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Teacher and lesbian schoolgirls, part 3.

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I left the next morning early, exhausted after a night of lesbian love making. I had to go back home to change before going to school, and the last words from the two Mum's were ringing in my ears as i walked through the school gates.

"Make sure you look after Kim and Amy mind Anna. You have a lot more to teach them now you know"

God, the two mothers wanted me to have sex with their daughters. They wanted me to share myself with them.

I had just spent an amazing night of lesbian pleasure with two hot sexy Mums, and now I was being encouraged to share their daughters too. Certainly one of my worries about the mothers finding out about me having sex with their girls had now disappeared, the opposite in fact, they seemed to be wanting me to tell them all about it, or maybe dare I dream, enjoying both the mums and daughters at the same time. Surely not, but as they say, fantasy can be stranger than fiction!!

We had talked during the night between bouts of sex and love making and it turned out each mother had had sex with the other's daughter. On several occasions apparently it was the norm for the 4 of them to start off together, chatting etc, before Kim went off to one room with Jenny and Amy went off with Sue. On one of the latest occasions they told me, they had even all had sex in the same room, and the Mum's had said it was quite a turn on for them seeing their own daughters licking out the pussies of their best friends mums.

Wow, just what was I getting in to.

I was very soon to find out, since I bumped into the two girls almost as soon as I entered the school. They must have been waiting for me, because they were there smiling at me and giggling as usual.

"Hey Miss," Kim said. "How was parent's evening. Hope you only told my Mum nice things about me."

"Yea, me too." added Amy. "Hope you told Mum how much I paid attention in your lesson, and how much I enjoyed your extra tuition."

"I don't think I needed to tell them much, I replied. From what I hear they knew everything about us anyway. You seemed to have gone into great detail with them about our extra little lesson."

"Mmm, sorry Miss," Kim replied, "but we had been telling them what a sexy teacher you were, and they didn't want to miss out on anything. Anyway Miss, we've got some new pictures we want you to look at on our phones. Can we share them with you some time please miss?"

I was aroused talking to them anyway, but now the thought of looking at sexy pictures with these two horny schoolgirls made me even more aroused.

"How about lunchtime?" I said. I will be alone in the classroom, everyone else will be outside. Why don't you come and join me then. If anyone asks say you have my permission to come in.

I struggled to concentrate on my lessons, thinking of being alone again with the pair of them, and at morning break I had to go into the loo and finger myself, rub my pussy, and quietly bring myself to orgasm. I was soaking wet, and was needing to touch myself at every possible opportunity. I was aware how risky what I was doing was, but this merely added to the sexual arousal, and when mid-day came and I was alone in my classroom I couldn't keep my fingers away from myself, I was so in need.

I was wearing a longer skirt than normal that day, but one with a slit most of the way up, which meant I could easily slide one hand inside and reach my pussy. I had just slipped my hand in and had moved my knickers to one side so I could slip a finger into my wet cunt when they both bounced in, closing the door behind them.

"Hi miss, they said together. We hear you had a great night with our Mums. They seem to have had a really good night although they said they didn't get much sl**p. Oh my, Miss, what are you doing? "

"I'm sorry girls, I couldn't wait for you. I was still thinking about last night with your two mothers, and also thinking of the last time we were alone in a classroom together, and I just had to touch myself. You've heard all about it the night with your Mums then." I said.

"Oh yes, everything. They said you were very naughty indeed. We hope you are going to tell us all bout it...but Miss, what are you doing?"

I had opened my legs wide and pulled my skirt up a little so they could see my sex and my fingers and hand working away at myself, my legs were wide apart, and with one hand I had pulled my knickers to one side, and with the other hand I was masturbating hard in front of them. I was alternatively fucking my cunt hard with my two middle fingers, then taking them out and rubbing my clit, and I was so aroused I was very close to cumming in front of them.

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm fingering my cunt, I need to cum so bad. This is what you two should be doing to me, it's what your mothers did to me last night again and again, it's what I did to them. Oh girls, we fucked so well, they are such sexy women. Oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming........" and with that I orgasmed right in front of the two of them with my own fingers, my body jerking as I came, my fingers buried deep inside my slit.

I calmed down slowly, and I saw that they were both standing there rubbing themselves, but they also had their phones in one hand.

"Oh girls, I'm sorry, I needed that so badly, and I need you to do the same to me again now, but what are you holding your phones for?"

"We've got some nice pictures here we want to show you Miss, have a look."

"Mmm, I'd love to." I said expecting more pictures of the lovely big cocks they had showed me before.

Here Miss, have a look at these first."Amy said, and showed me her phone.

I could hardly believe my eyes. it wasn't a cock I was looking, but my own pussy, and the picture clearly showed Amy's mum Jenny with her mouth and tongue licking me out.

"Looks like Mum was enjoying herself Miss, and we did ask to see a picture of your pussy. Didn't expect to see it like this though"

"Nor me Miss, said Kim. "Look at this one on my phone" I think I knew what I was going to see, but this time it was Kim's mum with her face buried between my thighs, obviously enjoying the taste of her daughter's teacher's cunt."

"Oh girls. I didn't know those had been taken. Your Mums did that without me knowing."

"Well, we did say we wanted to see a picture of your pussy Miss. We just had to get our Mums in on it as you wouldn't do it for us yourself. You look surprised Miss, maybe you were concentrating too much on our Mum's pussies to see them taking pictures of you, you did seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Enough of this, it's time for you to return the pleasure I gave you a few days ago," I said, "I need someone else to make me cum now. Time for you two to lick my cunt girls. Taste my pussy, and make me cum now."

The two girls needed no second instruction, and pushed my legs wide apart. Amy pulled my knickers down, and the two of them buried their heads between my thighs. I threw caution aside as I gave way to their desires to fulfill me, and the needs of my pussy for orgasm.

One of them, I don't know which, was fucking me hard with her fingers, while the other was using her mouth and tongue, sucking on my clitoris, and licking and sucking on the lips of my pussy, all around those fingers. I am sure they changed positions a couple of times at least, as I saw their heads changing position between my legs, but by now I was past caring. I was squeezing my tits and nipples as they played with my cunt, as I felt my orgasm building. I could hardly believe how intense my arousal was, I felt the climax build and build inside me.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes. Oh Amy, Oh Kim, God, don't stop, make me cum, make me fucking cum." How no-one heard me I can't imagine, but I let myself go completely as my climax overwhelmed me. I was soaking, and I must have squirted my cunt juice over them both as I came. I seemed to cum and cum and cum, the convulsions in my pelvis overwhelming me, until finally it was over, and I looked down on two smiling schoolgirl faces, soaked from the wetness of my pussy.

"Suppose you enjoyed that then Miss, did you" one of them said. And the two of them came up and kissed me, tasting my pussy on their mouths, tongues and faces.

"Shame you'll have to share me with your Mum's now though, isn't it" I said.

"Oh, I think we'll cope." Amy said. "Mum has just arranged a golfing week for our Dads, so you're going to have the pleasure of fucking us and our Mum's for 7 whole days."

"Mmmm, I think I can cope. Now girls, what's the next lesson we need to start................."

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