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The cafeteria

for the longest time ive had a crush on you and as word spread you soon realize the thoughts that went through my head everytime your beauty shined down my way.
for the first time ever you sat across from me in the cafeteria and I couldnt help but notice your smooth gorgeous legs as they were being choked by your long tight socks that reached half way up your thighs. my face began to turn red with my dick ever so quickly feeling the rush of bl**d pumping through. you realize my hormones are acting up and decide to use it to your advantage as you remove one of your shoes and slowly bring your foot closer to my center.
unaware of what is happening I soon feet a soft warm feeling press up again my thick throbbing dick. I look down and there I see your foot.... with your tight black sock wrapped around it giving your feet the perfect shape..... I couldnt stand it anymore. I unzipped my pants and I began to caress your leg as your foot rubbed up against my dick. the feeling of your big toe rubbing up against the tip of my dick was sending shocks of pleasure through my body. I would want to scream, but so many people surround us.
an evil grin grows on your face as your foot begins to move faster up and down my dick and to make things worse, you bring up your second foot as they swayed my balls back and forth. the pleasure. it was so overwhelming. WHAT PLEASURE!!!! IT WAS SO INTENSE!!! and for a second, I heard my heart beat....... I had lost consciousness as I felt my hormones begin to take over my body.....
I stood up quick with my dick stand tall.... throbbing.... beating... so thick and so big I gained the attention of all the girls in the room.... ESPECIALLY yours. like an a****l I lost the will to think for all that was left was the hunger for lust. you were my prey and I was starving and without a moments hesitation I jumped across the table and grabbed you from behind and layed your chest on the table with your legs on the ground. you yelled out "WAIT" as I took your underwear off and before another word could be said my dick was already deep within you.
shame, regret, embarrassment, sorrow, anger, it all went through your head, but all together just could not match the amount of pleasure you were receiving the very moment. with your tongue sticking out and your tits bouncing up and down, I continued to fuck you from behind as I was holding your arms. what was once the yelling of "wait" has now turned to the screaming of pleasure as you asked for more and more. so deep, so fast, you loved every second of it and without realizing it, the stare of the rest of the students just seemed to make it feel all the better. you came three times until I could not take no more and I let it all go with one huge load. one that had filled you up so much your eyes began to tear with cum dripping down your legs.

It had all been finished, the room went quite...... you look over to me....and I whisper "my dick is still hard"


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