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The Night I guided my Nephew Inside me

We live and learn, and even I, with my misconception about boys getting erections and producing sperm, was surprised to wake up with my bare thigh covered, my nephew had got off, humping my leg and marked me as I slept.

That's the synopsis, here is the story.

During the night I was alone in my bed, and as my husband was away on work duty, my s****rs boy, had a stay-over with me and my son, his cousin, and they in turn slept in his bedroom.

They had gone to bed and I relaxed before going to my own bed, with a drink.
As I drank, I noted it was late, after midnight to be exact, so I flipped through the channels and finished up watching a late night porn channel.

This in turn put me in the mood for sex, so as you might imagine I went to bed feeling fruity, so after checking the boys were asl**p, I started to masturbate myself, when both boys walked in on me.

Thankfully I was under the covers and not using any toys, but I was nude and very very wet.
It had started to thunder, which woke both boys up, and it had frightened them, I never gave it a second thought, as I was too busy dealing with my own problem at the time.

They wanted to sl**p with me, and as they had startled me, in my confused and embarrassed state, said yes they could, and before I realized my mistake, they were either side of me, in the bed and cozying up.

I froze where I lay, dont ask me why, maybe if I did not move neither would realize I was naked. Both boys soon fell asl**p, my son's even and deep breathing relaxed me, and his cousin, my lovely nephew was just as quite, so I relaxed, promising myself to put my nightdress on before the morning, and soon I was starting to nod off, but the urge had not gone away, so I started to masturbate again, keeping as central to both boys as I could, it was a large bed, but occasionally, my body did come into contact with my nephew, especially when my pent-up orgasm finally came, I momentarily lost control as I threshed and rubbed myself, but I was sure he was asl**p, and soon after, I was too.

I cant honestly say what it was that woke me up, the thunder, the heat with three bodies under a hot duvet, my promise to get up and put some clothes on before the boys woke up, but as I emerged from my sl**p and in a confused state of mind, I could feel Tommy's cock, which was now hard and erect, was nestled and moving around between my bum cheeks.

Tommy had hold of my left breast, and was kneading it like a professional baker, not to mention tugging on my poor erect nipple, a natural reaction to be fondled.

I lay as still as possible, noting my own son still sl**ping, while his cousin behind me, was indulging in some adult action with my left tit and ass.

I could remember stupid things like, 'Never wake a sl**p walker, they might die in shock', and even more ridiculous, 'If a dog starts to hump your leg, let it finish, or it will bite you'.

In either solution, the answer was to just let him get off, and that, I shamefacedly admit, by allowing him to continue, in the hope he would like most people, go to sl**p after doing it, and wake up thinking he had just had a wet dream, or something like that.

So as I lay and felt him use my back for pleasure, I could feel his warm breath between my shoulder blades, which was annoying, so I started to turn onto my back, but then he just gripped me tighter, this boy wanted to hump my ass, so I stopped and let him get in close again.

Then I thought, time to help him, and why not, perhaps I could make it happen quicker, so I bent my body slightly so my upper part pulled away from him, forcing my bum into him, then it was just a simple act to reach between my legs and pull him in between them, having his erection where it should be would be better than rubbing against my dry bum.

I raised my leg slightly as I lay on my side, and slid my hand into my crotch. The first thing I noted was I was still very wet, but my fingers came into contact with his cock, so I wrapped then around him, and pulled him through, and heard him groan, and why not, I had just guided my loving nephew inside me, and now he started to make love to me properly, this time with a little help from me, as I was now well and truly into having full intercourse, this whole episode had made me horny, not to mention the intimate touching, the audacity of it all, now I wanted an orgasm, so I closed my eyes and imagined another men having his naughty way with me.

I could feel his urgency, feel him moving inside me, and that s enough to relieve me, but stranger still, it did him also, almost simultaneously, because once I orgasmed and relaxed, he had stopped moving, and all I could hear and feel was his even breathing, and warm breath on my back.

I waited a little longer before sliding my hand down between us and noted his penis was flaccid and quite dormant.

That was when I turned onto my back and relaxed. I looked left then right, and both boys slept, so I then decided to slip from the bed and sl**p in my sons bed, that way when they woke up, my darling nephew would have imagined, or think he had dreamt his intercourse with me. Happy with my plan, I dozed again, the orgasm gene had kicked in and sent me off to slumber-land yet again.

When I awoke, it was morning but thankfully both boys were still sl**ping so I started to get up, when I felt my thigh, it was wet and slippery. I got out of bed and stood looking down, first at both boys sl**ping then my leg, especially my thigh.

I touched it and tasted it in my mouth, it smelt like semen, but not acrid, more sweeter. I inserted my finger into my vagina, but it was wet, but no semen, but how could he, he was way too young to be producing sperm, or so I thought.

I went into my sons bed, suitably attired, when they both came in and woke me for breakfast. Tommy showed no signs of abuse, not even sheepish, but open and loving.

For my part I still dont know if I could have acted differently, but what I did was both wrong but natural, I could have reacted differently and caused a lot of heartache and embarrassment for him, but I did not, and in return he had a wonderful experience, which brought us closer and both of us pleasure, but to his thinking, all in his head, the ideal fuck.

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