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Life with my Slut Mother

"Do you know where your mother is?"
Her voice quivered as she tried to control her emotions even as her beautiful, black eyes overflowed and a stream of tears ran down her left cheek.

I was annoyed at having to wake up and come to the door because someone had been pounding on it for 5 minutes. That someone turned out to be a woman in her 50s. She was black with beautiful, clear skin. Her long
silky hair fell to her back. Her chocolate brown face looked soft and well cared for with not even a single blemish on the creamy dark skin even though I could see strong lines around her eyes and mouth. Her nose, a bit wide seemed perfect on her pudgy face.
But it was her eyes and full, red lips that held my attention. She was overweight, just the way I liked them. Her heavy breasts rose silently with each breath and even though she was dressed in tight business suit, I could see the shapes of those huge, spherical boobs, at least 42" around. I wondered how she kept them so perky at her age.
Her waist was much thinner than what I'd have expected from a woman her size and her hips were round and sumptuous - about 40" in width. A bit thinner than my mother's massive 55" girth they looked bigger and more toned against her beautiful, slimmer waist.

I tried to smile at her.
"Do you know?" she asked again.
"What?" I asked trying to take my eyes off her heavenly assets.
"Your mom. Do you know what she is doing?" she asked getting angry.
"What?" I didn't understand why she wanted to know that.
"She's in the back seat of my car."
"So?" I thought but kept my mouth shut.
"Getting fucked." she said definitively.
I opened my mouth to ask her something but then decided against it.

"That bitch keeps coming to my house and fucks my baby in my house. When
I tried to stop her, she started calling him to motels and secluded parking lots."
I stole a glance at her massive tits.
"So I am here. To tell you that this needs to stop. Or else..." she growled.
I waited.
After a few
seconds she continued.
"I wonder how she'd feel if I were to come over and sl**p with her only son."
My heart skipped a beat. My cock didn't and was at full mast in three seconds.
Then she abruptly turned around and walked away.
"Tell her to leave my f****y alone or else..." she threatened again.
I quietly shut the door and went back
to sl**p. It was past midnight when I heard the garage door open. Mom was finally home.
She tried to be quiet but I could hear her kicking her shoes off and unzipping her dress before she
walked into my room.
"Janine came by today." I said, my eyes still close.
"I thought you were sl**ping" she said and even in the dark room I
saw her turn around and flick the light on.
Soft glow of table lamp filled the side of the bed I was sl**ping on. She reached gently for her nightie in the closet.
I stared at her huge rear and could make out hand prints all over her white, soft ass.
"She wants you to stop."
She pulled the nightie over her head and then pulled her shoulder
length chestnut brown hair from under it.
"She threatened that you need to clean up your act, or else..." I continued hoping to get her attention.
Mom turned around sharply. She looked into my eyes and then walked over. "Oh my poor baby! You had to listen to a nasty woman's threat." she cooed.
"Why don't you begin your clean up act." She said lifting her nightie." We'll worry about the bitch later" she finished while
climbing on the bed, her feet on either side of my shoulders.
I looked up and say the mammoth ass that I knew would cover my mouth in seconds.
That didn't bother me. Her lack of fear and total disregard for other people's feelings did.
She lowered her bottom and when my nose touched her soft skin, she giggled and repositioned so that her asshole was over my mouth.
I took a deep breath and smelled that gorgeous hole. Its red darkness didn't hide it's girth. Almost two inches across, my mother's anus was distended well beyond what would be called normal.
Her doctor had long ago told her to stop inserting large objects but mom couldn't stop. In time, her body acclimatized itself to the daily abuse. The rim started losing color, first naturally, then through intense bleach job that she asked me to perform each week. The walls of her anus healed in a state of permanent stretched tissues and her hips gained another few lbs. Even though her anus didn't close anymore, the heavy hip flesh kept it hidden when she wore thong or some other minimalistic underwear.Her doctor was impressed.

"I have a seen a few cases like this before but you have healed really well." she said examining my mother's rump with her speculum.
Mom winked at me as the doctor strained to take a look insider her anus for any injuries.
"Don't bleach it anymore." she finally said.
"It is already very pale, almost same color as your skin." she calmly explained.
"I have to ask Carol. How did you do it? It does look quite beautiful." she asked gently running her fingers along the rim.
Mom smiled and looked at me.
The Doctor looked at me too and then sighed.
"My son is in school and he already has a girlfriend." she said with a longing that you see in woman whose lover has been away for too long.
Her gaze rested on me and my delicate hands. I looked away, trying to avoid her eyes. I didn't want to touch another woman's asshole. My mother didn't want that either.
"I am sorry honey but Larry is my personal beautician." mom said and we left the clinic.
Now that big, bleached hole was inches away from my face and I could see it was very wet.
I flicked my tongue out and touched the rim of her magnificent tunnel. She giggled again and then strongly ground her anus over my mouth.
I felt her relax her abs and in second, semi-viscous fluid flooded my mouth. The bitter sweet cum of her lovers ran down my tongue, first quickly, then in a trickle.
I chewed at it as mom sighed and relaxed more, all the while pushing more of her creamy slurpy . She grabbed my hair and rocked back and forth, releasing more and more of that heavenly fluid.
Then she rolled over to her side, away from the lamp. Her large, almost 38L size tits escaped her flimsy nightie and flopped on the bed. She was panting.
"Now. What did the bitch say to you?" she asked between breaths.
I still hadn't finished what was in my mouth. I chewed at it feeling its viscosity across my tongue. At least three men had deposited their semen in my mother's anus in last one hour. The cum was very fresh. I breathed in through my nose and swished the creampie. I had finally chewed it enough to break the thick cum bonds and it was now more fluid and ready to be swallowed.
I relaxed my mouth and let the white liquidy sperms wash down my throat. Then I rolled my tongue over my teeth to get any remaining globs.

I closed my eyes. I was satisfied.
"Thank you" I whispered. "I was so hungry".
"I know." she whispered back. "I went to Jay and Brenda's."
Brenda was a teacher and my mom's friends. Actually they hated each other because each was threatened by the other. Mom hated Brenda for her black shiny skin and youthful, spherical boobs and Brenda hated my mother's voluptuous body, toned waist and thighs. However, she invited mom over to fuck her husband Jay and her son Cole because she couldn't keep up with their demands.
"Empty balls leads to less arguments and more productivity around the house." she would often say.

"How's Cole?" I asked, now feeling rejuvenated by mom's anal nectar.
"He's fine. Still not as big as his dad but his cock can stay up for three fucks. I started with him today. Then joined Jay and Brenda and after Jay came in my ass, I returned to Cole for one more round."
"Yeah he is big." I agreed.
"His mother milked his cock the second time he came in my ass but I could tell he still had more."
"Yeah?" I didn't know Brenda had started participating in her son's fuck sessions.
"Yeah! That Brenda is so controlling. She thinks that her son needs to be emptied completely or he'd get into a fight with his dad." mom said.
"I am glad. They left a lot of sperms in you mom. It was good."

It had been three days since my mother had stepped out of the house. Her last escapade with Janine's son followed nasty phone calls, name calling and even more threats on both sides.
My mom loved her young stud's cock but she didn't think he was worth all the trouble his mother had caused. As an attorney, Janine had the resources to make life difficult for us. At 51 and with no steady job, my mother could ill afford a legal battle. Besides, there were enough young men lusting after her tits and ass. Jay and Cole were two and lived closest to us.

But tits and ass were not the only thing mom possessed. She also had a pretty, round face, hazel eyes, small pretty nose and full lips that attracted men to her. She had wrinkles on her face, especially around her eyes and mouth and her neck showed signs of maturity too. She wasn't fat but carried 185 pounds on her smallish 5'4" frame that gave her fitful of love handles on either side of her tummy. At the other end of her giant, almost 55" girth ass were two well toned thighs that merged into long legs and ended into two small feet.
If you looked at her, you could have mistaken her for an old housewife waiting to have a grandson but mom was not a grandma and the way things were neither one of us thought she'd ever be.
My mother had raised me to serve her. No, she didn't abuse me. Instead, she showered all her love and attention at me. She was over protective, fighting boys and their mothers and even dads when somebody picked on me. Since I was always a small c***d, it happened almost every day.
It wasn't until I was 6 that I realized that my relationship with my mother was different. Most k**s in my class brought their lunch to school. They even had their water bottles. So did I, except that mine was always filled with milk. Fresh milk, from my mother's breasts.

Each morning my mother woke me up with a gentle hug. Even before I opened my eyes, her large nipple was in my mouth and I suckled those juicy tits till I was full. A quick run to the potty while mom emptied remaining breast milk in my bottle.
That's what I'd drink all day hoping to grow bigger and stronger, just as she promised I'd some day.
That day never came. However, mom continued to feed me her milk. She strongly believed that it'd help us bond for a lifetime.
My tenth birthday was the first day in my life when I didn't wake up with mom's nipple in my mouth. She was waiting for me at the breakfast table. When I came in, mom smiled and hugged me.
"Today you are a young man. Not a boy anymore." she said kissing my forehead.
"Thanks mom!" I was happy but a little confused.
"I'll no longer bottle the milk for you. You are too old for that." she said.
"So no milk? Have I grown up enough?" I asked.
"I never said that!" she said mischievously.
As I watched, my mother stood up and unbuttoned her nightie. It fell to the floor and there she was in all her glory. I had seen her naked before but for some reason, she looked beautiful today. She had done her hair in a bun. She was wearing her glasses with a red frame. Her lips were painted red too. But it was the red on her nipples and vulva that made it special.
That day my mother helped me get on the table and I got my birthday gift - fresh milk out of my mother's saggy breasts while she stood completely naked in front of me.
Our relationship developed further and our love deepened. I now knew that I'd be closer to my mom than any other boy in my class. For some reason, this secret gave me the strength to fight back against the bullies. Her milk did other wonders too.
My hair started growing rapidly and were almost down to my shoulders in a few
months. My hips started to fill out too. My long legs and arms became toned but it was my skin that turned heads. Almost creamy white and radiant, it attracted women and even men wherever I went. Girls, even the snooty ones, followed me around.
The only thing that didn't grow was my penis. At two inches, it was smaller than most boys in my class. On my next birthday, my mother promised me that I was long overdue for a growth spurt. She looked at my cock and little balls and then hugged me. I spent the day sucking her tits and wishing that my my penis would grow overnight so that I could make her proud of me.
Days went by and soon I was eighteen. By now my mother had put on almost 30 pounds. She weighed 175 and looked voluptuous with a bigger, almost 50 inches of ass, semi toned stomach and a huge, 55" chest. For my birthday and to celebrate my adulthood, mom organized a party with some of her very closest friends.
I danced with Linda, mom's prostitute friend. Sheila, mom's coworker at the bank came with her son Justin. We played darts.
At around midnight, the bell rang and I was surprised to see a large expensive cake being delivered to our home. Mom was nowhere to be found and Justin had to help me roll the cake in.
"How do you cut this thing?" Justin asked me.
"I think you just slice small pieces off it." Linda suggested.
"No." Sheila interjected. "You have to close your eyes first and make a wish"
I did and just as I was about to cut a slice from the cake, its top blew open and out came my mother! She was wearing a pink pubikini that went around her neck and then over her large nipples before disappearing between the thick lips of her vulva!
The guests laughed and clapped as everybody took mom's near naked body in.
"Happy Birthday!" she shrieked striking a pose with her hands on her fat hips and leaning forward so that her mammoth tits all but fell out of the thin cloth covering her nipples.
"Mom!" I cried out happily.
"You look so sexy!"
"It is not often that a young boy turns into a young man." she said still maintaining her sexy pose.
"I just wanted to make it special for you today."
"Oh mom!" I exclaimed. "I feel special."
As the guests watched we hugged and I licked the cake off my mother's shoulder.
"Boo....", they all cried out in protest.
"You have to do better than that young man!" Sheila yelled from the back of the room.
"If it were my Justin, he'd be licking it off my tits!"

I looked at mom and she looked back. The look on her face told me she wasn't ready to be outdone by a slut like Sheila.
She grabbed my head and pushed me lower. My face went past her neck, then my nose brushed against her near naked tits, her nipples sticking up from underneath the thin silk cloth. She kept pushing and I kept sinking till my lips were an inch away from her musky vagina. A splatter of cake and cream on her toned thighs and cunt was now staring at my face.
I closed my eyes and then with a sudden f***e mom pushed my face closer to her body. My lips were crushed against her semi naked cunt. I tried to breathe.
"Eat Larry Eat!" The guests chanted.
I flicked my tongue out but before i could touch any part of her body, mom jerked my head back. I looked up and she smiled.
Then she slowly turned around. The thin string of her silky pubikini had disappeared between her fat ass cheeks. The guests fell silent.
As we all watched, my mother scooped cream from the cake she was still standing in. Then she leaned forward and stuck her hips out. Her left hand spread her hips wider. We all knew what was coming next but seeing it still made our hearts beat faster.
As we watched, mom stuck her ass even more and then inserted her cream covered fingers in her rectum.
Her anus opened and closed, as if it could follow her every command. She scooped more cake and inserted it in her asshole again.
Then, without warning, she thrust her hips on my face.
I took a deep breath in and smelled the creamy asshole of my mother. A Big, gaping hole with red rim and musty smell, that was the most inviting hole I had seen in my life. I gave in without any resistance and as 10 guests in the room watched, I started eating my birthday cake straight from my mother's delicious asshole. My tongue drilled deeper and deeper into that rectum as I lapped up the sweetness and swallowed it down.
Mom kept grinding her ass all over my face, working her asshole, flexing it, pushing all the cream out. It was wonderful. I was excited.
As I continued to suck her anus, I heard mom's groans. I looked up. She was looking over her shoulder and there was pure ecstasy on her face.
"That's it! You are such a good boy!" she cooed. I spread her ass and pushed my tongue in deeper.
"Mmmm....." she moaned. "Time for your milk young man."
She turned around and gently slid her pubikini aside, baring her nipples. She pinched both of the big, pink nipples and fresh milk shot forth and covered my head and face.
I looked up and took her milk bags in my mouth. Then for next 10 minutes I fed on my mother's fresh milk.
The guests watched in silence. A few women scooted closer and started touching me, positioning my head, mom's tits and hips to get a better look. They took pictures as my mother poured her milk down my throat.
48 year old Lisa looked at her 20 year old daughter.
"Thats what I want." she said squeezing her daughter's hand.
"You want me to suck your tits mom?" Reema asked.
"No!" Lisa shrieked. "I want to suck your tits!"
"Ever since Bob knocked you up, I am dreaming of sucking fresh milk from your young, perky tits. Your baby is gonna live on formula. I will suck you dry every night!"
Reema smiled and then lifted her mom's hand and placed it on her small but perky tits.
"You can mom. I will keep my milk just for you."
I watched the mother and daughter hug from the corner of my eye. It was beautiful.

Sheila had slipped out of her short skirt and was practicing spreading her ass so that Justin could lick her asshole. Meanwhile, I worked hard and sucked every last drop of milk from my mother's big saggy tits.

"There. That was your gift." she said panting.
"Did you like it?"
"Mmmm.....Yes mom!"
"Now, I can feed you from my tits and my ass." she said gently stroking my face.
"I will love it mom!"

"Wow!" Sheila said. "Even Justin has never sucked my ass."
Then she turned toward her son and cursed him "You are such an asshole Justin!"
This silly mom-son spat made the guests laugh and release tension that we had built up.

"Tonight is the most beautiful night for us." mom said addressing everybody. She was now completely naked, her pubikini resting uselessly between her massive tits and naked pussy.
Poor Justin, still sucking on his mom's asshole was getting tired when I tapped him on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at my mom.
She was now bent over, her hands on hips, pulling them apart to expose her large rectum.
Justin knew what to do. He calmly got up and positioned his cock at my mom's open asshole. I dipped my hand in my birthday cake and ran my cream covered fingers over the length of his hard cock. It twitched and got even harder as I lubed him.
Without much effort Justing entered my mother's large anus.

"Now you do it too." he said.
"You want me to fuck my mother's ass while you are inside her already?" I was puzzled.
"No you asshole." he almost yelled. "You fuck my mother."
Sheila, scooted over to where we were and then bent over, mirroring my mother's pose. She too positioned her ass high up in the air and pulled her hips apart. Justin lubed my cock with the cream. I positioned myself right behind him, our asses touching and penetrated his mother.
The four of us looked like mirror image of each other.

As Justin and I fucked each other's moms, Lisa emptied her daughter's tits and they were just bonding, kissing each other's nipples and feeling each other's pussies.
"Mom," Reema said, "I think you should start fucking Bob now."
"You sure baby?" Lisa asked.
"Yeah. I don't think I like men that much." Reema said.
"Then why are you marrying him?" Lisa asked.
"I thought I'd need him to take care of the baby. But now that we have bonded, I don't think I want to go through with it." Reema explained.

"You know, I think you will make a great bride, to some nice young lady" Lisa said stroking her daughter's hair.
" Not a young lady." Reema said a bit shyly. "I am in love with Pam."
"Pam? My cousin?" Lisa was surprised.
"She is over 50, more than twice your age baby!"
Reema smiled.
"Mom, Pam and I have been sl**ping together for years."
"Oh!" was all that Lisa managed.
"Well, if she makes you happy, I don't mind."
"Thank you mom!" Reema shrieked. "I am so glad you like Pam. She's a great lady."
"She's such a butch!" Lisa said laughing.
"I bet she fucks you with her strapon."
"Yeah! Pam makes me wear dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps when we go out and she always fucks me with her huge strapons."

The mother daughter conversation was turning me on and I noticed that Justin too fucked my mother more energetically now. He had a large cock that mom was obviously enjoying. I struggled to keep my 6" dick in his mom's ass. Sheila was being very cooperative, thrusting her ass back to help me go deeper.
Justin started fucking my mom even faster.
" I am cumming!" He said calmly. "I am cumming in your mother Larry."
"Oh my God!" was all I could manage as I turned my head over my shoulder to see the big dicked horny teenager ravish my mother's asshole and her enjoying every second of it.
When he was done, he pulled out and my mom collapsed to the floor, exhausted from the effort.
I came in Sheila too.
Reema and Lisa helped both women get on the large couch. Both lesbians started sniffing at our mothers' cunts and asses. But my mother stopped young Reema from penetrating her.
"I only want my son to eat from my ass. He deserves it."
Lisa, the older lesbian ran her hands on my mother's toned legs and then lifted her right leg gently. This exposed my mother's well fucked asshole and cunt to our gaze.
"Come Larry" Lisa said. "Eat your mother's creampie."
I sank to my knees and buried my face to taste my first ever anal creampie.
Reema did the same thing to Sheila and invited Justin to savor his mom's creampie too.
"Suck me you worthless piece of shit." Sheila said grinding her ass harder on her son's willing mouth.
"mmphh...mmmpphh...." Justin managed as his mother grabbed his hair and pulled even harder into her ass.
"You motherfucking asshole. I should have fed you my anal creampies from the beginning and you'd have been a better son." she cursed again.

While Sheila was aggressive, grinding her ass at her son's mouth and cursing him. my mother just moved her large rear slowly, gently. She appreciated my long, delightful licks and sucks that got all the sperm out of her anus.

"This is so beautiful. Two loyal sons serving their mothers." Lisa said. She was sobbing.
As my mother fed me more of her delicious anus nectar, we heard Reema crying too.
"Oh mom! They look so beautiful together."

Since that day mom and I lived a life of bliss. She'd find men to fuck her almost everyday, sometime multiple men in the same night and I got to eat all the anal creampies she served.
And now we had a problem and her name was Janine, the black woman whose son mom had been fucking.
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