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Our First Cuckold Experience!

Hi, so I will start off by telling you some background information about our first cuckold experience that happened on Friday. Me and my girlfriend Melody had been wanting to do this for several months now but had never found a guy that fitted the bill. She is around 5ft 3 and Chinese with black hair, a cute face and a hot body.

Me and my girlfriend Melody go swimming a few times per week and you get to see the regulars who go at the same time. We noticed that this one guy kept checking Melody out a lot, he could practically never take his eyes off of her and he seemed to be there at the same time as us every session. His name we would come to find out was Richard. He was about 6ft 4 and heavily built, not fat at all, just very muscular - for his age especially. He was slightly balding and looked around his mid forties. He would act very strangely around us and I caught him a couple of times almost flexing very close to Melody in the fitness centre. We also noticed he had a rather “gifted” package down below, this was later confirmed many times in the showers where he had no problem flaunting himself for all to see.

The idea of this man fucking Melody turned both of us on a lot. He was very much what we were looking for, strong, dominant and well equipped! After around a month when we had discussed the idea of cuckolding more in depth Melody decided to start flirting with him to gauge any response. At first she would smile, stretch in front of him etc. just plain small stuff. He seemed to like her but never made any moves, most likely because I was there. One day Melody decided to go to the hot tub while I was swimming. To my knowledge Richard had also left the pool to go home as was usual around this time at night, yet I would later find out he had not done that at all! After a while Melody came back into the pool and told me that Richard had joined her in the Hot Tub and began talking to her. She said it was just small talk, but that he could not take his eyes off of her. Clearly he was interested as he had followed her in!

A few days went by and Richard began talking to Melody more in the centre and texting her after she had given him her number. His texts started to get more provocative and he would often ask her what she was wearing among other cheeky questions. His behaviour in front of me also changed, he would be extremely brash in the showers, making sure that I could see him naked and overly washing his large, flaccid dick. He never spoke to me but I could tell that he was flaunting the fact that he was chatting up my girlfriend seemingly behind my back.

One night while we were at the centre Melody once again left for the hot tub with Richard following a few minutes later. When they both returned about 30 minutes later Melody came over to me while Richard left for the changing rooms. She said that he had grabbed her ass in the hot tub and that she had explained that she wanted to fuck him and that I wasn't going to stop him from having his way with her. I immediately got hard in the swimming pool and asked when they wanted to do this, which to my astonishment Melody replied that they were leaving now. Quite shocked at the sudden timing of all of this I asked where they were going and she told me back to our apartment. She was very excited and asked if I was ok with this, to which I replied with a yes! Then she kissed me and left for the changing rooms.

I got out pretty soon after to find that Richard had already gone. I changed quickly and waited for Melody outside in the lobby. After about 10 minutes of waiting alone I decided to ring her to see how long she would be. When she answered the phone she told me that they were nearly at our apartment and that Richard was driving her. I almost ran out of the door and got into my car to speed home! While I was driving all I could think about was what would be happening for the evening!

I arrived back to our apartment so see the bedroom door closed. As I got closer I could hear the muffled gasps and moans that previously only I had heard and I knew what was going on. I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life and began wanking outside the door to the sounds of the bed creaking away.

The sounds intensified and I knew that he must have been going pretty hard into Melody by now. To intrigued not to I opened the door slowly and poked my head through. Richard was on top of her with Melody's legs wide open and pointing to the ceiling. His cock thumping into her aggressively as he stretched her tightly. Without stopping he turned around to acknowledge my presence, looked at me for a few moments and turned his head back around to continue focusing on his merciless pumping of my small Asian girlfriend. I stood watching and stroking my rock hard cock. I couldn't see the facial expression of Melody but I could tell she was loving every second of having Richards large cock blasting in and out of her. After a while he pulled out and told Melody to get on her hands and knees. It was only at this moment that I could see the impressive size of him fully engorged. He was around 9 inches in lenth and very thick and veiny. I was surprised that Melody could actually take it so well in her tight pussy, but she told me afterwards that the pain was bearable due to the pleasure.

Richard shoved Melody's face into the pillow and they were now side on view to me. Looking at me and then back at her ripe ass propped up in front of him he shoved his cock into her tight pussy with some f***e. She yelled and fell forward. Richard did not seem to care and began fucking her lying down. After a while he changed tactic and tugged on Melody's hair to bring her to her knees once more. She loved this and came pretty hard soon after he began fucking her while pulling her hair. While she was cumming he would slap her ass hard almost to leave a hand print to remind me who that ass belonged to now. She came 3 times in this doggy position and then Richard flipped her over again for some more missionary pounding. This time however he rested Melody's legs on his shoulders and began once more pummelling away.

Melody came some more. Her sounds were driving me wild. Around 20 minute had now passed and I was beginning to wonder when, if ever, Richard was going to cum! Soon after this his pace quickened even more. He was relentless in his onslaught and with a loud and dominating yell plunged as deep as he could into Melody's worn out pussy and collapsed on top of her with him still firmly lodged in her. After a while he rolled over, his softening dick covered in cum d****d on his stomach. I stood there for a while as both of them lay on the bed in silence. I left the room to clean myself up in the bathroom. The time was now about 11pm and I expected Richard to soon depart.

This however did not seem to suit him and as I sat in the living room I could here the bed creaking again and the delighted moans of my girlfriend being fully satisfied for a second time. I jacked off to the noises, which lasted around 30 minutes until I heard the roar of Richard unloading another load of cum into Melody. At that moment I knew that all three of us would not be getting much sl**p tonight!

Richard stayed the night and slept in the bed with Melody while I slept in the room joined to theirs. They went to sl**p a while after their second session as did I. I was awoken again at about 6am with the sound of their, or I should say our bed smashing against the wall and the moans of Melody being pleasured. I start to jack off again but I had worn myself out the night before! I wondered how Richard did it!? With a final series of shouts which probably woke up the neighbours, Richard unleashed his departing load into the small and used pussy of my girlfriend. After their morning session he left around 7am, his cum all over the bed sheets and in my worn out and used girlfriend. We were both too spent to have sex ourselves and so laid there discussing the events. Melody told me that she had never felt anything like that before and asked me how I felt about it. I said that it really turned me on to which she replied “good, because we are going to meet up again soon”.

This had been my first but most likely not last cuckold experience. I will write more as the situation develops!

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