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Gay College Gloryhole

I started going to college for generals when I was 19 and was the first guy from my f****y to go college and it wasn't very easy considering that I wasn't much of a party guy and that I kinda kept to myself. I got mostly good grades and stayed in my apartment as much as I could. I had recently broken up with a girlfriend that I had been dating for about a year and it made me not want to even go to school anymore. I went about three months without dating or having sex for that matter. It got to a point where that I told myself I was swearing off women for good.

I had decided to go to a couple parties and at one party I got d***k and met this guy who I thought was pretty cool. We talked for awhile and every time I mentioned what my ex had done he kinda changed the subject. We talked for about two hours when he all of the sudden he came out with it and told me he was Gay. I was kinda taken back not really ever knowing a gay guy before. I told him that he was really nice but that I had never really thought of myself as a gay guy but that I wouldn't mind if we became friends. I got back to my apartment that night and kept thinking about the guy I had met and became curious. I was online watching some porn videos when for some reason I typed in "Gay porn" I clicked on some videos and watched them as I started getting really horny.

For a couple weeks I texted the guy I had met and started asking him questions about how many guys he had been with and what it was like having sex with a guy. He answered my questions as best as he could but said that until you try it you don't really know. I was between classes one day and went to the bathroom that was near my next class and it had an "Out Of Order" sign on the door. The nearest bathroom was the one by the auto shop and carpentry class. I walked down to the corner of the school building where those classed were an walked in. There was two stalls and the bathroom was kinda messy. I walked in to one of the stalls and began unfastening my belt when I started reading all the stuff guys had written on the walls about women and random phone numbers.

I looked down and saw the words "Glory Hole" carved into the wall and under it was about a 2 inch hole. I knew what a glory hole was and had seen many videos online where girls had given head threw them. I finished going to the bathroom and as I pulled my pants up I heard someone come in and walk into the stall next to mine and as I began to turn and walk out I stopped turned back around and put the lid on the toilet down and sat. I heard the guy leave and after a couple minutes another one walked in. I heard the guy go into the stall and just as I started to get up I saw this random guy slide his limp cock into the hole. I sat there staring at it and thought what my friend had said about not knowing about having sex or doing stuff with another guy until you did it. I leaned over on the seat and began sucking this guys cock.

I felt his cock getting hard in my mouth as he moaned in the next stall as I started sucking him faster and faster. I could hear him saying "Suck that cock" and that was like a shot of adrenaline as I stroked him as I sucked it. He moaned and moaned until I felt something hot it the back of my throat and almost threw up. I lifted the toilet seat and spit it out. I heard him open the stall and walk out without saying a word. I sat on the seat again and began thinking about what I just did and what it meant. A couple seconds later another guy walked in and again he shoved his cock in the whole which this time was already hard. His cock was large and again I began sucking. He moaned loud as I tried to fit as much of his cock on my mouth as I could.

I was sweating and shaking as I sucked his large cock as I could hear him moaning. I stopped sucking him and began spitting on his cock and stroking it till it was dripping. I stood up and unfastened my pants and dropped them to my ankles as he pulled his cock out of the hole but didn't leave. I pressed my ass against the hole and put my arms on the other wall to push back on. I felt him slide his cock back into the hole and start shoving it into my ass. I let out a groan as I felt the head of his cock enter my ass. I kept pushing back on the wall as he slid it all the way in. I moaned louder and louder as this guy fucked me. I could heard him moaning louder and louder until I felt him shoot his cum into my ass. He didn't last very long but it felt amazing. I heard him pull up his pants and leave without saying a word. I pulled my pants up and left the bathroom. I texted my friend and told him what I had done. He said "I know, I was the guy you had sex with.

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