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My Curious Step daughter

It was a rainy day and I had the day off from work. And my step daughter Sue said she was sick to stay home from school. And her mom had just left for work. So I was relaxing in bed with my laptop (( I was trying to watch some porn quietly so Sue couldn't hear. So a hour goes by and by now I have a hardon at full grownth in my jeans. So I decided to take them off to relieve the pressure. Little did I know Sue was sneaky and was peaking in on me now. As I started to stoke my cock. my hand was gripping my shaft pretty hard so the head of my cock was swollen and red. Sue who is a virgin just turned 16 was amazed to be watching such a thing. All of sudden I heard a gasp. I jumped up so quick thinking wife musta came back home. I looked out and Sue my stepdaughter was still dazed looking at my cock. I said ( Oh I thought you were in your room on facebook?) she was scared to say a thing. Or she was maybe stunned. But she finally said (( Wow Daddy I'm sorry I spied on you)) as her eyes was still locked on my cock. I said its ok just dont tell your mom you seen me naked! She looked up at me with a grin. She said I won't but can I watch some that porn with u? Because you know Mom put a block on my computer. I thought a few sec's and said ok . What the hell was I thinking. Just let me put something on then we could. A few sec's later I invited her in to watch some with me. I notice as she walked in. She went and changed into this silky black rope and it looked like she was naked. OMG my mind started to wonder. As we sat there on the bed.I kept looking over at her as her nipples harden as she watched on. And I was starting to grow. Then she asked if I thought she was pretty as the girls in the video. I turned my head towards her and said . You are more beautiful then those girls! She smiled and kissed my cheek. Then she said I love to make one of those video if you like? I thought shit why not her Mom was working. I said ok but you can't tell anyone not any of your friends and please not your Mom. She said Ok! I said ok Can Daddy open your rope? Sure Daddy!What you gonna do to me first? I said lay back and not to worry . Daddy won't hurt you. As I open her rope her body was shaking from the excitment. I slowly slid my hand up her body from her lower legs. then bypass her mound to save that for last to touch. I can hear her breathing starting to get heavier. As I slid up her lower belly to her sweet looking small tities I wanted to kind to her nipples not to scare her yet. She said Wow Daddy it feels good. I said Don't worry baby it gonna get better as I said that I slid my finger between her pussy lips I could feel the warmth and wettness . I then got up from the bed and told her to open her legs as I lick my way up her legs till I slid my wet tongue between her tight lips. I then sucked on her clit nipple it gently. Give her a taste of whats to come. she moaned and said Do it again Daddy!! I started to lick her harder till my whole tongue was buried in her sweet pussy. Then I got up and stood at the side of the bed and told her to come here! She said why did she do something wrong? I said no. Its time to show you how to please your Daddy! she walked over to me still with wettness between her legs. I said Now be a good girl and get down on your knees. She did as she looked up me eyes wide open. I said I want you to take daddy big cock in your mouth so I can show you how to please me. I felt her young warm mouth as she softly kiss my head . I said now take it deeper. She took it half down as I grapped her head and started to show her how to slide her mouth up and down on me. She pulled it out and Said Daddy I tasted something what was it? I said daddy precum ( Dont you like it?) yea she said. As she went back sucking me. At that point I dont know what came over me but I held her head tight and I started shoving my cock deep in her mouth till my balls was touchin her chin . I could see tears in her eyes. It made me harder as I started to fuck her mouth deeper and harder . But she just kept taken as I gave it to her. I felt my load about to bust . As I made her get lower as I stood over fuckin her throat I felt my load hit the back of her throat. I just kept cumming at this point she started to gag . As I pulled out my cum was dripping down her chin. I kissed her and said WOW! Not bad for the first lesson. She smiled at me and said I can't wait to see whatcha gonna show me next?

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