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Sex with a Beautiful Older Man

I've been interested in older men since I was 19 years old. I'm 37
now and still can't shake the images of beautiful, older, heavy men. The
older, stockier, and hairier, the better. Though I fantasize about laying
face down on a pillow while a big, sexy, bear slides his tongue in and out
of my asshole, you can count the number of times I've had relations with
men on one hand. I guess you could say I'm a little timid when it comes to
approaching men for sex. If you don't actively seek encounters its easy to
go for a couple of years without feeling the warm, hairy, softness of
another mans balls. Thats the way it is for me. All that being said, I
have to admit that I recently had a fantastic experience with a man I met
in a local book store. The story goes like this:

I recently moved out of state for a fresh start at a new job. I
found a new home, settled in, and started working. The new job was ok and
I really like the area I moved too. However, like any new person, its hard
to make relationships with people who already have a set of friends and
relatives to spend time with. Needless to say, lots of alone time allow
your mind to wander to the most interesting subjects. As it had in the
past, my mind started to wander to thoughts of mature men. At first, I
spent most of might nights at home in front of the television. After
several weeks went by, I started spending less time in front of the
television and more time in front of the computer exploring the internet.
The internet did not disappoint me. I was able to find thousands of
pictures of older men in various states of undress. I am a very anal
person and my favorite pics are always of big, furry, men and their big,
furry bellies with their big, furry assholes in the air. I think about
sticking my tongue in their anxious holes, squeezing their ass-cheeks
together around my face, licking and sucking their balls and jerking their
cocks. The first several weeks of my time in my new home were spent in
front of my computer with my dick in my hand. The more and more I jerked
off, the more I wanted more. It didn't take much time for me to want the
warmth and comforting pleasure of another mans hand around my cock.

One weekday afternoon, I left work early to go home and relax. Of
course, as soon as I sat down, I turned on my computer and went to my
favorite website. I found some extremely hot pictures of 2 big daddy-bears
sucking and fucking. I masturbated for over an hour and I decided that I
couldn't take it anymore, I needed a man. Using the web, I located a local
adult book store and quickly jumped in my car. I was so hot, I nearly ran
off the road thinking of the potential pleasure I might find. After 15
minutes of driving (and getting lost) I pulled into the bookstore parking
lot. It was a typical dive. Parking in the rear, discrete entrance, etc.
I went inside and began to explore. Much to my disappointment, the
bookstore was small and I was the only person there. The viewing booths
were in the back and they were as empty as the rest of the place. I
loitered in front of the gay video section looking at all of the men with
the dicks in their mouths. All of the videos were of young twinks and I
quickly lost interest. With my spirits low and my desire unsatisfied, I
walked towards the exit and out the door.

As I approached my car I cursed at the waste of time this adventure
had been. No warmth for me tonight. One more night in front of the
computer, cleaning cum off of the table. Just as I was about to leave,
luck returned to me in the form of a 6' tall, white-haired gentlemen with a
big belly and a sexy pair of reading glasses. My heart jumped! He looked
to be in his late 50's or early 60's. He was the perfect age and size. I
waited for him to go inside before I shut my car door and returned to the
bookstore. I looked around the bookstore and he was nowhere to be seen.
Good news for me. He could only be in one place... the video booths. I
very calmly walked to the back of the store and into the booth area. He
was already inside. My heart was pounding as I approached his stall. I've
only done this once before and I was just as nervous.

I knocked gently on the door of the stall and immediately heard him
lean against the door. I don't think he was expecting me. I waited but
heard no response and the door remained shut. More nervous but not
dismayed, I knocked slightly harder with my knuckles. Same response. It
was almost as if he didn't want company. Just my luck, I find the only man
in an adult bookstore who isn't interested in other men. I waited a minute
more and then turned to walk out. As I was leaving, I heard the door open.
My heart jumped again. It was dark, but I could see him peering around the
door at me. I approached and asked him if he wanted to share a booth. He
looked around and quietly shook his head yes. I entered and immediately
shut the door. My dick was getting harder by the second.

I looked at him in the light of the television. He was perfect.
Tall, sexy belly, white hair, mature, dignified face. Still standing, we
turned toward the video screen. The back of our hands were touching. I
was excited but I didn't know what to do. I fantasize about men like him
every night and now that he was right in front of me, I was so excited, I
couldn't speak.

Without asking, I began to run the fingers along his inner thigh.
He responded with a soft groan. I turned towards him and put my hands on
his ass. He looked at me and smiled. I slid my hands down the back of his
pants as he gently kissed my neck. His pants were loose and I slid my
hands inside and cupped his soft butt. My head was racing, his body was
hot, and I was ready for more. I slid my hand off of his ass and
unbuttoned his pants. He was wearing white boxer shorts that were tenting
out. I pulled his shorts to his ankles and he sat down on the bench. His
cock was right in front of me now and I was completely satisfied. He was
about 6" long and medium size in thickness. It was slightly crooked and
had a big, beautiful head. I couldn't wait to taste it.

I grabbed his penis in my right hand and started stroking him with
long, slow motions. He leaned back and groaned his satisfaction. Using my
free hand, I pulled him towards me and began rubbing his cock all over my
face. I buried my nose in his crotch and breathed in his clean, musky
odor. My tongue found its way to his balls and I began licking and sucking
them. I continued to stroke his cock while I slurped his sweet, soft, sack
into my mouth. I had been too long since I'd been with a man and I wasn't
going to miss anything. I stuck a finger into my mouth as I looked up at
him from the floor of the bookstore. Who knows how much dried cum and
saliva I was kneeling in. I didn't care. I pulled my finger out of my
mouth and saliva dripped from my chin. I began sliding my finger in
between his butt-cheeks. He responded by pulling his ass cheeks apart. I
took that as a "yes" and slid my finger inside his tight, sweet, asshole.
My mouth went back to work and I licked the shaft of his cock while I
f***ed my finger deeper inside him. His head went back and I finger fucked
him while he gently rubbed my hair. He was groaning and softly cursing
when I finally stopped and stood up. I needed even more.

Turning around in front of him, I dropped my pants to the floor,
leaned over, and presented his face with my hairy ass. I didn't need to
tell him what to do. He leaned forward, grasped my ass-cheeks with both
hands and buried his face between my soft pillows. He stuck his tongue
inside of me and I felt a warm, liquid sensation as he pushed saliva out of
his mouth and into my hole. My knees got week and I let out a soft groan.
I started jerking my cock. All I could think about was how good this sex
felt. I was caught up in the moment. I closed my eyes and let my body
feel the pleasure. Thoughts went through my head. I pictured his low,
hanging balls d****d over the edge of the bench. I thought of how sexy
this must look. Me standing, bending forward, knees slightly bent with my
ass cheeks spread apart by this beautiful man. His fat stomach hanging in
the air as he f***ed his face into my ass. We were groaning and moaning
with pleasure. I could hear the slurping sounds coming from him. I could
feel the pressure of his tongue forcing its way into my hole. He licked
and tongued me for an eternity of pleasure. My mind drifted more and I
started fantasizing about his fingers in side me, his cock inside me. I
was so hot, I was going to explode.

I reached around, touched his hand, and pushed it towards my ass
crack. He instinctively stuck his middle finger into his mouth and soaked
it in spit. I leaned farther forward as he firmly slid his finger into my
ass. He kept it inside and slowly flexed his finger, filling me up. I was
in heaven again. I squeezed his finger and pushed against his hand. He
asked me if I liked it and I said yes with a deep, breathy tone. He began
finger fucking me and rubbing my balls. He finger fucked me. Oh, God!...
Finger fucked me... Ohhhhh...... Finger fucked me.... With each slow,
firm motion, he opened his finger inside me even more. I asked him to try
to fingers and I braced myself. He pulled his finger out of my ass and I
watched him lick both fingers. I braced myself and he f***e one digit back
inside. And then two. It hurt a little bit at first but he gave me a
second to adjust. I squeezed and pushed as he spread me open. I felt
spread but not completely full. I wanted his cock.

He worked his two fingers in and out of my for a few moments before
I pulled forward and turned around. I put my hands on his shoulders and
pushed him back into his seat. I reached down into my pant's pocket,
pulled out a condom, and told him to put it on. He quickly obliged. Still
standing, I turned around, and once again, presented my ass to him. I
cupped my hand and filled it with spit. Reaching around, I deposited the
spit into the crack of my ass to lube myself. I began to squat towards his
cock. He put both of his hands on my hips and helped guide me to the spot.
I slowly began to sit down. I could feel the head of his cock against my
star. I pushed out with my asshole and then pulled in, massaging the head
of his cock in the process. He pulled his cock perfectly straight and I
let more of my weight go down against him. My ass was plenty lubed and as
I slowly squatted down I could feel more and more pressure building up
against my hole until it finally relented and his cock slid inside me. It
hurt but I sat motionless on his lap and let my rectum adjust. I squeezed
my muscles around his pulsing cock until I relaxed a little more and
started feeling the pleasure of his organ massaging my insides. I leaned
backwards towards him and began rocking my hips forward and backward. He
wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his hairy belly against my
back. His hands explored my chest and I rocked and squeezed on his lap.
Reaching between my legs, he cupped my balls and stroked my shaft. We
fucked, slow and easy. Making love on the bench in the video booth. I
didn't care what was on the screen, I just closed my eyes and let my body
feel every inch of his hard cock inside me. I was fucking this older man.
This beautiful, fat, white-haired old man. My young, firm body, against
his soft, milky-white skin. His aged, tough, old hands cupping my chest
and pinching my nipples. I wanted to kiss him, hug him, lay naked against
him, and most of all, I wanted to feel his hard cock in my tight, wet,
hole. I fucked him and I fucked him. We groaned together. I just kept
rocking on his lap. Letting his cock pull out just enough to let him feel
my insides a little more. I was so excited. I was rock hard and on the
verge of exploding as we continued to enjoy each others bodies. He rubbed
my inner thighs and let his hand gently touch my penis. I squeezed my ass
muscles around his dick. Fucking.... and fucking.... My penis about to
explode. Our groans becoming more and more intense. My rocking became
more and more intense... until.... My lover put his hands around me and
squeezed me tight. I started bucking hard and fast. He squeezed me
tighter and tighter until I heard him moan "Oh, God! Oh, God! His body
tensed up and he started exploding inside me. My shaking cock responded to
his excitement and I started shooting long, stringlets of hot cum onto the
video screen in front of me. We simultaneously came in long, hot spurts of
milky white cum until our bodies tensed up one last time and we collapsed

I remained on his lap with his cock inside me. I could feel it
slowly getting soft. I was laying against him and he had his arms around
me. I pressed my face against his and he began kissing me on the neck. I
was completely spent and completely relaxed. He said he wanted to see me
again and I agreed. This had been one of the best love-making session I
had ever experienced and I wasn't going to let it be the last.

We dressed in silence, exchanged email addresses and quickly left
through the back door of the bookstore. I was elated. We exchanged
glances on the way to our cars and parted ways. I hope we will meet again.


This is a true story. I have recently moved to the Fairfield, CT area. I
am interested in meeting older men in my area for discrete encounters. I
prefer bears but am willing to talk to anyone. Drop me a note and tell me
how you liked the story. If you are local, maybe we can make up our own

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