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Another lesson learned

Learning another lesson

About 5 days ago. I was taken on a shopping trip by this lady my wife found. We contracted with her to help us explore and to teach us more about the kinkier side of this lifestyle.

We stopped in this adult sex shop and I was introduced t this store clerk. Not only did she help me pick out some toys but she gifted me with a chastity cage that I was instructed to lock and secure on my manhood and then to hand the key over to the clerk for safe keeping.

After she accepted the key from me and wrapped the chain and key around her neck, she informed me he now owns me. As long as I wear this chastity, she not only is my Mistress but I am her property.

Each day this week I have had to travel to our teachers house and stand before her for inspection. On that shopping trip she had me buy an assortment of ladies lingerie, wigs, shoes, boots and other female attire. Each day when I arrive for inspection I have to dress in a different set of undergarments.

Today I am wearing virgin white stockings and a white garter. My feet have on knee high black leather boots. The boots have only a 2 inch heel. This are better to walk in than the 6 inch fuck me pumps I had to try to walk in the day prior.

My bra and panty set is a neon green. One color you can see coming from about two blocks away. On my head is a flaming red wig with pig tails. Picture a fast food joint that has a red headed female with pig tails on their sign. My wig looks like that.

This time I stood there naked before her, struggling to stay upright on my high heel boots. Naked that is except for the ladies lingerie and other female attire I was instructed to wear.

Here I am. An emotionally strong male. Standing in silence, in the middle of a room. Standing before this female while I wear only ladies undergarments and my face has gallons of makeup making me look like a tramp or a slut.

Emotionally I am being torn to shreds as I stand there in public. She does not have to lift a finger or do a thing. The silence is more painful than when she paddles my ass.

After about 30 minutes of silence, someone comes knocking at the front door. Come in my Mistress says. I look at her like are you k**ding. I’m standing here embarrassed enough. Now she is inviting a total stranger in here and they will see me in my predicament. My shame level has just been ratcheted up a few degrees.

I look as the door opens. In walks the store clerk from the adult shop I spoke of.. She is pulling behind her an overnight bag. Something similar to what I use as a carry on when I fly.

Do you got it Mistress asks the clerk.

Right in the bag. Does he know the clerk asks Mistress.

I haven’t told him yet. Thought I would wait for you Mistress replied.

The clerk set the bag down and walked over to me. She reached down and grabbed hold of my chastity cage. How’s it feel she asks me.

I look at her. Not sure how to answer or if I was even allowed to speak. She saw the hesitation in my demeanor. She reaches up to her neck and pulls on the chain. As she pulls on the chain around her neck she exposes the key that has been resting between her breasts.

I own you. While you are in chastity and while I hold the only key, I own you. Now let me ask you again. How does it feel she asked.

It hurts I replied.

Good she said. But you don’t know what pain is yet. But I promise, by the time I leave here today, you will know more about pain.

She opened her suitcase and began to pull out wires, clips and a box with a long extension cord. She held the plug to the extension cord in the air and asked Mistress to plug this in. Then the clerk began attaching clips, pads and wires to my cock and balls.

Don’t move she said to me. You move and you will be punished. If you say a word, you’ll be punished. You want to learn. You’re going to learn.

After she attached more clips she stood before me.

A man has a cock and balls. I love a man who has a cock and balls. I would love to get on my knees right now and suck on a mans cock and balls. But your no man. You stand before me wearing ladies underwear. Your face is painted like a hussy. Your manhood is locked in a cage and you gave me the key. So your cock and balls are mine now. Your manhood belongs to me. So what I’m going to do now is for my pleasure. I hear what I’m going to do causes a man great pain. I have watched men fall to their knees and sob uncontrollably as I play with this toy.

I want you to stand as long as you can. Don’t move. Don’t say a word. If you move or if you say a word, I brought with me a brand new bull whip. I’ve been looking for an excuse to break it in. So if you move, I’ll punish you with that bull whip. And I promise you, you will not like it one bit.

Mistress sat back as the clerk demonstrated the benefits of this new toy. Every so often the intensity was such as the pain inflicted caused me to crumble to my knees. Each time I fell to my knees I was ordered to stand back up. Then when I stood before them with my hands clasped behind my back, the store clerk would turn some knobs and electrical charges would shoot into my body.

There were three people in the room and only one was breaking a sweat. I was sweating. I was crying. And I was feeling pain no one could imagine.

After my cock and balls were fried, the wires and clips were removed from my crotch and my Mistress had me kneel at the feet of the store clerk and verbally thank her as I kissed the store clerks feet.

Then I heard that clicking sound again. I knew what it was. Mistress was taking pictures of me with her cell phone. I’ll send you these pictures Mistress told the clerk. That’s good. I’ll print them and post them at the cash register at the store so everyone can see.

I felt more shame than ever. Here I am. On my knees. Wearing ladies undergarments. A chastity cage lock on my manhood. My make up is smeared and my wig is half on and half off my head. I’m kissing the feet of the store clerk and now she is going to display these pictures in her store so everyone who walks in can see me in this predictive. I want to say hell no. that this has gone too far. But than I think about my wife. We both agreed, that for the next 30 days, nothing was off limits. I hated what I was doing at that moment but remembered that the 30 days was over very very soon.

I went back to kissing the store clerks feet and the cell phone camera kept taking pictures.

Another lesson in this kinky lifestyle was in the books.

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