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Sue the Hairdresser

I have known Sue for a number of years through the senior citizen center.She is 65 years old married but I have never seen her with her husband.I am told her husband is a real prick but she can't leave him because she has no money and no where to go.

At a Christmas party at the Senior Center I saw Sue dancing. I was shocked at how she moved.She was incredible,especially for her age.I approached her while she was dancing and joined in.Sue has big tits and not a bad figure at 65.Her tits were bouncing like crazy but she didn't seem to care.We danced a few times,then a slow dance came on,so I asked her to dance and she accepted.During the dance she said to me,"you know everyone is going to be talking about the married hussy dancing with a single man."

"Does that bother you" I said.

"Absolutely not" she responded," I love it,gives these old farts something interesting to gossip about."

"In fact," she said "let's dance closer and really give them something to talk about."

Sue put her cheek on mine and I pulled her a little tighter.

She whispered in my ear "you know we are doing this to get people talking but it really feels nice, our bodies so close,so tight."

I whispered back," I know I'm enjoying it."

She responded " Oh I know you are enjoying these big boobs pressed against you."

"I do," I said " so you are a tease huh?"

Sue moved her head back looking me in the eyes whispering "a big tease but I also follow up and make good on them."

I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but I hoped it meant I was going to get to suck on those big boobs.

We left together,which, I know now, started the old farts gossiping.She followed me to my place.Inside she reached in her pocketbook saying "I have something for us to make this a good night." She pulled out a joint.I was shocked but perfectly willing.It was a fatty too.We smoked the whole thing.

Sue stood up looking pretty high and said "so you wana see these big boobs?"

"I do" I said.

She was wearing a dress with buttons down the front to the waist.She unbuttoned it, pulled her bra up,her huge melons spilling out.Damn there was more then I thought stuffed in there.

I got up approaching her taking both tits in my hands flopping them up and down.She laughed out loud "suck on my nipples" she said "I like my nippies sucked."

I pulled the huge tits up to find her nipple and began sucking. She caressed my hair as her nipples came to life.

"Mmmmmm" she said " that's nice."

Her nipples got really long and hard.She told me to nibble them with my teeth but not too hard.I nibbled as softly as I could.She responded by saying "that's perfect.Oh man that sends shivers down my spine."

I nibbled and fondled her big tits until she put her hand under my chin lifting my head "that's enough for now.Let's see what your packin in them pants.I'll bet you it's hard."

I stood, raising my hands away from my body offering her an invitation to find out.She walked around me to the couch, sat down and removed my pants and yes it was hard.

"Damn that is a nice size penis you have there.I am going to have fun with that" she said.

She stroked and kissed the tip,licking the underside.I rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger.She then took the whole cock into her mouth making humming sounds.Her mouth was like a fish mouth sucking air the way she was sucking my cock.She would open her mouth then go down my cock as far as she could then form a fish mouth sliding up to the head,over and over.It was strange but felt pretty damn good.

She stopped after a while and as she laid back on the couch she said " pull my dress up,get in there and kiss my pussy."

I pulled the dress up, she was wearing pantyhose and I could see her pussy through the pantyhose.I kissed her pussy then the inside of her thighs,going from one thigh to the other kissing her pussy on the way by.

Sue was humming again and I noticed the pantyhose getting wet so I concentrated on kissing her pussy.It got wetter.

Then I heard Sue say,"I want you to rip my pantyhose open to get to my pussy." I poked my head up and said," excuse me!"

She repeated it and added," you can only have my pussy if you can rip my pantyhose open."

I attacked, grabbing them with both hands ripping them open

She said " don't rip them off just leave them hanging in shreds.I like that.In fact if I had a change of clothes I would let you rip all my clothes and leave them hanging on me shredded."

I went down licking her hairy pussy separating her lips running my tongue up her pussy to her clit.She moaned then started to breath heavy.Her pussy was leaking lots of pussy juice and I lapped it up.

Then she said," get up here and give me your penis in my mouth." She stayed laying down so I straddled her head feeding my cock into her mouth.She took my balls in her hand fondling them,her other hand went to my asshole where she ran a finger over it as I slid my cock in and out of her mouth.

After awhile she put her hands on my stomach pushing up to get my cock out of her mouth.

Sue said," get your penis down to my pussy and just put the head in,I have a treat for you."

As I pushed my cock in she said," stop right there,don't go any further."

I soon found out what the treat was.She started squeezing her pussy around my cock.She would squeeze then pull a little.Wow was that good.

She looked up at me saying " good huh! that's my special power.Do you want me to to make you squirt,I can do it if you want."

"Yes please" I said.

She was amazing squeezing my cock until I exploded inside her. She was smiling ear to ear as I strained emptying my cum inside her.When I finished she let go and I pulled out.

She told me "I don't like to clean the cum from my pussy.I like to have it dripping down my leg or where ever and just keep going so if you want to eat me again at some point you will be eating yourself too."

"No problem" I said.What a dirty whore.

Then she said "help me get this dress off sweety."

I helped her but she left the torn pantyhose on.

" Do you have any tea" she said.

" Yes I do.Why do you want some now?" I said.

"Yes please.It will give you a break to recharge" she said.

We had our tea at the kitchen table.She finished her got up walked around the table,her big tits swaying back and forth.She leaned toward me slapping me in the face with her big tits laughing.I grabbed them lifting them to suck on her nipples.Again they grew a lot.Then she pulled away saying "let's go to the bedroom."

Once in the bedroom she told me to lie on the bed as she walked to the other side crawling on to the bed and laying across my legs.She took my cock in one hand and said "that really is a nice looking penis.I want to just play with it for a while.OK?"

"Fine with me " I remarked "you can do what ever you want with it.I am sure whatever you do I will enjoy."

She stroked, kissed, licked, massaged,played with the head with her lips and swallowed it to the base.I was in heaven and rock hard.

Then Sue smiled got on all fours,her ass facing me saying "now you have to rip the back open if you want it now."

I got on my knees grabbed the ripped pantyhose tearing them open across her ass leaving them again hanger on just by the waist band.

" Come on big man give it to me" she commanded.

I rubbed my cock up and down her cunt finding her wet hole sliding it in slowly.She was open wide so I slid in easily.As I stroked my cock in and out of her wet hole she closed her pussy muscles around my shaft.Heaven again.

She pushed back as I pushed in ,her strong pussy muscles gripping my cock with each stroke.Sue laid her head on the bed as her orgasm was building humming in pleasure.

I ran my thumb over her asshole and she took a deep breath of surprise."You can play with that but don't stick anything in it.I'm not into that."

I felt her hands palm my balls then start massaging them.I kept up my steady strokes and she was breathing heavier.All of a sudden she got up on her hands,her head up,"ohhhhhhhhhh yeah baby here it comes" pushing back against my shaft.

Her ass rippled like waves as I pounded her harder and she cried out in pleasure "oh my yes" she said repeatedly. Her pussy tightened hard around my swollen member.She cried out again " oh oh oh oh yes oh........myyyyyy.......goodness.....ahgggggg."

I felt a warm flood soaking the hair around my cock and dripping down my balls.This brought a rush to my balls and I erupted inside her groaning and straining.I was shocked at the amount of juice coming out of her.

She collapsed on the bed leaving my cock still squirting cum on the bed.Before I made another move she turned over and in a breathless voice said "eat my pussy,I want to go again."

She pulled her knees up spreading her legs revealing a glistening wet pussy and ass.My cum was already uzzing out.She was soaked as well as the bed.I licked at her opening and she groaned "keep going keep licking I can feel more coming lick my hole baby make me cum in your mouth." I wanted that bad.

I licked her cunt furiously as she squirmed and let out little bursts of air from her mouth sometimes not breathing for a few seconds.She raised her ass off the bed and I had to follow her as she cried out.By doing that it allowed me to lick deeper inside her pussy.My lips were in her pussy she was so wide open.She was yelling out as I felt warm fluid rush into my mouth and I licked and sucked as fast as I could.My chin was dripping with her sweet nectar and she slowly lowered her ass back down.I continued to lick her pussy as her body jerked to each lick as her orgasm subsided.

Then she put her hands on the top of my head pushing me away saying "enough enough you're gonna to kill me" and laughing hysterically.

" Come here" she said and I crawled up over her.She put her hands on my neck behind my ears pulling my head down to her licking my wet mouth and chin,then kissing me hard pushing her tongue in my mouth.

I laid on top of her kissing her our tongues swapping our cum.My cock seemed to have a mind of it's own finding the opening of her pussy and practically letting itself in.

Sue pushed my face away saying " oh my gosh do you ever stop." I let my cock grow into her hole and she took long deep breathes as it slipped inside her.Then she started flexing her pussy once again around my cock.We kept taunting one another about cumming again.Then she said "enough already,get off." I refused.She tried pushing me off but I was able to pin her.

She relaxed saying "alright I'll make you a deal.We have a cup of tea, smoke another joint and then I will let you do what ever you want to me for the rest of the night."

I agreed.

After our tea and a joint I told her to suck my cock right hear at the kitchen table so I will be nice and hard to fuck her some more.She squatted between my legs sucking my cock in her usual fish mouth style.I pushed her head down making my cock jam into her throat.She gagged but kept going.After awhile I told her to get to the bedroom.Once there she stood at the bed waiting for instructions.I climbed on the bed and told her to get on me in 69.She did as I said.

Sue stroked my cock as I began to lick at her pussy lips.I pulled her down tight pushing my tongue inside her.She sucked on my head making it swell.I could feel her licking the precum from my tip.Her pussy was excreting lots of pussy juices into my mouth.I felt her pull my balls up and she sucked both into her mouth,rimming my asshole with her finger.I reciprocated with my finger.She moaned vibrating my balls in her mouth.

Then I told Sue to get off.I laid her back on the bed and knelt next to her running my hand over her pussy pushing my finger between her lips.I worked my finger into her pussy then I pulled out and put three fingers in.I dug my fingers deep and hard inside her.She was fine for awhile but then she started to try pulling away as her orgasm built.I held her down digging my fingers deep and fast inside her sloshing wet pussy.She was crying out for me to stop but I just laid across her big tits pushing harder and deeper into her pussy.She was kicking and beating me on the back but I was not going to let up.

" Oh god you have to stop I am going to pee," she screamed.

That just made me work harder,I wanted that. She tried to close her legs but she was to weak to stop me.

"O my god" she screamed,as she squirted and I kept fingering her," oh your bastard you made are horrible."

I jumped on her pussy licking and sucking all her juices as she said " you son of bitch stop." I wouldn't,then I made a quick move jumping on top of her driving my cock inside her soaked pussy.

She screamed again "oh god damn you." I fucked her hard as she again kicked and beat on me.But then she stopped, her body tensed up and she cried out , her body vibrating in orgasm.Sue wrapped her arms around me as I emptied my cum inside her.

As we laid there enjoying the ecstasy of our orgasms she said "you are trying to kill me aren't you.... you bastard."

"No" I said "just trying to give you the best fuck ever."

She said "well.......I think that is probably......yeah I have to say the best," smiling.

I looked her in the eye and said "but I'm not done with you,so the next one might be better."

She threw me off her and I almost fell off the bed.

She jumped of the bed.

"Fuck no,your going to give me a stroke.I'm can't do that again" she yelled at me.

I joked with her trying to convince her to let me fuck her again.She hurriedly got dressed.

I kept following her around naked as she dressed teasing her but it didn't help,she left.

She called the next day and we have been sneaking around every chance we get.

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