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English mature and the plumber

This is a true story. Please remember I'm a plumber not a writer!

I'm a plumber from South London and had a job to fix a central heating problem. When I arrived at the townhouse at around 9am, I was met at the door by a gorgeous older lady, probably around 70 years, silver grey hair, cut in a bob, chubby with nice round big tits and a pretty face well made up with deep red lips and blue eyes, she was wearing a thin dressing gown that almost reached her knees. We greeeted at the front door, she introduced herself as Tina (i'm Gary) and then I followed her up the stairs to the first floor.

On the way up the stairs I was ogling her lovely bum in her thin kimono, and just then saw that she was wearing old granny tan seamed stockings with black suspenders and slutty white stiletos! She was struggling to make each step and leaning forwards to make the stairs with her hands aswell. I was getting the odd glimpse of flesh above her stocking tops, milky white thighs, just a bit chubby, and some cellulite. I stopped halfway and bent over to see further up her gown, as she reached the top she turned round to see me, it was obvious what I was doing!
She smiled, and lifted her gown up over her ass, showing me more than could ever have wanted or imagined. No knickers! just a sublime view of large round white cheeks! she giggled, I wanted more,

She showed me the old Potterton boiler that she said had not worked for two years! She was without heating and hot water for two years! But couldnt afford to fix it. A previous engineer had quoted £500 which she didnt have. Now she was selling the house to move in with her son on the south coast, and had to fix the boiler for the sale to go through.

I looked at the boiler and it was quite obvious a cheap repair was in order, the previous guy was just trying to rip the old girl off.

As I showed her inside the boiler, the simple part that was needed, I felt her very close to me, her head was close to mine, I turned my head and could see down inside her gown which was open from the neck down to her belly button where the sash held it. She had beautiful tits, they hung down and were empty at the top of her chest, but filled out like balloons at the bottom, and her nipples were rock hard!

We looked into each others eyes and I pulled her closer for a kiss, this was the most erotic momment of my life! We kissed and I pushed her towards the corner of the worktop, I popped her up onto the worktop and spread her legs wide open, her right leg f***ed wide, dropped into the sink, her left leg wide open was laying against the bread box.

There is more to this true story............. let me know if you like it.

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