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My Toy

I have a slave.....he is such a good little cum eating slave. I like to watch his beautiful dainty lips when he sucks me. I love how they close around my huge shaft, how they pucker as he sucks my cock clean. He is such a good whore. I love watching everything I make him do. He has such a dainty way about him. I sometimes make him dress up for me. I make him wear his red lace panties and his pretty soft red panty hose. I have a special dress that I allow him to wear for special occasions. Tonight will be a special night. I tell him how to dress and then I change into my long flowing black silk robe. I sit at my vanity table brushing my long red hair while I patiently wait for my bitch to come to me. I hear him enter my room and I slowly turn on my chair to see him in all his glory. Mmmmm he is perfect! He has his red panty hose and the most gorgeous black heels. I see he has obeyed me and put on his special dress. It is a beautiful black and red short dress that cinches at the waist with a silver belt. The neck line plunges a bit so I can see his hairless chest. The sleeves are long and come right to his wrist with a black cuff. On his middle finger he wears the pretty silver ring I bought him for his birthday. He wears the necklace and earrings I gave him for Christmas made of silver and garnet stones. He also has followed my directions explicitely and put on his soft curly blonde wig that I think makes him look so feminine, alluring, and slutty all at the same time. I run my eyes over his face and am more than pleased to see that he has practiced and conquered the art of applying his make up. He looks absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to shove my cock right down those ruby red lips!

I walk up to him and call him my little whore for tonight. I tell him all the nasty things I want to do to him and watch as I see his dress bulging in the front. I know this nasty talk turns my bitch on and I love it! I love seeing him standing there all feminine with a huge fucking woody! Damn what a fucking turn on! I reach down and lightly caress it and feel it grow even harder. I ask him " Do you need to cum slut"? I hear him moan and say oh yes, please Mistress. :) Poor poor baby, needs to cum but his Mistress won't let him. My poor baby, I will let you cum when you do one thing for me.

Turn your slutty ass around, lift your dress, and grab your fucking ankles because I am about to **** that ass! I watch as you do what I tell you and with no hesitation, I drive my cock home!

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