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My nephews buddy

my nephew came over to use our pool and he brought his friend with him. I was in lust checking out this k**s body. He was 17 and looked much younger. he was very skinny, and wore them baggy shorts that were hanging too low. They went in to my room to change and both of them were in there for quite a while. I walked to the door and softly leaned in to hear if they were doing anything. I heard some clothes being rustled around. I stepped back and said are you guys doing ok? Todd answered back and said kevin was having a problem with his string on his trunks. todd opened the door and kevin was trying to pull his trunks up, but I saw a little more than he wanted. Kevins pubic hair was exposed and the base of his cock. I looked up at his face and realized i was busted for staring at his cock. Kevin said very timidly, I can't get the string untied so I can tie it right. I knelt down and had my face about 7 inches from his cute soft smooth tummy. He was trying to pull up his trunks but they needed to be untied so he could pull them up further. I said let me see. he let go of the string and his trunks dropped down below his ass. I grabbed them and was pulling them up as I saw kevin had boned up a bit. it was really an impressive looking cock. he was about 7 inches plus and thick as a red bull can. I was staring again. Kevin asked if i thought i could help him. I wondered if there was a double menaing to it. I fiddled around and saw how to untie it and then I said I think I can do this. I fiddled a bit more and faked it so I could waste more time. I then touched his cock a few times as I put on a show of untieing it and as I felt it it grew bigger then the 7 inches plus. it was now hard as a rock and over 8 inches. I so wanted to suck his cock. I finally got the string undone and then kevin saked if I could help him tie it so it didnt get knotted again. I reached inside his waste band and as i found the tip of the string my fingers touched the tip of his cock. I said I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. he said no, don't be you made me feel good. then he added thankis for untieing the string, too. he grinned and AI grinned back and then I hugged him. I said if you ever want to come back any time with or without todd, you are wlcome. They swam and laid around and I made us all some burgers and fries. After they ate my b*****r in law came to pick them up and kevin and todd got into the truck. As he backed out, the door opeened and kevin jumped out. he ran in and said he told them he left his wallet in the bedroom. he pulled it out of his pocket and said he wanted to ask if I was serious about him coming back without Todd. I said yes and he hugged me and said good. Can I come back tomorrow. I toldm hi yes and he kissed me and ran out the door. I jacked off 3 times before bed. I woke up at about 9 am and had coffee and cereal. as I was finishing my cereal I looked up and saw kevin on the driveway. he was running to my door. He opened the door and said Im here. I put my arms out to him and he hugged me and kissed me. I felt his ass and he said you can move it to the front. I grinned and he said he wanted me to squeeze him so bad yesterday. I pulled his shorts down and went down on him. Kevin was so turned on that he came within one minute of my sucking. He said he wanted to suck me now and then we went to my room and we got into a 69. We sucked each other for over 2 hours cumming and getting hard again and cumming etc. Kevin asked if I ever got fucked or had fucked another guy. I said yes to both. He asked if he could fuck me. I told him I thought you;d never ask. He fucked me and came 3 times before he pulled out since he could stay hard after cumming. Kevin asked if I wanted to fuck him now. I said I would be honored. I fucked kevin and it was most heavenly. I was on cloud 9 as I came into his ass. his balls were so big, I was feeling them as I fucked him. we were together for 3 months before he moved. We keep in contact now by email and chat and skype.

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