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I sucked my friend off Part 2

As he let go of my balls he looked up and said "do you want to try sucking cock?".
This is something i had not done before so my first thought was NO.

But he looked at me and smiled then said try it if you dont like it just stop,hmm i thought. . fuck it i said let me suck your cock.

At this he stood up from the seat and pushed me so I ended up sitting on the seat with his cock inches from my face, go on he said touch it as he was rubbing his balls.
I lifted my hand slowly to grab his cock and ran my fingers up and down his shaft twisting the skin as i moved my hand up and down,precum leaked from the tip, lick it he said so I leant forward with my tongue out, it made contact with the tip of his cock and i could feel the warm sticky precum,i ran my tongue around the head of his cock mixing my spit with his precum.

I pulled back having second thoughts but mark just put his hand on my head and said its ok go for it, then smiled and looked around to make sure we are still alone.
In my head i was thinking about all the reasons why i should not do it but all that i could realy think of was the taste of precum in my mouth, I lifted my hand to his throbing cock again but this time used it to guide his shaft to my mouth,i started by licking the tip then ran my tongue down his shaft and back up,when i got to the tip i w****d my lips around the head of his cock and sucked it in and out,which made him shudder and gasp slowly i took more of his cock deeper and deeper and started moving my head faster and faster,I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth so hard and dripping in precum,I pull him closer so i could take more of him in mouth i wanted all his cock and balls right down my throat,his legs were now either side of mine,my left hand grabbed his ball and rubbed them as i was still sucking hard, I pushed a finger up his ass which nearly had him cumming there and then,finger fucking his ass and sucking him off his legs started to buckle and shake his ass hole tightened around my finger his breathing quickened FUCK . . YES . . SUCK HARDER,HARDER . . . .FUCK . . FUCK,his cock shuddered in my mouth the head got bigger I knew he was on the verge of cumming.

With a loud moan he grabbed my head as he shot his cum in my mouth ,his legs gave way as he shot more cum on my face, I looked up at him and licked the rest of his cum from his sofening cock,That was a great blow job for a straight man he said then smiled and picked his towel up and wrapped it around him,better get going we have to meet dave and phil in ten mins he said.

We never talk of that day and its never happened since with him or any other man


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