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Double trouble

First of all this is a true story. My name is Jessica Judd and ive been dressing for 15 years. Ive always been interested in putting on panty hose and panties but it wasnt till about 7 yrs ago that I really took it to a whole new level.

Ive been with a couple guys while dressed but my last episode stole the show. I decided to rent a room at a local casino and gamble a little so I decided to take several outfits and all my accessories just in case I get wild. While at the casinos I began to loss my money too quickly so I decided to slow down and have myself a couple drinks.

It was then that I went up stairs to my room and began dressing. Already shaved all over I slipped on my tight black leggings with red Victoria Secret panties. St****d on my bra with a skin tight cute blk shirt with white blue jean shorts. Blk shiny boots, makeup and my blonde wig had me looking just as sexy as anyone in the building.

I began to walk downstairs as I travelled throughout the casino. I noticed quickly that I was getting a ton of looks and I was getting hornier by the minute. I sat at the bar and I will admit I was nervous. After a couple minutes I was approached my a man who appeared to be in his early 20's. We began to talk as he revealed to me how sexy I was. Being the slut I am when im dressed, I asked him if he wanted to go upstairs to get better aquainted.

He said oh yes as we walked up to my room. Once inside he immediatly told me he knew I was a crossdresser and that he has always had a fantasy of fucking a girl like me. I smiled as I walked up to him and before I knew it our lips were locked. The more we kissed the harder I got until I couldnt take it anymore.

I slowly dropped to my knees as I looked up at him while unzipping his dress pants. He started to smile and say he couldnt believe this is finally happening. As I unzipped his trousers I exposed his circumsized shaved cock as it sprang out in excitement. I placed my right hand around it and began stroking it slowly. His small moans really had me so horny I felt light headed.

All at once I began to lick the head of his cock as he was so big and hard I could see veins all on his cock. Not being able to control myself any longer I started to suck him taking him all the way in my mouth. As I sucked him he began to rock his hips to the rythm as his moans grew louder. My mouth had his cock so wet that he started taking it from my mouth and slapping me on the lips with it. Fuck I was so turned on.

He then pulled me up and took my boots off and pulled off my leggings exposing my red panties. He then pushed me onto the bed on my back. I lay there smiling and giving him the come fuck me eye as he did just that, but first he made a phone call. He asked me how would I like to meet a friend of his. I said now? Uh huh he replied. Umm yes why not I said.

After hanging up the phone he got fully naked and lifted my legs in the air. Oh my my tan shaved sexy legs was straight up as he pulled my panties to one side exposing my horny little ass. He lubbed us both up as the oil felt so good dripping on my hole. My cock was throbbing as he slowly pushed himself into me as I began to moan uncontrollably. I began to moan louder and louder as he felt so good thrusting in and out of me.

As we got in a rythm, a knock at the door arrived. Pulling from me slowly he went and opened the door and let his friend in. So horning I stayed in position as he returned and we picked up where we left off. At once his friend dropped his pants and slapped his cock all over my mouth as I held my tongue out. Wow I was getting two dicks at once Oh my that was so hot.

While he fucked my ass good I sucked his buddy till he shot a load of hot cum all over my face and I loved it. Umm yes I was a blonde little whore that was getting fucked hard and good. We continued swithcing up until they bothed cummed multiple times leaving me drenched in cum. Afterb the excitrement was over they told me to get dressed so we could go back down stairs and go to a local club that gets really wild. Wild like fucking in plain view in the club. I can say I got my little sexy ass fucked all night long. Wow what a night:)

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