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Fucking The Teacher At New School

When I was growing up because of my fathers job we moved around a lot. I was an only c***d so I relied on my friend for companionship. I must have switched schools 8 or 9 times and every time it was very hard to leave all the friends and boyfriends I would have left behind. My father told me that we had to move one more time and we would be staying there permanently. I threw a fit at first but than kinda knew it was inevitable. I said goodbye to my friend and off we went. I don't think the whole ride to our new house I said one word to my father. We got to our new house and even though it was big and amazing it still was just another pit stop to me.

My first day at the new school was like every other I walked in my backpack on my shoulder and walked with my head down till I found my locker and all my other classes. Of course all the cheerleader types looked me up and down with a scowl as I walked by. I had five classes each day and by the fourth one I was ready to pull my hair out. The bell rang to go to my last class which was science. I was usually the first one in the classroom because all the other k**s stopped in the hall to talk to there friends before they went to class. As I walked around the corner and into the classroom I saw a empty room that had desks on one side and the other had the booths with a sink and a black top.The teacher writing something on the back board with his back turned to me. He was tall and kinda athletic looking with wavy dark hair. As all my other classed I walked to the front of the class and sat in the desk.

As I slid into the desk it squeaked a little and the teacher quickly turned around and when my eyes met his I felt my body sink into the desk. He was young and had the face of an angel, He had the bluest eyes that made me feel like I was looking at a kitten or a puppy every time he looked at me. "Hi" he said "My name is Mr.Olson, You must be the new girl....Angela" I nodded with a smile and said yes. He smiled and said "I know how it is being in a new school, don't worry you will do fine here." He walked over to my desk and sat down a large text book, as he sat it down I reached out my hand to grab it and my hand met his only for a second but as soon as my hand touched his I felt a jolt go threw my body. He smiled and walked back to the white board to write at the class filed in. I heard the desks behind me being filled up until I heard a girls voice behind me say "Hey new chick you are in my seat". As I grabbed my book and backpack and started to get up I heard Mr.Olson say "Why don't you go find another seat, if you wanted that one you should have gotten here sooner". He smiled at me as the girl scoffed and walked away.

I have to say that it was the first class that day I actually paid attention to. I stared at him almost in a dream state until he would ask me a question that would snap me out of it. Half of the time during class I would write his name with hearts around it and my name next to his. I was doodling his name and mine when I heard the guy sitting behind me say "Hey the new chick has a thing for Mr.Olson." I immediately slammed my notebook and was starring in the textbook when the teacher said "Hey Matt why don't you mind your own business or you can talk to me after class" After the bell rang I grabbed my bag as fast as I could and left before everyone else. I got home and laid in my bed thinking about everything that had happened and as much as I kept telling myself that he was a teacher and that was it I couldn't help myself from thinking about him and fantasizing about me and him being together. I took and shower and would play with myself imagining that it was him that was doing it.

After weeks of obsessing myself over him one day when I got up for school for the first time I put on makeup and wore a midriff t-shirt and a skirt that I had in the back of my closet that I had bought for Halloween one year. I had a plan and I was going to go for it. I got threw all my classes and this time as I walked down the halls the girls still scoffed but the guys stared and whispered to each other. I was nervous but shook it off as the bell rang on fourth period. I left the class and ran to the bathroom before I went to science. I went into the stall and took off my underwear and planned to expose myself to Mr.Olson. I walked into the classroom and sat in the same seat at the front of the class. During class I sat with legs crossed because I wanted to wait until I was sure he would be looking. He was at the white board and was asking us all questions going down the rows and when he got to me I uncrossed my legs and opened them as much as I could. As he looked up from the book and looked at me he started talking but than stopped and his eyes widened for a second but than tried to go on like he hadn't seen anything.

He was sitting behind his desk and was reading from the text book but he would every once and awhile look around the class but when he got to me he would stare at my pussy that was there in the open. I knew where he was looking and would smile at him when his eyes met mine. After awhile of reading he wanted us to all go to the science booths and pair up for an assignment. I was kinda bummed because the booths were closed off and he wouldn't be able to look anymore. He looked around as I sat down and said "I guess since we have an odd number of students that I will be your lab partner". I smiled but inside I was ecstatic. I sat at the booth when he came over and started mixing liquids together as he walked the rest of the class threw it. As he was seated next to me I kept staring at the work and him. He handed me the vials and asked me to do it as he scooted closer. I held one to the table and as I was picking the other one up to mix them I felt his hand on my leg. My hands started shaking and I grinned as I was trying to do this assignment and act normal as his hand was sliding back and forth on my thigh.

As I went to grab another vial on the table I felt his hand go to the inside of my thigh as he slowly rubbed his way up until his hand was on my pussy. My body quivered as he rubbed in circles on me. He kept talking to the class like nothing was going on but I was ready explode. He was rubbing my pussy when I felt him slide one of his fingers in me, as he did I dropped the vial I was holding and it hit the floor and broke. The class laughed at me but he didn't stop he just said "I will clean that up later". I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as he slid his finger in me. He slid another finger in me and started going faster as I was trying to keep myself from moaning. I started breathing faster and panting as he went faster and faster. I knew that I was going to cum and grabbed the textbook and squeezed it as hard as I could as I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I felt my body quiver as I came on his fingers and it was almost instantaneous as soon as I came the bell rang. He pulled his fingers out of me and I saw him wipe them on his jeans and he got up as I sat there panting. As I got up to leave and head home he called me back as the rest of the class was leaving.

"Would you have any problem staying after school a little today so we can do a makeup test you missed?" I hadn't missed a text but I said yea that's find knowing what was about to happen. The class left and were heading home as he closed the door to the classroom and turned off the light and said "You can take it in my office if you would like". I smiled and walked into an office that had one window that was covered in curtains and it had a desk and a computer chair. He came in behind me and closed the door. He didn't say anything but picked me up and sat me on the edge of the desk and laid me back. He sat in the chair and turned my skirt up as me began kissing my pussy and licking it. This time I moaned but tried to do so quietly. I could feel his warm tongue as he licked and sucked on my soaking pussy lips. I grabbed whatever I could that was on desk and squeezed it. My body moved up and down and shook as he ate my pussy out.

He stood up and I quickly sat up and began unfastening his belt and unzipped his pants as he pulled them down and I could already see the large bulge in his boxers. I sat in the chair as he sat on the edge of the desk as I reached in and grabbed a hold of his large cock and pulled it out as he slid his boxers down around his ankles with his pants. I wasted no time sliding my mouth around his big cock. He moaned as I worked my mouth up an down on him trying to go down as far as I could but couldn't get very far until I began to gag. He placed his hand on my head and was squeezing it as he lightly pushed my head onto his cock. I had his cock wet and rock hard as he hopped up and again sat me on the edge of the desk. I grabbed a hold of the shelf that was above my head as he positioned himself in front of me and started sliding his cock into me.

I let out a moan as he very slowly slid his cock onto my shaking body. He reached up and pulled my top up enough to pull my boobs out. He placed his hands on them and was squeezing as he thrusted his cock into me. I had a hard grasp on the shelf as the desk began to shake. I moaned louder and louder until I felt myself cum. My body went limp on the desk as I let out a scream and quickly covered my mouth. He smiled at me and kept thrusting as hard as he could. He flipped me over and began fucking me doggie style on the desk. He placed his hand on my neck and pulled it back towards him as he thrusted harder and harder until I felt myself cum again. I moaned as my legs gave out, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back up and began thrusting faster and faster until I heard him let out a loud grunt as he flipped me over like I was a rag doll and began jerking his cock as his cum shot all over my skirt and my chest and my neck. I laid there exhausted as he got dressed and and grabbed some paper towels from the class room so I could clean up.

He kissed me on the cheek as I left and said maybe we will have to do this again sometime. The next day in class as the bell rang I asked him if he wanted me to stay again to make up some homework. He said not today he had a lot of papers to correct. I smiled and said maybe some other time. As I made my way outside to leave I noticed I had forgotten my back pack in the class room. I ran back inside and saw that the lights were off and his office door was closed. I ran in and as I grabbed my back I heard noises coming from the office. I quietly walked over to it and put my ear to the door and when I quietly opened it a little bit I saw him fucking another student on the desk just as he had done me. I ran outside in tears and as soon as I got home I ran to my dad and screamed "I wanna move!!!!"

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