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First Time With My Cousin

me and my cousin michelle were always tight like b*****r and s****r, we always talked, hung out, played together we had fun she was like my big s****r.
the first time i saw her nude was on vacation, she was 16 me two years younger
she came into my room and wanted to play i'll show you mine, you show me yours.
i said go ahead, but she said me first, so i took out my cock and showed her
she liked it vey nice she said. she took her jean shorts off and white panties
and she showed me her pussy for the first time, nice and trim in a trinagle shape,so sexy. nothing happened that day but my cock wished it did. what happened later is true.

later on that summer i was home alone, anytime i got home alone i always watched porn any chance i got. my parents were away and would not be back for a few hours. i sat there in my swim trunks relaxing with a massive hard on. all of a sudden my cousin michelle comes in, hi tom! what you watching i didnt turn it off because i knew she was a prev too. she looked and smiled oh your a dirty motherfucker tommy huh? yeah i am i said with a smile. my cousin was hot at 16 she has long curly black hair, big tits for her age then, and a nice tight little body all tan, she still looks the same way today just a little older and her tits are much bigger,i still fuck her to this day, that day she had on her bikni top and a pair of daisy dukes on, too hot.

we sat back and watched the porn together, she asked me if i have ever had sex, no i said but i want to very bad, she smiled and said you will dont worry, the scene in the movie was a blowjob and she asked if i ever had one, once again no i said being a smartass i am. she asked me then well do you want one, i looked at her in surprise and said dont fuck with me thats not cool, she said no tom we can have sex nobody is here its all fine. she told me to stand up and she took off my trunks, my cock was had as hell and dripping pre cum. she sat me back down and started to jerk me off, her tight hand feld so good wrapped around my dick. she started to lick the head and moved her way around and down the shaft she sucked on my balls while jerking me off.

you ready tommy? yeah deff yeah and with that she took my cock in her mouth, oh my god my first blowjob and it felt wondeful her wet mouth fat lips around my cock, she moved her head up and down vey fast slurping away at me, oh my god i said im going to cum she just kept going, i yelled thats it im cumming and with that shot a burst of cum right in her mouth she kept sucking and swallowing.
oh my god that felt great, im glad you liked it she said, now its your turn, i want you to eat my pussy, she stood up and took off her jeans and bottom and there it was nice and trimmed smelling sweet, her sweet pussy. she sat back and spread her legs i started to lick her clit and stick two fingers deep in her, i saw it in the porn movies i watched, i licked all around and deep in her cunt.
oh yeah tommy!! she let out, right there tommy, eat me tommy, eat me.

i lost track of time eating her pussy i loved doing she came all over my face
my cock was hard and throbbing, michelle i got to fuck you i need it bad now.
ok she said you can fuck my tight little hole, go ahead im on the pill,oh my god i said to my self this is going to be good, she was on her back legs spread
i moved up and put my dick to her swollen opening, i smacked her clit with my head and rubbed it all around, and then i pushed the head in oh man yes almost there i said to my self, then i slide the rest of cock in her balls deep

yes tommy,yes!! fuck me, i started to fuck her in and out my cock went hard and fast, oh michelle!! i cried out this feels so good, your pussy is so tight
fuck my pussy tommy!! fuck it hard!! it was so wet i could feel my self getting ready to cum again, michelle im going to cum! oh god im going to cum, i blew another load right into my cousin's pussy. she thew me off her and started to suck my dick again, and within seconds i was hard as a rock, she bent over the couch and told me to fuck her doggie, my dick was hard,wet and throbbing bad.
i got up in her as fast as i could, pull my hair you fuck she yelled out, i tugged on her hair and smacked her ass, she loved it. oh tommy it feels so god fuck me harder. i kept pouding away on that pussy, my first pussy.

i sat back on the couch and michelle came over and stood over me she took my cock and put it near her pussy and then slid down on it, she gave me a deep long kiss as she was riding me nice and slow, oh my goad michelle this feels fucking great, yes it does tommy, she wrapped her head around my neck and arched back and grinded on my cock, your cunt is so tight and wet i said to her.
she came forward and i suck on her nipples. she picked up her pace. oh tommy im going to cum! im going to cum on your hard cock!!i could feel her juices running down my cock,balls and legs. she was moaning like crazy and shaking
michelle im going to cum, i cant hold it i yelled, she got off me got down and started to suck my cock again, i blew my thrid load again, deep in her mouth.

after that we sat and composed ourselfs, and relaxed, i have always told her that was the bext sex in my life, i tell her to this day that is was and still is. we still had sex up untill the day she moved away. i know she is married and has two k**s now. she comes and visits every once and while and when she does we have our little fuck session. it is even better now then it was befor.
but we will always have out first.

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