she said" Thanks I replied.

A couple days later I came home from school, my dad had already left for work. I walked in and dropped my backpack in my bedroom and ran upstairs to Linda and my dads room to see what Linda was up too. I got up the stairs and walked into the room and saw Linda on the bed with her legs wide open and was sliding a dildo into her pussy as she moaned. She looked at me as I turned around quickly and said Oh my god I'm sorry. She giggled and said "That's OK, I should remembered what time you were coming home" She still laid there as I turned around. "I'm sure you have done this before haven't you?" Yea I replied as I had my head down. She smiled as she got up and put on a pink robe and said "Can I see your dildo?" OK I said and we walked to my room. I went into the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out my pink dildo I had. She smiled and said "Wow that's bigger than mine". "Well you have seen me with mine, can I see you with yours". I smiled, pulled off my pants and underwear and laid on the bed. I opened my legs and tried to slide it in me but couldn't. I'm not really wet enough yet I said. "Well maybe I can help" she replied as she walked over towards me.

She stopped at the foot of the bed and dropped her robe to the floor. She bend down and kissed around my belly button and planted kisses all the way down to my pussy. She softly kisses my pussy until I felt her tongue start sliding slowly up and down on my pussy lips. I moaned as she giggled and said "Do you like that" I smiled and nodded. She stared at me as she spread my lips with her fingers and began licking my clit and sucking on it which felt amazing. I arched my back and grabbed a hold of the sides of my bed as she worked her tongue all around my pussy. She grabbed my dildo and started rubbing it in circles all around my pussy until she slid it in me. I moaned and moved my body side to side as she stared picking up speed and sliding it in and out faster and faster. She fucked me with it so hard I let out a scream as I came. She smiled at me and pulled the wet dildo out and began sucking on it. "You taste so good" she said. I smiled at her as she said "Wanna help me out?". I nodded as I got up and she took my place on the bed. I got on the end of the bed and began licking her pussy. She moaned very loud as I worked my tongue on her as she did me. She squeezed her tits and bit her lip as I spread her lips and started sucking on her clit.

I grabbed my dildo and slid it into her and began fucking her as I climbed up onto the bed and began sucking on her big tits. She grabbed my head and pulled me up to her and began kissing me sliding her tongue into my mouth and moaning as I kept fucking her pussy with the dildo as fast as I could. She stopped kissing me and said "I'm cumming" as she pulled my head against hers. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened wide as she let out a loud scream and her body began shaking. I pulled the dildo out of her and began sucking it tasting her pussy. She smiled at me and said "You make me cum faster than you dad does". I smiled as she began kissing me again. She told me she wanted to do 69 with me so I climbed on top of her straddling her face and buried my face in her pussy and began licking her. I moaned as I felt her sucking on my clit and all of the sudden she stuck her finger into my pussy and than slowly slid it into my ass, I let out a loud moan as she said "Does that feel good". I said yes as I tried to keep eating her pussy but all I could do is moan as she fingered my ass and was licking my pussy faster and faster until I let out a loud scream and shook as I came again. She said "Wow, that was good baby". I giggled but laid there exhausted.

I jumped in the shower and just as I was almost done she jumped in with me and began kissing me saying "I want you again". Me and Linda ended up having more sex than her and my dad did.

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